GTA V Online: Does the cash stimulus make up for all the problems?

Rockstar are depositing a generous sum of $500,000.00 to all players who had problems with GTA V's online mode but is this enough?

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DoomeDx1804d ago

I think the 500.000 sucks..

Everybody in GTA Online will now own the most expansive appartment available. Which is kinda lame.

KonsoruMasuta1804d ago

I think the most expensive apartment is 400.000. That would be a waste of money though. All high end apartments have the same interior. You might as well spend no more than 300.000 on and aprartment and use the rest for clothes, gun, and hospital bills.

DoomeDx1804d ago

Well I still think its kind of a cheap solution. I hope there is a way to refuse this because I dont want it.

Im having so much fun collecting all the money that having 500.000 by doing nothing just wouldnt feel right.

Mad Aizen1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Lame lame lame. This is so lame. Back in the golden days of gaming we didn't get anything "free". Just fix your damn game already r*. Everyone is so eager for hand outs now. GTA5 is pissing me off.

Yukicore1804d ago

Yeah, but that virtual money doesn't make up the online launch failure.

GTA V for PC would :)


bub161804d ago

Exactly! I worked hard to earn that, now everyone will buy it, not sure what else to buy now I'm getting 500k, just another fast car to fill my garage

MysticStrummer1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

"Everybody in GTA Online will now own the most expansive appartment available."

Not me. I'll be getting the cheapest apartment that still has a 10 car garage.

The answer to the title's question is no. Though I don't agree with those who demand refunds because of the online troubles, I also don't think 500k in virtual money is enough to make up for the beta code that was launched as a finished product. Some sizable DLC for free would be more like it.

KonsoruMasuta1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Their first DLC pack is free.

MysticStrummer1804d ago

"Their first DLC pack is free."

Was it always going to be free or is it free because of all the online problems?

DoomeDx1804d ago

^@ Mystic

As you can see, the article that konsoru posted was posted BEFORE the release of GTA:Online. SO yes, has always been free

mhunterjr1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

That's not true, folks will have many different ways to spend the money. I know folks who don't even want apartments, just garages for there suped up cars. Some will spend money on more expensive vehicles (helicopters, tanks, planes). Others will spend it on weapon upgrades. Others will use it on the bawsaq when it opens up...

500000, really isn't that much money one you consider all of what the game has to offer. Not to mention the new items that will become available when the game expands to more cities.

3-4-51804d ago

Never seen a game Peak & Valley so fast.

syndrom1801d ago

Well if you dont want ur 500k add me an pass it ova son I wont look a gift hoarse in the mouth hahaha

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AiirJordann231804d ago

I think houses will be available soon tho and more apartments too I have the $400,000 pad and 10 cars already

CarnageXB1804d ago

Pretty much Yes for me. Wish it was more so I could buy a couple cars but Ill just work for those.

DoomeDx1804d ago

But isnt ''collecting the money'' the entire point of GTA Online? I really dislike getting the 500.000 for free.

People this generation really like getting things easy it seems.

paul-p19881804d ago

You can just waste the money instead, buy a vehicle that costs that much (i bought a banshee last night for $105,000 and that was the cheapest 'expensive' vehicle) then just work hard for the rest of the money.

It's just a way of them saying sorry, and i applaud them for it, and will spend the money on an apartment/car modifications :)

CarnageXB1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Everything is so much more expensive in the online mode than it is in the single player portion of the game. So its a lot harder to gain money and keep it. I respect them for the $500k. I wasn't able to play the game smoothy for a week. And my character was deleted 3 times losing a lot of money. I takes alot of time to earn that kind of money. Ill be able to buy a good apartment. Then save the rest for guns, ammo, and cars. Itll run out fast.

KillerPwned1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Rockstar could give us nothing at all so this is very generous of them. As I seen with other posts its cool we get the money but in the sense a bad idea maybe. Its possible though that other people won't spend all their money on the apartment who knows. Still having it wont will give them any advantage over others at least.

MysticStrummer1804d ago

I don't think the word "generous" applies at all. It's just virtual money. They're not really giving us anything. If they announce some major DLC that would have been $9.99 but will now be free to make up for the online problems, that would be generous.

ThatCanadianGuy5141804d ago

I just find it funny they offer it as a way to "balance the economy" When they plan on completely destroying the economy with their cash micro transactions soon.

So stupid.

mhunterjr1804d ago

The micro transactions won't destroy the economy.

It's balanced so that players flush with $ still can't obtain power items without first earning them through play.

Rockstar has created a MMO, that is hosting millions of people. They plan to continue to expand the world's, And unlike other huge MMO's, they are doing this without charging a subscription fee. This business model allows them to sustain the online game all while making sure the vast majority of people can experience it without extra hits to their wallets.

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