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Andres writes, "At the retail price of $60, GTA Online and GTA V on one disc is a fabulous value and, quite frankly, a steal. For the sheer enormity of content in both games, it’s one of the best video game deals ever conceived. Also, Rockstar has made plans to include even more content in the coming months. While microtransactions will be available, you can still experience and purchase everything GTA Online has to offer by earning it all yourself, at a generous rate compared to most massive multi-player online games, I might add."

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MysticStrummer1772d ago

Wow. I could understand perfect scores for the single player mode, even if I don't agree that it's perfect, but a perfect score for the online mode is way out of line. Even though it's working much better now there are still problems.

KonsoruMasuta1772d ago

He must not have experienced as many problems as everyone else. I know I didn't for a while. At first I was able to get in and out of sessions and games flawlessly and with no problem.

*Sigh* I wish that was the case for me now though.

capitanandi1772d ago

Author here. Yeah, I know. Fortunately, I have been able to run the game very well for the past week and gotten to experience the majority of the game's features without many problems. I am assuming the technical problems will only be temporary, since it's so new and traffic is so high still, so I have based the score on the game itself and all its features as it was intended to be played. Hopefully, everyone will be able to experience it the same way very soon.

MysticStrummer1772d ago

I'm able to run the game with few problems since the patch, so I'm not really talking about technical glitches, though my original post above does imply that. I don't think the content is perfect, even when it runs without a problem.

I've just never played a perfect game. I don't think The Last of Us deserved perfect scores either, though it is my Game of the Year.

mhunterjr1772d ago

If prefect scored were only awarded to games that have 0 technical glitches, end never see a perfect score. I don't think 5/5 means the game is flawless. It means it do ridiculously fun, and so rewarding, that you are happy to overlook the flaws.

I'm having a blast, and i can't remember ever having this much fun with an online game.

MysticStrummer1772d ago

I enjoy it as well, but I've never played a perfect game, online or off. I understand some people don't mean "perfect" when they give a perfect score, I just don't agree with that line of thinking.

I wouldn't give it a perfect score even if it ran flawlessly. To me, the content isn't perfect.

ZBlacktt1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

5/5.........just lol.

Btw, I'd suggest people look on Craigslist first. There are a lot of people selling it already. This game is not worth $60. I got it for $40 and it still had the Blimp code in it. Game is alright, but nothing mind blowing. Plus with Next Gen dropping in a month. Where are you going to be playing?

mhunterjr1772d ago

Please, the single player alone it's worth $60.

ZBlacktt1772d ago

You've been smoking to much stuff in the game I see. That or you are young and new to gaming.

GarrusVakarian1772d ago

You have any idea how boring the stuff you spout gets? We get it, you dislike GTA. So why keep posting on GTA articles?

Think about that.

ZBlacktt1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Don't dislike it at all. After a decade plus and countless hours playing this series. I just don't overlook poor quality control and zero beta testing to foresee major issues like this game has. Now they are banning people because of all the piss poor quality who use exploits? Nice.... sure you seen that news as well.

I was in the online last night for 4 hours....

mhunterjr1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Too young? I've been gaming since the 80's.

If this game isn't worth full price, then none are. You can get 40+ hrs out of the single player and not even get 100%. In a day where most people can will pay 60 for an 8-10 hour game, how can you say gtav isn't worth the money... without trolling of course...

There were over 15 million people playing this game within 3 days of launch. There isn't a single game in history that was glitch/exploit free. When you're got this many people playing, many of them TRYING to break it, you'll have issues.

Bitch all you want about the (now fixed) online issues at launch. The kind of load rockstar faced was simply unprecedented.

ZBlacktt1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Big deal, just be honest about the game and stop trying to defend it like it's no big deal then. With SO many exploits going on in the online. How is it fair and fun? What you think is worth it is on you. Maybe for others a broken game and a feel of been there done this many many times before is the feel. You like it, enjoy it. Like I said above if you read, I don't dislike it. It's just not a ground breaking new experience and oh yeah could be a nightmare of issues and everyone is using exploits, enjoy. I don't let any developer off the hook when they put out out broken games with no beta. This game has so many exploits, try Youtube and Google.