Why Shawn Solo, who played Franklin, nearly quit 'GTA 5'

Working on a project like GTA 5 brings with it a certain amount of pressure and expectations, and in the early stages, Shawn Solo nearly decided to leave the project and stop playing the role of Franklin.

When Examiner had the chance to speak with Solo about the game, he told us the pressure of being one of the main characters in a game like GTA 5 was almost too much to handle.

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imXify1765d ago

Good job Shawn ! You did well as Franklin is my fav character.

Hellsvacancy1765d ago

He's my least played character

PeaSFor1765d ago

"Why Shawn Solo, who played Franklin, nearly quit 'GTA 5"

and why the fock should we care? no need to post futile "articles" aka "why johnny prefer the taste of orange juice to apple juice"

DA_SHREDDER1765d ago

why make an article when theres so many out there? Find that game that you have most interest in and then do it, F everyone

Smashbro291765d ago

Because he could relate to him? What kind of nutcase can relate to someone in a GTA game?

TenSteps1765d ago

You can relate to something without it being the exact representation of what you're experiencing.

Someone for example who's giving up an extremely bad habit or dangerous vocational choice because of family would be able to relate to Michael. Doesn't mean they've robbed banks.

JunoDivided1765d ago

In an interview he has said he has been on both sides of the law I can see how he can relate.

Smashbro291765d ago

There's getting stopped for possession and there's GTA.

RickHiggity1764d ago

Shawn Solo. That's such a cool name :D