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Septic1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Wow nice. Glad to finally see this work in action. I like it. It seems very quick and intuitive too.

Lalanana1466d ago

I must say it does look nice

Cloudyday711466d ago

The app looks fantastic and I can't wait to use it on November 22nd. But whenever I see a picture of Major Nelson I just want to punch him in his smug face.

FamilyGuy1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

I'm curious if that privacy setting can block specific people from following you or if it's just a blanket that blocks all strangers from following.
The system is pretty much how I imagined it would be, very twitter and facebook like but in a gamer focused environment. Visually it's very nice, clean and simple looking for a in an easy to understand use, and find what you want quickly way.

Oh, I hope there's a way to hide a friend you have from another friend from seeing. Some people have falling outs and expect you to drop a friend they dropped and It's nice to avoid the drama with specified privacy settings.

I'm not an Xbox guy but this is looking really good, next gen is almost here people! The new features and user interfaces have me just as excited as all the games. :D

XB1_PS41465d ago

You can block a single person, which will isolate you from them in any way. Matchmaking, messaging, etc. They said that in the other video that was just posted.

FamilyGuy1465d ago

Ahh ok, I must've missed that one.

Blaze9291465d ago

nice, i love it. Very clean and easy to understand UI and FASTER. Thank the based god its faster!

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jackanderson19851466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Major Nelson must be a bit of a bad sport to play against... not a perfect reputation tut tut.

nice little favourting thing going on... will be handy for the COD, BF, or other such games that are built around team sports

also just noticed in the corner the "dismiss" that came up when he called to the kinect, i assume that'll be the same for those trying the "xbox off" people are concerned about

banana72121466d ago

Haha, I love the avatars.

Taker_1291466d ago

really love this feature, but the theme looks bad. Hopefully it can be changed.

us_army1466d ago

I agree, The functionality is great, but I do not like the Ui for some reason. It just seems to have too much on screen at once, but who knows. Will have to get hands on to judge.

lastofgen1466d ago

That's one feature I'm waiting on confirmation.
Hopefully, themes will make a return.

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The story is too old to be commented.