Final Fantasy 7 iOS and Android isn’t impossible, but it’s a space issue says Square

Final Fantasy 7 could come to iOS and Android one day, but right now the game’s file size is making it somewhat difficult. Developer Square-Enix has suggested that it may have to wait “years” for a mobile port to become reality.

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Acquiescence1653d ago

Square Enix are just wasting theirs and our own time with this kind of porting.

KonsoruMasuta1653d ago

Although, I don't buy their IOS and Android games (They're way overpriced), Square does get decent sales from these ports.

vishmarx1653d ago

besides could run the original games 3-4 years ago on android

zeal0us1653d ago

Well most android users can already get FF7 on their phones through the use of emulators. Sadly the controls are terrible and it should be played with a controller.

Haki11121653d ago

Using the moga controller I can play psx games just fine on my S3

dredgewalker1653d ago

The psp is still better for ps1 and different types of emulators at a fraction of the price of the s3 along with a moga controller. I was gonna buy a moga for my android phone but I realized the cost of this setup just to play classic games. Also android phones tend to eat up a lot of battery and I'd rather save energy for more important uses.

Haki11121648d ago

@ dredgewalker Moga didn't cost me a thing got it for free when I went to PAX earlier this year but yeah it is expensive for a controller but works wonders

kalkano1653d ago

You know what doesn't have that issue? PS4.