New Video Shows Xbox One Multiplayer Features: Reputation System, Community Challenges and More

Microsoft just released a quite interesting video showcasing the new multiplayer features of xbox one.

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meatysausage1683d ago

The guy with the glasses at the start has an uncomfortable stare

us_army1683d ago

@egg you are very right however.... its a very awkward stare

DoubleM701683d ago Show
Anarki1683d ago

You think honest gamers who you have played will stop to go and rate everyone? No, the people who you "owned" as well as immature kids will go and downvote everyone for the "lols", that's why a system like that will never work.

daggertoes831683d ago

Lol.. Yea when he's talking to the girl at the end it keeps panning back to him. The way he's staring looks uncomfortable. Any great features if your an xbox live fan. Gonna be exciting generation for both consoles.

Christopher1683d ago

Equating a good reputation to people who want to just be there to have fun is misleading as it really doesn't mean that.

It also means that new players, who have a medium reputation, will be matched with more lower rep players who are less likely to improve a gamer's rep than not.

Also, it's misleading to think that "dedicated servers" mean less "cheating". Current CoD is on dedicated servers and cheating happens on that all the time.

ImG2theB1683d ago

Current is not on dedicated servers

Christopher1683d ago

Private matches are P2P. Other matches on CoDBO2 are on dedicated servers.

Blaze9291683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

And this is why Xbox LIVE will continue to lead the forefront in online gaming on consoles. Can't wait for November 22.

We have to pay to play online on PS4 now yet we have yet to see or hear why. What features, improvements, etc has Sony made to PSN that we need to pay to play online now in a comparable price to Xbox LIVE?

That's what I really want to know. I know PS+ offers rewards, discounts, early access to stuff, and free games but I honestly don't care about any of that. Chances are if its hot, I bought the game anyway. Not interested in a glorified reward system.

I know theres cross game chat this time but thats all I know. Has voice codec improved audio quality? What about matchmaking? Dedicated servers? Etc etc. Come on Sony

VENOMACR12271683d ago

Everyone know's PS+ is 10000X better then Xbox Live. You get free indie games. Who wouldn't want to play a game that some guy made in his basement? Playstation online in general is 100000X better because you can use Netflix to watch terrible old movies without needed PS+. See? Isn't PS+ better?

QuickdrawMcgraw1683d ago

Ha..Blaze you answered your own question with things you don't care about,but millions of others do.Here is the Blaze way of asking a question.What makes the PS3 a better gaming system then the 360.And don't say exclusive game support because I don't care about exclusive games.A very tricky but silly way to ask questions.Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians today!

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Mikelarry1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

great video showing what to expect with the new xbox dashboard. just today i was wondering when they were going to release this.

one feature i am really excited for when i do purchase one is the smart match bye bye annoying screaming kids.

fpshooter21683d ago

I like the smart-match and the reputation system.

lastofgen1683d ago

Smart match seems pretty cool.
Definitely a step up.

Niv1683d ago

That fake smile towards the end lol.

Everyone interviewed looked miserable. They also looked under duress by MS.

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The story is too old to be commented.