New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Video Shows The Wildlands Narrated by Yuji Abe

Square Enix just published a new gameplay video of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, showcasing the area of the wildlands.

More interestingly, since the demo itself has been showcased at several trade shows by now, is the fact that the eight minutes long video is narrated by game design director Yuji Abe and subtitled in English. The demo itself is from the localized version of the game.

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rextraordinaire1742d ago

Looking good, and mostly done. Why is the release date so late?

Abriael1742d ago

Localization. Having one piece of the game and the UI localized doesn't mean that the whole script is, I'd guess. And the game seems pretty dialogue-heavy.

KonsoruMasuta1742d ago

Yeah, and from what I've seen from the English versions, SE takes extra time for smaller details. They do a lot of things that companies don't do with localizations.

They sync the movement of mouths of the characters with the words that are spoken.

They add in different music in cutscenes.


They really make sure they cater to the western audience with localizations.

rextraordinaire1742d ago

Yeah I guess you're right, I'm just impatient!

cleft51742d ago

The game really looks great so far, definitely on my list of games to buy.

3-4-51742d ago

That Random Battle took way too long.

WilliamH1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Still flogging that dead horse Square Enix, enough already.

Abriael1742d ago

The Japanese disagree, and they're the biggest audience for the series.

wishingW3L1742d ago

is there a reason why now Lightning talks like if all her emotions and feelings were stripped away? That last scene when she tries to show some concern about the chocobo it feels so artificial. This is some of the worst and cheesiest voice acting I've heard this gen (including Hope).

KonsoruMasuta1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I've noticed that too. Her voice has always been a little raspy but it seems more... prominent in this game. She sounds more cold and emotionless than ever. But then again, Lightning never showed much emotion before.

And I guess it could be a result of everything she has been through.

goldwyncq1742d ago

Something about Bhunivelze sealing her emotions.

TheLastVoiceOFsanity1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

the one & only reason the 13 series (FF13,13-2,13:lighting's return) was named final fantasy was so it could sell. it's like they just pasted the final fantasy name on some random game series. it just as easily could have been a stand alone game trilogy called ''the odyssey of lighting'', but with no final fantasy brand attached it not a sure thing.