'F1 2014': How Codemasters is approaching next-generation consoles

Codemasters has discussed how it is approaching the next-generation edition of F1 2014.

Game director Paul Jeal said that it was decided to not do DLC for this year's F1 game because the content wouldn't contribute to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of next year's release.

F1's next generation future has been discussed by Codemasters.

"Anything that we would do as DLC then couldn't be used in 2014, so [extra content in F1 2013 is] probably not something that we're going to look at," he told Digital Spy.

"The amount of technical infrastructure that we need to do as a company and we're choosing to do to get ourselves properly set up for next-gen... One of the guys was talking earlier about, are the games jumping to get 60 frames per second on next-gen?

"I think we would definitely be in that situation if we were trying to make the leap onto next-gen this year."

Jeal said the team's decision to wait for Xbox One and PS4 was similar to the franchise's debut on current generation systems, with its entry F1 game debuting first on Wii, then Xbox 360 and PS3 a year later.

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