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Submitted by DPAD Dave 774d ago | news

PS4 bundle prices reduced by Amazon

Amazon has reduced the price of its PlayStation 4 console bundles, lowering the price of its six hardware options by £5-£20. (PS4)

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Wizziokid  +   774d ago
awesome I'm on bundle 5 so that's some extra money for another game
Cloudyday71  +   774d ago
Sony adjusted the price of the bundles because of more favorable exchange rates and is one of the few decent companies that have passed on the savings to their customers. Big props to them.

Sadly, some British retailers including ShopTo and Simply Games are using it as an opportunity to scalp so they are keeping the difference in profit.

PS4 Mega Bundle at Amazon is £429
PS4 Mega Bundle at Grainger Games is £439
PS4 Mega Bundle at ShopTo is £450

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nukeitall  +   774d ago
I think that is an incorrect assesment.

When exchange rates are increasing at a disadvantage to the retailer, does the retailer increase the cost?

Amazon is a great company and I love them, but I don't think it is fair to only look at it at a lack of benefit to consumers, without considering the business as well.
Eonjay  +   774d ago

No... I think Amazon just has the better deal.
indysurfn  +   774d ago
@nukeitall No you are being fooled by the misleading exchange rate excuses. Many companies try to hide behind an exchange rate. I know all about exchange rates from writing computer programs for our oversees division, and from trading currencies, and from friends that live oversees.
And they ARE keeping the profit. The truth is the exchange rate has already been factured in most of the time weeks ahead of time. In Most cases a 7% change (not in your companies favor) has been anticipated. If your familiar, a 7% change rarely occurs in a year!

When a company gets caught gauging in only a few countries, they will use the exchange rate as a excuse like Microsoft did. Because they know most people don't know how simple the exchange rate is. But people in the United states are usually not as aware of the ripoff that is going on. The exchange rate already takes the exchange differences in (with a cushion, built in). This is Simply price gauging! Nothing else.

Take the Amazon deal, drop the simplygames, or shopto preorder. And they will stop doing it. Or you can keep defending them, and they will keep punking you. One more thing complain! And they will respect it! And stop!
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mewhy32  +   774d ago
The PS4 is already crushing the bone. This should finish off the 1980's VCR prism "window into the living room"
ninavoljic  +   773d ago
The deals are pretty much what BJ's is offering in U.S:
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boneso82  +   774d ago
Anyone know when we can expect next gen game reviews to start going up? A week before launch maybe? That's gonna build the hype even more, and my excitement!
nosferatuzodd  +   774d ago
mike32UK  +   774d ago
This is great news! I really want a bundle with watch dogs, an extra controller and the camera!
Majin-vegeta  +   774d ago
Now if they would only bring that bundle to the U.S i would change my preorder.
Soldierone  +   773d ago
Was thinking the same thing lol, I really badly want to change my bundle, but don't want to lose my spot in line.
shahab91  +   774d ago
That's great =)
skydragoonity  +   774d ago
Another one up for the ps4
MyFeetHurt  +   774d ago
boy its needs it this time around.

remember how ps3 was $700. i remember.
meganick  +   774d ago
I remember the premium model being $600.
MyFeetHurt  +   774d ago
alright you win.

boy its needs it this time around.

remember how ps3 was $600. i remember.

*yeah still sounds fail
WeAreLegion  +   774d ago
$500 actually. Same price as the Xbox One. Only the 60 Gb model was $600.
SirBradders  +   774d ago
This is good marketing for amazon makes you want to buy more from them.
HighResHero  +   774d ago
I've heard they will even take a hit sometimes in order to get new customers and/or crush competition. A tactic that's worked well with other massive retailers.
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MyFeetHurt  +   774d ago
so sell for a loss... everyone buy from you... then... uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
boeso  +   774d ago
Volkama  +   774d ago
Price cuts before launch, this console is clearly struggling to sell /s
Brix90  +   774d ago
Do you feel fine? Because your comment is completely delushional.
Benjammin25  +   774d ago
To be fair, he's being sarcastic.
Brix90  +   774d ago
Then I apologize must of read it wrong, I'm on my phone.
Volkama  +   774d ago
Just to clarify, definitely sarcastic.

