Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is Amazon's best-selling game of all-time

Amazon has released a list of its best-selling products as part of its fifteenth birthday celebrations, revealing that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the retailer's highest selling game of all time.

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ritsuka6661807d ago ShowReplies(2)
ifritAlkhemyst1807d ago

Wow, that is just sad. Like, I mean, really sad. Really, really sad.

I don't even dislike the CoD series, but come on people.

HammadTheBeast1807d ago

Don't worry, I'm sure GTA V will have something to say to that.

ritsuka6661806d ago

GTA V is just another mainstream casual game. i just don't get you point...

[email protected] bookmark my comment like immature -__-

MyFeetHurt1807d ago

wow if you think thats sad google image this:

"starving africa"

cod 2 was the most fun in 2009. it deserves its sales.

ifritAlkhemyst1807d ago

I prefer to google image female castration, thank you very much.

xHoii1807d ago

Sad?.. you do know people dislike what came after MW2, not MW2, that game was a ton of fun, if not for a few unbalanced aspect of the MP it would have been perfect.. I am a big fan of COD and BF, but have enough time to play every other good game that's not a FPS.. the biggest let down of the codseries was MW3 i mean I am a big fanboy but oh boy was that game shitttt, it was an exact copy of MW2, but for some reason it was 100x more boring.

venom061807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

who cares?? what's the purpose of this article? oh wait, that's right.. time to get that CoD fanboy hype train rollin i guess..

ifritAlkhemyst1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

To illustrate one of the many reasons you don't find much innovation within your favorite hobby.

MyFeetHurt1807d ago

ummmmm i weave baskets.

gaming is hobby #2.


xHoii1807d ago

It was Amazon's 15th anniversary so they announced their top 15 best selling games... Why contribute to the 'hype train' by pressing on this and leaving a comment? OH! WAIT, YOU'RE ANOTHER HATER? :0 seriously tho go back to playing the games you like and stop trying to influence everyone not to buy or get hyped for a certain entertainment title, give up already.

venom061807d ago

whoooo... someone sounds butthurt much.. relax bro.. CoD can survive without you.. no need to stroke it like that... gosh..

xHoii1806d ago

Me? Hurt?.. Naaa it's you that's hurt 'bro'.
Why you even jealous of CODs success? I know you wouldn't be working at no game company.. if you were I'd suppose your bosses would make you play some COD and try recode some aspects and mechanics into your game.. every other FPS tried to, no ones hurt, even if only 1 thousand people buy the game, I couldn't care less because I know I'd have fun throughout the year playing with my friends.. if anyyhing inbox me, as you could see bubbles are all used.. but for now RUN ALONG!

ape0071807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

MW2 is the last great CoD game and one of my fav games ever in this gen, well deserved, a masterful FPS game with an unforgettable atmosphere/intensity/gameplay/ replay value/soundtrack (as well as CoD 4/CoD2)

u can never replicate the old IW magic, MW3 felt bland in comparison

cannot wait for titanfall

HammadTheBeast1807d ago

MW2 was a great game, if the legal trouble hadn't stopped the patches, it would've been amazing.

MidnytRain1807d ago

It's funny you say that. After MW2 released is when the hate for the series started to pick up. Lots of rage I remember.

Chard1807d ago

From memory it was the first COD game to not have dedicated servers on PC.
I do have fond memories of the PS3 version however. Much better than MW3.

MyFeetHurt1807d ago

yeah this particular CoD deserves its sales.

it was 2009!

papashango1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

MW2 had great potential. PC Gamers were still on board with COD back then.

Until they announced IWNet and no dedicated servers. Still remember how bummed I was and never bought it until I saw it on steam for $15.

Promod Cod 4 is still the best COD I've enjoyed to date.

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