The Third Console Curse Continues With Xbox One

It's no secret that Microsoft faced many hiccups and serious backlash from gamers when the Xbox One was revealed with its strict DRM policies and mandatory Kinect, that still ships with the console itself. After E3 and Sony's presentation which focused on the basic things that have already been present in the previous consoles, forced Microsoft's hand and they redacted their vision of an online-only world and reversed their strict DRM policies which included once a day online check which after authenticating online will let players play games on the Xbox One. Without the authentication, the console could only be used as an entertainment hub to watch movies, TV shows etc.

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chrissx1709d ago

I'll get xboxone when they release a kinectless bundle

gedden71709d ago

Unfortunately that will never happen...

GalacticEmpire1709d ago

I don't think they'll have a choice if PS4 dominates as much as it looks like it will.

MightyNoX1709d ago

Won't you have an egg on your face when it DOES happen.

-sigh smh-

pyramidshead1709d ago

If is doesn't sell as expected or is seen to be trailing such&such number behind its competitors then it could be quite the possibility.

buynit1709d ago

I don't think its unfortunate

mewhy321709d ago

PS4 is already dominating the pre order scene. Sony looks to take the lion's share of the gaming market this gen and it appears they're on track to do so.

Magicite1709d ago

But You can always do another 180, always...

nukeitall1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I hope MS never releases a Kinectless bundle as to at least give Kinect a fair shot at getting it's potential explored.

Don't want Kinect, go PS4!

@pyrmaidshead & mewhy32:

The fact of the matter is, only hardcore and niche gamers pre-order. You really have to wait until people get it in their home and word of mouth spreads, and marketing to inform the mainstream consumer.

If MS is hugely successful at widening their market, they will outsell everybody just like the original Wii did.

The Wii had such a successful word of mouth marketing that Nintendo completely cut all marketing for the console for a long long time.

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Gekko361709d ago

@All - I hope you never get one then. I hate the idea of a half arsed Xbox / Kinect approach.

If you don't like Kinect then don't buy one. I love Xbox One & Kinect the way it is. 100% uptake will make a big difference for developers and should make games more fun.

ZHZ901709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

"@All - I hope you never get one then. I hate the idea of a half arsed Xbox / Kinect approach.

If you don't like Kinect then don't buy one. I love Xbox One & Kinect the way it is."

So that means you like the idea of Anti-Consumer and at the same time you do like the idea of X1 not to sell as high as possible.

OrangePowerz1709d ago

Why? What makes Kinect fun for games? That you can shout at it to do stuff when pressing a button would be a lot faster and more reliable? MS spent huge amounts of money on Kinect and they are just looking for a away to get that money back and force people to buy Kinect. Right now including Kinect is half arsed because MS admited that not even all the features work at launch.

I would like to play Xbone games, but paying extra for something that I will not use is not an option for me.

Insomnia_841709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Poor Gekko..... smh.

How can you just believe every single word that corporation says to you without analyzing first their doings and past history?

I'm sure you also think the whole DRM and restrictions was very innovative........smh.

DragonKnight1709d ago

I love this idea Xbox One fans have that just because Kinect is being forced on anyone it automatically means that all or even most will incorporate Kinect features into the game.

Of course, when Microsoft forces them to, that'll be a different story. But don't kid yourselves, Kinect 2 is just as much a gimmick as Kinect 1.

I_am_Batman1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I partly agree with what you said. If MS believe that Kinect is a key factor of the Xbox One experience then it wouldn't be smart to make it optional. However that makes people like me that couldn't care less about motion controlled gaming, skyping while playing or voice control repel from the decision to buy an Xbox one despite being interessted in some of its games.

Microsoft just have to decide if they want to go into direct competition with the PS4 or if they want to go for a new target group.

Most people I know that had a Xbox 360 didn't care about Kinect and therefore are buying a PS4 instead of an Xbox one. MS might need to compensate that by advertising their console to a new target group if they want to stay successful.

Gekko361709d ago

@Insomnia_84 "How can you just believe every single word that corporation says to you without analyzing first their doings and past history?"

