Lego Marvel Developer Teases More PS4 Version Features

TSA writes: "Alongside our preview of Lego Marvel Super Heroes, we had the chance to sit down and talk with Arthur Parsons, Game Director on the title. You can read what I found to be quite an entertaining chat at 4PM, but since he unintentionally teased and hinted at future announcements, I felt like passing those along."

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Whitey2k1807d ago

so another ps4 exclusive on launch day?

jackanderson19851807d ago

this game is coming to xbox one on launch aswell...might have exclusive content though

The Meerkat1807d ago

Demo tomorrow!

The 'kids' are going to love it ;-)

mewhy321807d ago

Oh man I love the lego games too!!! Of course there will be more features for the PS4 version of the game. I hope that more devs will take advantage of the added abilities of the mighty PS4.

Dangerousfps1807d ago

Will it be 60fps on next gen. Here's hoping.

Lunarassassin1798d ago

One of the devs mentioned a while back that they are pushing 60 fps and want to keep better stabilisation of object tracking.