GTA 6 & one protagonist: ‘I don’t think it would be wise,’ says Franklin's actor

For the first time ever in a GTA game, there were three protagonists featured in the main narrative of the game and it begs the question, can Rockstar ever make GTA 6 with one protagonist?

In an exclusive interview with Shawn Solo, who voiced the main character of Franklin in GTA V, we asked him whether or not he thinks Rockstar could ever get away with using only one protagonist in GTA 6.

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Kalebninja1557d ago

they may have went over board with v because now ppl are going to be expecting even more with the next game

KonsoruMasuta1557d ago

People are always expecting more out of the next game in any series.

Baka-akaB1557d ago

Well they could , if they find a new "gimmick" and angle to exploit as compensation . Besides even with that one character , we should at least be expecting a few perspective switch once everywhile

Vandamme211557d ago

One protagonist is fine with me.

Vandamme211557d ago

Man I would love to see Niko Belic return...his story was very interesting in GTA4.

-Foxtrot1557d ago

God no...Niko was bland and boring.

We need new characters

Klonopin1557d ago

Niko's cheesy Serbian accent really got to me after a while. And hearing the same "yo cousin" dialogue really gets boring. Now that I've played through all the interesting characters of GTA 5, it would feel like a regression for the series to have that character return.

-Foxtrot1557d ago

I really wouldn't mind it going back to one character, I hope it does to be honest.

I could of played the whole game with just Trevor. The problem with more characters is that you will always have the one you dislike out of the number of players there so when you play them your like "Oh man not <name here>, lets get this over with".....if you get what I mean. In GTAV I was always trying to rush through Franklins story missions because I couldn't give a crap about him.

So yeah either one or even two players max...could work as a brother and a sister in the next game.

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