Hmmm, let me see... I'm a Microsoft Certified Engineer, Developer and Trainer, as well as the same for IBM and Linux (RedHat/SLES)

I have worked with Microsoft software both end user, development and sys admin since Windows NT4 (Mid Nineties). I know the good, the bad and the downright bastardly from Microsoft (probably more than you!).

I Like Kinect and Xbox, however I don't like Sony, I never have. Here's Why!

PS2 was out but I decided on an Original Xbox. I bought it the day it came out, only to see Sony do a price drop within the first 6 months of Xbox Launch. Those from Sony who bought at the higher price got nothing. Microsoft offered all customers who bought at the higher price free stuff and lots of it.

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Eonjay1709d ago

Is this like the alleged Madden curse?

Saigon1709d ago

No nothing like that. I looked at the third console curse as something completely different. This curse seems to knock the manufacturer of its high horse. More than likely it is there to help the manufacturer to come into perspective to the reality of what is actually going on in the industry. The Madden curse, seem to get whoever was on the cover hurt and cause them to take a while to get back to original form or they never reach that marker again. Only Ray Lewis was the one who recovered completely and for console, it looks like the Sony PS3 was able to recover. After seeing Atari, Sega, Nintendo and Sony go through it; I truly do not wish it on anyone. I wish MS luck this next gen; I will get the system in the future, but not right now.

ghostrider321709d ago

Send the T-1000 back in time to shoot Don Mattrick and whoever discovered Kinect. Problem solved.

CGI-Quality1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

"Xbox One is the third console going to be released by Microsoft, who hit a gold mine with their second console, the Xbox 360, which outperformed the third console by Sony, the PlayStation 3, at every turn".

Seems this author is quite misinformed with a statement like that. The PS3 has outsold the 360 AND is a more powerful system. Never mind that, for this curse, you had to have been a leading console a gen or two. The Xbox has always been either a 2nd place or 3rd place console by the time the next generation rolled in.

Goku7811709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

CGI-Quality is right, numbers don't lie, check the scoreboard if you disagree.

Fireseed1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Ummm ok so I'm going to put this in as plain speak as humanly possible to you. Whatever you may beleieve, and even with the PS3 selling more globally last generation... ok here it comes... the 360 still sold A LOT of units. Imma give you a moment to reflect and allow your brain to grasp this concept.

Ok, you good? Alright so even if it didn't sell AS MANY it still sold A LOT. See what I'm trying to get at? Alright I'll give you another example and maybe you can starting turning the gears based on the similar elements. The Wii COMPLETELY outsold the PS3... BUUUUUUUT it still sold A LOT. Ya see now? Simple concepts :)

buynit1709d ago

They don't get It!

How about this... Did the ps3 out sell the 360 like ps2 did xBox?!

Sony lost a lot of market share no matter how you spin it..

CGI-Quality1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

It really didn't require that much thought, but obviously, something struck a nerve. Here's a fact: Sony lost market-share, and in the same gen, beat the Xbox while doing so (in both units sold and hardware specifications). So, it completely contradicts the statement: "the Xbox 360 outperformed the third console by Sony, the PlayStation 3, at every turn." Besides, nobody argued if the 360 "sold a lot of units" or gained market-share and never mind that those are a fraction of the full picture (which the author got at in the words: "at every turn".

So yes, the 360 DID sell a lot of units and put Microsoft on the map, but the PS3 sold more, is the more powerful system, and thus, couldn't have been outperformed by the 360 at every turn.

Fireseed1709d ago


Well no the point of my comment was that it was a VERY simple concept and didn't require much thought. But yeah the PS3 did sell more units worldwide and on paper was more powerful can't deny those 2 facts. But at the end of the day Microsoft is here to stay because they sure as hell sold enough to make another Xbox a wise decision.

Magicite1709d ago

Xbox has always been behind PlayStation and so it will remain in all ways(quality,games,sales).
Now I understand why MS are positioning X1 as an all-in-1 hub, that's because they cant compete on console front anymore and maybe they were inspired by Wii success.

christocolus1709d ago

i guess i will find out more about this so called curse after getting mine on launch day...but for all we know the xbx one could be the exception and the one to break this curse just as was foretold years one all the way.

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