Atomic PC: Far Cry 2 Sneak Peek

Far Cry 2 doesn't have much to do with CryTek's original masterpiece. That's partly because CryTek has nothing to do with it, having handed over the name and rights to Ubisoft, and partly because CryTek's Crysis is swallowing up column inches in the gaming press.

But just because Far Cry 2 is slipping under the radar isn't to say that the guys and girls at Ubisoft Montreal aren't creating something worthy of gamers attention. In fact, it may even beat CryTek at its own game.

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Breakfast3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

at least its not a

EDIT: "In order to survive this wind of change, Microsoft has announced that they will release an add-on which will support Blu-ray technology"

Whaaaa? Really. Never mind....go approve a blog.