USA Pre-Order Chart Week Ending October 12th, 2013

Skylanders Swap Force and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes are on their last week while Call of Duty: Ghosts continues the top spot. Other notable changes include the Xbox One version of Ghosts surpasses the PS4 version and Destiny continues to rapid climb on the chart.

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GraveLord1765d ago

160 people pre-ordered The Last Guardian this week!

Eonjay1765d ago

LOL. And in a few years when the Last Guardian is dominating the charts, Sony might actually have to produce something.

NewMonday1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

- 360 still dominating in the USA

- PS4 has 4 games in the top 10 vs 2 for XB1

- AC4 numbers are almost identical for the PS4 and the current leader the 360, the PS4 achieving this on launch vs a console with an 8 year old install base means the gamer migration will be BIG and FAST.

- Killzone: Shadow Fall at #7 is the only exclusive overall in the top 20

Eonjay1765d ago

Interesting note: Xbox One future owners are overwhelmingly picking COD over Battlefield 4. PS4 future owners are are more balanced between the two. Any theories as to why the COD is dominating so much on Xbox?

lastofgen1765d ago

Well, considering that vgchartz gets their pre-orders wrong many times, I wouldn't want to make any conclusions based on this data.

grassyknoll1765d ago

DLC comes out a month early on Xbox One. Its depressing timed dlc has such a big impact on sales.

Eonjay1765d ago

That not what I mean. I mean COD vs BF4.

COD is essentially tied on XB1 and PS4.
Also COD and BF4 are essentially tied of PS4.
But COD is destroying BF4 on Xbox One.

grassyknoll1765d ago

In response to your reply: Call of Duty DLC comes to Xbox One a month early, so Call of Duty fans are buying it for that platform (& more likely to buy the system)

Eonjay1765d ago

Again, thats not my question! I am talking about COD and BF4

not Xbox One vs PS4

gedden71765d ago

Think about it..

CoD on Next Gen is the same exact game but better lighting and shadows (not to mention the groundbreaking fish AI tech)..

So what kind of "gamer" would buy that for the xbone or ps4? The uneducated, casual gamer...

AceBlazer131765d ago

i have 2.
1. maybe because as much as they defend games like ryse and forza they really aren't that interested (ironic how they used to think they had more exclusives when none of them are getting support)

2. anyone who would waste money on xbox one obviously is a diehard xbox fan and cod and xbox go hand in hand like pb&j.

lastofgen1765d ago

I'm sorry, but you don't deserve even that one bubble. A comment like yours belongs to the once-existing open-zone on n4g.

And don't even get me started on your 2 statements. I can find so many breaks/inaccuracies in your arguments that it'd blow your mind.

Hicken1765d ago

And yet, rather than details those inaccuracies, you spend your entire comment trying to attack his bubble count.

Meanwhile, your other comment doesn't say much of anything, but just tries to dismiss the numbers out of hand so you don't have to deal with them.

Didn't you used to have one bubble, too, lastofgen?

roland821765d ago

Sony fanboys like you really make me not want a ps4.

torchic1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I think you could've made your points in a better way but your first is absolutely spot on.

Ryse, Forza and Dead Rising 3 are all languishing at the foot of the pre-order charts. CoD has always traditionally sold a lot more on Xbox (much like FIFA always sells a lot more on PlayStation) so I guess it's just a case of the vocal minority vs. the quiet majority. most Xbox gamers shifting to next-gen want more of the same, CoD & Halo. you just had to take a look at the tweets during the CoD: Ghosts MP reveal to see that and there's nothing wrong with that.

same goes with PlayStation. there's a very strong base of players there who enjoy games from Japanese devs (that would never sell even 10 copies on Xbox) so that group of players will expect similar support when shifting to PS4.

otherZinc1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )


I'm buying the only 1080p "native" @ 60fps game releasing on next gen consoles; Forza 5.

I've yet to pre-order it (the collectors edition) as I'm going to buy 2 copies of Dead Rising 3, 2 copies of COD, & Skylanders. Buying 2 of some games for co-op play with my kids as I've done with XBOX for years now.

XBOX ONE is far from a waste as everyone in my family will have many uses for the XBOX ONE.

That's where my disappointment with the PS4 is: Killzone:SF not having a co-op feature in its campaign in 2013 is inexcusable.

We've been playing campaign co-op since the Regular XBOX & its flagship shooter Halo, why is Killzone:SF not doing's ridiculous. AND NO, that side mission co-op KZ:SF is offering for a $20 download isn't campaign & not satisfactory!

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HighResHero1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

It likely has a lot to do with the way COD is marketed here among other things.

JunoDivided1765d ago

Because XBOX is arguably more popular in the US (we will see when it finally comes out) and US audiences are typically more biased and don't like change therefore they are buying COD

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Niv1765d ago

Still no Titanfall on the list.

1765d ago
Bundi1765d ago

Still no infamous on the list. No Halo 5 either. No The Order on the list.

Wow I wonder what these 2014 games with no release dates have in common that's keeping them off the chart list...oh yeah, they are 2014 games and have no release dates!!

Why don't you turn your worries towards DriveClub instead?

Hicken1765d ago

None of the other games you listed were originally thought to be launch titles.

TitanFall was.

Bundi1765d ago

Originally? By whom? DriveClub was not thought to be a launch title either?

Hicken1764d ago

I'm talking about inFamous, Halo, The Order.

Drive Club's got the incentive of pretty much having a free trial that leads into a discounted retail edition. So you're gonna have some people that preorder it, but smart people would test it out with Plus first, THEN get the full version if they liked it.

But I guess that wouldn't impact preorder numbers at all, huh? We should worry about Drive Club's numbers, because nobody would be smart with their money and take the Plus route, right?

Lalanana1765d ago

Very good numbers for both consoles. Keep it up.

christocolus1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

i never judge sales of anything based on preorder numbers but its good to see the xbox one games making some significant increase over previous weeks..

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