Xbox One and PC cross-platform play 'makes sense', says exec

A symbiotic ecosystem where devices such as the Xbox One are able to interact with PC "makes a lot of sense", according to Microsoft Studios corporate vice-president Phil Spencer.

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Whitey2k1739d ago

what makes sense yeah there always be console wars but what would make more sence if Microsoft and sony joined to make one big servers then pc , ps4 and xbone players can all join together

jeffgoldwin1739d ago

I agree with your idea of a utopia between the 2 consoles in theory. But in practice, their would be a lot of hurdles to over come from the differences in software and hardware leading to inevitable glitchs, bugs, and lag. So idk if that could ever work.

Joe9131739d ago

That would be nice then fanboys can fight it out in the games and not in the comments lol.

ScubbaSteve1739d ago

This has actually happened before. Final Fantasy 11 was one, if not the only game to be playable on the ps2/360/pc and it did remarkably well. It became famous for "PS2 limitations" because there's only so much you can update a ps2, but it lasted years without any real problems. There was never any real console wars on the game because you couldn't really tell who was playing on which system.

In the end MS got a big enough market share they weren't looking to really cater to the developers who wanted to do this and the cross platform movement died.

Somebody1739d ago

It sounds nice but it might make thing worse. We're already at each others' throats when comparing the capabilities of our preferred gaming device (in particular the control schemes) so letting them in one room is not a good idea.

You know they will bring their experience back to the comments. Imagine the smug comments the console fans would made every time they dominate supposedly superior mouse PC gamers. It would only bring even more grief.

XB1_PS41739d ago

PC is going to obliterate FPS multiplayer matches. Complete unfair advantage.

Whitey2k1739d ago

unless xbone and ps4 will allow mouse and keyboard

XB1_PS41739d ago

Well that would be awesome. I hope it happens.

Idba1739d ago

probably wont happen on competetive fps games. That would give the mouse&keyboard users an advantage over the controller users. (unless they separete the m&k users from the controller users)

s8anicslayer1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Microsoft already stated that mouse and keyboard compatibility is not out of the question, and if cross platform is allowed then with everyone knowing that PC has an advantage with mouse and keyboard then we will see that feature on X1. I can only imagine the immense fun Titanfall is going to be if this wish comes true.

givemeshelter1739d ago

For FPS games in a competitive match, Mouse and Keyboard will destroy game pad controllers. It's not even a contest

Whitey2k1739d ago

I need more bubbled plzzzz :)

SignifiedSix911739d ago

I play BF3 on PC with a controller and seem to play better than most people who use the "superior" mouse and keyboard...

givemeshelter1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


Then you're not playing very good players then. Play someone who is above average in BF3 using a Key/Mouse and you stick to your controller and you will lose most of the time. It comes down to plain reaction time and speed. Gaming Mice and Gaming keyboards are simply faster by miles and in the hands of a good FPS payer, it's no contest. It really is not.
I know this is a console site and I am really taking my chances by saying this on as I will most likely lose bubbles and get a restriction ban, however this is simply the truth. Gamepads do not have the same speed reaction time as a Gaming Mouse and Keyboard. They simply do not. In the hands of a skilled player it would be destruction playing against a skilled player with a gamepad.

deathstriker1739d ago

In co-op focused games like Mass Effect 3's multiplayer this would be fine, Battlefield not so much.

Saryk1739d ago

I can hear this now “You’re on a PC, you using hacks!”” I can’t because I am on an Xbox!”

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Steam Machine, Xbox, and PC type three way! But I sense a lot of tears in the future if this happens! I doubt this would happen though games are too big of a business.

TechMech21739d ago

I'd really rather this not happen.

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