League of Legends (LoL) Trading Card Game Is on the Way

Hours ago, Marc Merrill's twitter account was hacked and plenty of a LoL trading card game screenshots were leaked out by the hacker on twitter according to ReignofGaming. The hacker called them "images of LoL Supremacy". The hacker's tweets on Marc Merrill's account have been deleted. But you can still check them below.

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Tibbers1801d ago

Because we really need another TCG......

CaptainCamper1801d ago

Umm yeah, we do lol

There are hardly any MMOTCG/MMOCCG games out there that work. The vast majority are ruined by micro transactions and poor item malls.

Riots experience at successfully creating a free-to-play / micro transaction balance makes them more qualified than most to deliver something the genre deserves.

ATi_Elite1801d ago

With the amount of people playing LoL (35 Million) I'm surprised we don't already have LOL

Prime time TV show
Coffee cups
amusement park ride
Lunch boxes
window tint
gift wrap
bobble head dolls

besides something has to step in and pick up the torch dropped by Yu-gi-oh TCG