Why Call of Duty: Ghosts will crush Battlefield 4 in sales

Digitalwhip - "It sounds surprising to hear that Call of Duty is more popular than Battlefield because anyone who plays Battlefield knows its a great game built on an even greater scale."...
"The short answer is hype and marketing."

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lastofgen1500d ago

No doubt it will, but I'm sure that bf 4 will take a significant chunk out of cod's sales this time around.
In the end, both will do great, more or less.

Lalanana1500d ago

I agree. Call of Duty has a much bigger fan base. Obviously it would crush Bf4. Nonetheless, Bf4 will no doubt bring more fans to the franchise.

banana72121500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

They always say competition is good for gaming!

Mannerlax1500d ago

Battlefield 4 looks much better. but yes, like you said, its filled with thousands and thousands (possibly millions) of fans. If Battlefield can keep pushing the bar higher and gaining more fans.

Well, it may just overtake COD.

GraveLord1500d ago ShowReplies(4)
NYC_Gamer1500d ago

Yes,COD will have the edge sales wise but that shouldn't matter to gamers who prefer the gameplay style of BF.

banana72121500d ago

Personally, I can't just have one of these games, I need both of them.

sigfredod1500d ago

Only sales wise, at the end i will be obliterating with choppers and tanks, lol

voodoogts1500d ago

Sales and gameplay COD comes out on top.

sAVAge_bEaST1500d ago

that buttery 60fps.. not gameplay, it has horrible gameplay i.e. shooting someone first, only to have them turn around and kill you with a pistol.. horrible gameplay,.
getting shot around a corner -horrible gameplay.
having people camping in shadow corners, with target finders - horrible gameplay.

Mannerlax1500d ago

i completely agree. Shoot someone in the head, well, they are still alive and will shoot u in the foot and you will die.


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The story is too old to be commented.