Why mobile gaming is bigger than you think

MWEB GameZone writer, James Wernich takes a look at why mobile gaming may very well be bigger than what he had anticipated. Is mobile gaming going to compete with other handhelds, or will it simply be a social gaming tool?

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PandaMcBearface1807d ago

To be honest, I think it's going to stay a social gaming thing. Personally I think that bigger is better :D

HanCilliers1807d ago

I've been saying for ages, mobile gaming is The Thing. It's easier, more convenient, more comfortable, much better prices etc etc.

HoldenZA1807d ago

I really don't enjoy mobile gaming. I mean temple run, plants vs zombies, fruit ninja and even angry birds didn't tickle my fancy.

I can see how people can enjoy them, its just not my cup of tea.