Beyond: Two Souls, It's a Game

With the release of Quantic Dreams latest Video Game Beyond: Two Souls has come some rather odd reactions from the players. People have started to crucify not only the game or the company but on a more personnel level, David Cage.

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1771d ago
Soldierone1771d ago

Great article, will be reading some more!

Pancit_Canton1771d ago

It would not be on PLAYstation if it's not.

Spore_7771771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

It would be nice if N4G actually read the articles prior to posting them here, let alone approving them in the first place.

Why? Because gaming gets such a bad rap already that if we cannot even proof-read our articles, how can we truly defend our passion as an intelligent form of interactive art?

"His proud of
his and his teams creation and too be honest, I would be too."

I know typos are bound to happen but come on, correct them before your article goes live!

serpentine191771d ago

Fixed it. Don't know how i missed it. :\

Soldierone1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Why complain on this specific article about that? One typo, I've seen other that got hot and still had nothing but typos. I also enjoyed this article since they took the time to research things, find quotes, and back up their opinions. Can't say that about a lot of sites that post here beyond the stereotypical news story.

Hazmat131771d ago

just finished it like 5 min ago. al i can say is this game is a pain in the ass the camera is annoying the gameplay is meh. but i was still happy at the end i got. soooo 8/10

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