New Chrome Xbox 360 Controller 10x more Durable

A new version of an old favorite, the new version Silver Chrome Controller fits both wired and wireless versions of the OEM controller.

New highlights include:
*Matching top and bottom controller faceplates give your controller a more consistent look
*Removable bits allow the same bottom controller plate to be used for wired and wireless controllers
*New chrome plating technology is 10x more durable than the last generation of Evolve Controller Covers
*Larger, further clarified instructions included in every kit, as well as the tools needed for disassembling the wired or wireless controller.
*Improved package design is cleaner and takes up less space.

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xboxftw3887d ago

Wont it become sticky or slippery with sweat? I woudnt' go for it. Cuz with 5-6 hours continuos play hands become sweaty.

Horny3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

not many people want to risk their x box over heating playing that long. I damn sure wont leave it on for more than 2 hrs so that wont be a problem.

Looks good, but unnecessary unless you have kids running around.

marichuu3887d ago

Mine often runs for 7-8 hours, and I haven't had any problems :>
Only problem I've ever had with my 360 since launch is a game (Ninety-Nine Nights) freezing twice.

xboxftw3887d ago


I agree with mari, i play cod4 daily online for 4-5+ hours. Since it got back repaired 6 months back i haven't had any problems.

gaffyh3887d ago

The normal 360 controller is durable enough.

jollygoodchap83887d ago

that was my thoughts exactly.

They are very sturdy, but I guess it doesn't hurt to have a controller that can reflect bullets...

The army should have waited for these instead.

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marichuu3887d ago

I want one. Hand- AND eye-candy :>

xboxftw3887d ago

Well, i guess with matching 360 chrome face plate it will make chicks want to touch it.

marichuu3887d ago

That tells me more about the chicks than the faceplate xD

Herbert tholdpervert3887d ago

i am just gonna stick with my pink Controller :)

3887d ago
G4drake3887d ago

OK,now i have a question.


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The story is too old to be commented.