Turn 10 on why Forza Motorsport 5′s physics are ‘impossible on last-generation hardware’

Turn 10 Studio’s creative director Dan Greenawalt will talk about the brutal, complicated maths that underlie Forza’s handling model for days, if that’s what it takes to prove the necessity of next-generation hardware for making Forza Motorsport 5 work.

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windblowsagain1651d ago

Sounds like they are doing in good job in many places.

It'll be interesting to see all the next gen racers strutting their stuff,lol.

JokesOnYou1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Yes they are.

Despite what you only hear on n4g Forza5 is NOT just your average racer with nothing special to offer, pure lunacy considering its history. Of course they will point out weather/day night cycles and spread misinformation about lighting. Yet almost every preview praises the game for both visuals and all the quality cutting edge physics content packed into the game that no other next gen exclusive racer has like real damage that affects car performance, customization that affects driving, cloud based AI that allows you to race offline with cpu clones that are more realistic/constantly changing and not sure about other launch racers but Forza5 offers headtracking with Kinect all running at a crisp 1080p 60fps.

GiggMan1651d ago

I usually don't believe when a developer touts it's games horn when it comes to "not being possible on current gen". I will give him the benefit of doubt when it comes to AI and physics due to better processors and hardware specs.

The things you are mentioning though, real damage affecting driving, customization, 1080p 60FPS are all done on current gen. Along with day night cycles and weather. I can't wait to put these physics to the test to see for myself but realistically Forza 5 isn't doing anything spectacular that current gen racers aren't doing. (but we shall see)

NatureOfLogic1651d ago

I'm not impressed at all with Xbox One only 1080p exclusive that is still not doing things already available in current gen racers.

OrangePowerz1651d ago

It is using pre backed lighting that is not misinformation and has AA and pop in issues.

From the Demo I played it`s a good game, but not as great as people hope it would be if the demo is anything to go by. Obviously the final game could be better and have the AA and pop in issues resolved.

Sometimes I wish Turn10 would get off of their high horse going on about how they know more about Pirelli tyres than Pirelli and how they will write textbooks about tyres. Sometimes they can say smart things, but sometimes they spout stuff like that.

PoSTedUP1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

to be completely fair and honest: forza5 looks great and their tire physics sounds crazy. there is no denying they are talented developers. but given what they were lacking in terms of physics compared to PD this gen, and the fact they had a lot less content and when only focousing on road physics they still couldnt match up in that aspect, and were newer developers working on weaker more simple hardware; i believe that if PD cut down their cars to 300, took away all the resources and power that went into the physics of rally dirt rain snow ice weather etc. and just focused on road and tire physics, i think it could be done on this generation of consoles by PD (and their undeniable talent, knowledge and experience) with the ps3 and the cell (just because when working with it they could tap into much more power over time, and turn10 may not know what that is like because they havent developed for the ps3 or had the oppertunity to do jus that).

im not sayng they are wrong or i am right, im simply putting this out there in hopes that someone could clear this up for me with better insight in my search for greater knowledge. id kindly give a bubble and go research whatever you can explain to me, i dont think what ive said was that stupid. (i dont think?). but there are a lot of unanswered questions for me to take anyones word b4 i agree and move on.

NewMonday1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

If the defensive fans stop the hyperbole fore one second more people can get down to excitement

Forza 5 has great gameplay, it sure looks better than 360 games but doesn't have the best graphics compared to top looking next gen games.

I just went to a games event with a motor head friend who loves GTA but loves Forza even more, he tried out DriveClub and was massively disappointing, while it had great looking graphics he didn't enjoy the driving feel.

point is while DC is the better looking game Forza has the better gameplay, but fanboys insist on winning every fight and claim it is the best looking game and that makes a big opening for critsism

ambientFLIER1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

GiggMan -

"The things you are mentioning though, real damage affecting driving, customization, 1080p 60FPS are all done on current gen."

GT5/GT6 are NOT true 1080P. One is 1280x1080 and the other is 1440x1080. And they drop frames noticeably down to 20-25fps when things get hectic. Not the same as 1920x1080 and locked 60fps on Forza 5, along with next gen detail and effects.

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B1uBurneR1651d ago

Can't wait to play demo at Walmart after launch

the worst1651d ago

Forza Motorsport is a arcade game should be compared to burnout

Nocando1651d ago

Appropriate user name.

dark-kyon1651d ago

burn out is too much arcade,i believe what need for speed can be more close,the true is what turn 10 since the forza 3 is making the game to get better scores and be more spectacular but is left to side be better sim racing and felt more real looking.

pete0071649d ago

ganturismo, the self called real driving simulator where you drive cars as if they had metal train wheels, to me seems the same as ridge racer. comparing forza to burnout its an honour due to metacritic, now ridge racer....... at least the ps3 launch title was a 6 real sweated and not everywhere

SKUD1651d ago

Whatever helps sell the game.

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