I'm fairly certain they're enjoying a strong launch window, and not cutting the price through any desperation :)
MyFeetHurt  +   774d ago
it clearly needs to avoid the fiasco that was the $700 ps3 fail.
WeAreLegion  +   774d ago
$500..just like Xbox One.
rustyspoon80  +   774d ago
Why cant I see these bundles on Amazon? Are they only for those that pre-ordered the standard console.

I've pre-ordered through Zavvi and their bundles are still prices at £999.99.
stavrami  +   774d ago
thats there final price :-//
KwietStorm  +   774d ago
Their prices are what? I don't know whether to be angry at that or disappointed that you paid it.
rustyspoon80  +   773d ago
I've not got one of the bundles. I've only got a standard machine so far. Thats priced at £348.95, and then cashback.
stavrami  +   774d ago
the fact im picking mine up at 12 midnight is well worth paying the extra £20 pound .thx u game
nirwanda  +   774d ago
And what if amazon ship early like alot of online retailers do.x
stavrami  +   774d ago
The downvoters are strong on this 1 young padawan
Mikelarry  +   774d ago
i really want that mega bundle but shopto has not offered me this at all. bah now i wish i had pre-ordered from amazon now
monkey602  +   774d ago
Some retailers havent offered upgrades yet because two sony bundles are still to be announced at the end of october. It saves them contacting you twice and wasting time. However if you are interested in the mega bundle i would make that aware to them if i were you
Mikelarry  +   774d ago
thanks a user on twitter asked them about this (mega bundle) and they advised users who had pre-orderd will be contacted soon that was 2 weeks ago.

in other ps4 news are uk users not worried that sony has still not confirmed RRP for games in the uk.
sigfredod  +   774d ago
come on amazon us give us that $5 discount too, lol
captain_slow82  +   774d ago
a deal with ps+ would be nice imo
bjmartynhak  +   774d ago
Love Amazon UK, they also gave me the special editon of Beyond two Souls for 32 quids only. I had the standard edition pre-ordered and they simply upgraded it. Awesome!
Lockon  +   774d ago
Ok...I am so f***ing tired of it always being Europe.

*Clicks PS+ Article* EUROPE!

F*** that s***.
dids  +   774d ago
november 29th cant come quick enough.
Campy da Camper  +   774d ago
Oh man that right. You guys gotta wait extra 14 days. LAME. :-(
dids  +   773d ago
yh unfortunately u ladies and gents get to expierience it before us,we have to wait to get our hands all over it.
JuniorCE  +   774d ago
What about United States? :-(
MyFeetHurt  +   774d ago
we got freedom.

their cops dont even have guns-
avangerironman  +   774d ago
anyone still want to order ps4 for 29 nov try this wesite in uk its new they started pre ordering ps4 yesterday :)
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   774d ago
I am all sorted but for others benifit have you used them and verified legit? while the site looks solid the whois has it registerd to a flat in deepest north london. No disrespect meant to the site I big thumbs up anyone for doing a startup but my many years of ebaying has just taught me to be cautious of sites etc who dont seem to have a proper business address. The sites contact address is also a house but having said that they wouldnt put it up if they were not legit would they?
Smoey  +   774d ago
Game are still selling at full price.

I've got the KZ bundle at £399.99 so I'm saving nothing really. However, I get to pick it up at 00:00 so I don;t mind.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   774d ago
Keep in mind that Amazon are tax dodgers. They are just passing on some of that tax dodging to you.
JohnHeatz  +   774d ago
I wish I could get a PS4 with these prices...importing them here cost about the same price as the console, plus some other taxes make it really...really expensive to get one
PickAShoe  +   774d ago
hmmm let me guess, it sold out....
deadfrag  +   774d ago
Had my pre-order on bundle nº2 but amazon support is great and i was able to change from nº2 to nº5 . £20 cheaper made my mind change.This will get me this bundle at 507€ if my homeland saler dont release any bundle i will pick this one from if they do than i will see were is better price wise.
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DivineAssault  +   774d ago
i wish the US would get that killzone bundle
NateCole  +   774d ago
Love Amazon. Love using their AWS as well.
vikMage  +   774d ago
I want my PS4!
Shadow-King  +   773d ago
Will i be able to change my bundle again now? I just chose the kz and bf4 bundle but I wanted the camera and 2 x controllers. Seeing as that is now the price I was going to pay before will I get that option? I will be contacting them!

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