IGN- Exploring the Beautiful World of Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

IGN:The open areas of the Final Fantasy XIII series have always been a highlight. At this point, it’s not much of a surprise when a Final Fantasy game looks great, and XIII and XIII-2’s beauty came mostly from the stunning environments throughout Lighting and Serah’s journeys. Still, while areas like Archylte Steppe and XIII-2’s Dying World were beautiful and expansive, they were exceptions compared to the largely linear paths that made up the rest of the game.

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Run_bare1736d ago

I have the feeling that this will sell even less that XII and XII-2, I could be wrong, but I won't be buying it.

They should just stop this nonsense and release XV

Hicken1736d ago

If so, it will be because of people making judgments based on its predecessors, even though most of them haven't played those, either.

There's nothing to indicate the game won't be a quality title, but people who never played the others and think those suck will transfer that mentality over to this game, and continue not playing.

I'll be playing, though.

Run_bare1735d ago

do you play x-2. this remind me of that, they can fool me twice or even third but won't be fourth.

Hicken1735d ago

Yep, I did. It was an enjoyable game. If you went in expecting it to be exactly like FFX, then it's no surprise that you'd be disappointed. At first, I did, but then I took some words in the game to heart: "This is MY story."

With that philosophy in mind, I treated X-2 as the game it was: Yuna's story, n which the troubles happening around Spira reflecting her own issues with finding a new path for herself. It's a pretty good game once you think of it like that, rather than wanting it to be just like FFX.

... and that healthy dose of Rikku didn't hurt, either.

I have expectations when I go into a game, but I temper that by trying to figure out what the game is attempting, and deciding how well it does that. In that way, I'm rarely disappointed or "fooled."