ZTGD | Worms Revolution Extreme (Vita) Review

Jae Lee writes: My first experience with a Worms game was so long ago that I can’t even propose an educated guess as to when that might have been.

It was a title that reminded me much of another game, where each player controlled a tank in a wide area and tried to take out the other tanks with various different types of ammo as the wind direction constantly required fine tuning on the aiming.

Worms expanded on this idea with mobility and a greater array of weapons, then bundled it all together with a silly concept that worms were waging war against each other. It felt fresh and new as I found myself addicted to its simple game play.

Many, many years later and they’re still pumping out Worms games that are more or less the same, and even though the title would suggest an extreme revolution had taken place, no such event took place here as it manages to squeak by on the status quo.

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