Devil's Third - Resurrected?

THQ is a withered, moldy husk, and Valhalla Studios – alongside Itagaki-san, and the Devil’s Third project are presumably finished.

Or are they?

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StifflerK1742d ago

Thanks for posting the article , I've been waiting for ages for any news on DT , I sure hope it does get released - nobody makes action games like Itagaki!!!

jay21741d ago

It'll happen, won't see it till next year at TGS though.

Iltapalanyymi1741d ago

i sure hope so!! i was so hyped for this game.

maniacmayhem1741d ago

I really want to see more of this game. I am surprised Nintendo hasn't jumped on this game and made it an exclusive. This is the mature type of online game they could use and show people that the WiiU just isn't for casuals and little kids.

scofios1741d ago

Was really waiting for this game.Itakgi might act like a douch sometimes but the guy knows how to make a good combat system for his games.Ninja gaiden sure went downhill without him.

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