Wii Game Sales Weak?

There's no denying that Nintendo sits atop videogame system sales with the Wii, however an article in today's New York Times notes it's the Wii game (software) sales that are lacking. The article notes a sharp drop in Super Smash Bros. Brawl sales, with retailers such as Toys R Us bundling the game with the Wii system and a GameStop store reporting sales dropping from "a couple thousand" in the first week to "maybe 100" in the weeks following. No doubt, hardcore fans swooped it up in the first week, as March 2008 NPD numbers show. But are Wii owners supporting the system's library enough?

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PS360WII3886d ago

meh. Wii sales are much better than GC sales so far so not to weak.

Bleucrunch3886d ago

I barely play the wii since I got brawl. Actually I bought my wii on the day that brawl released and I still dont play it much at all. During a 7 day week I might play it once if I am lucky enough to remember to do so. The wii has not games that appeal to me, I will not buy mario kart wii because at this point I can see that Nintendo is just remaking this games which is really annoying if you think about it.

PS360WII3886d ago

I've been playing the Wii more than the others for the past month or so. There hasn't been anything out but on the Wii for me at least. I've been playing Opoona, Baroque, and Okami just resently along with Brawl still playing Dragon Quest Swords and Fire Emblem. PS3 I play GT5P but only in small bursts and 360 I'll pop in Lost Odyssey every once in a while. Yet for a good while it's been back and forth between Wii and DS. Lots of games for the DS I'm playing too :)

ChickeyCantor3886d ago

one disagreed with you....LOGIC FAILURE * head explodes*

Xiru3886d ago

This is normal. It has been stated many times by many different sources, the most recent being the Epic president that the Wii is selling because of curiosity. Once a person buys it, they usually find that it gets boring after a little while. I know that I haven't touched my Wii since Brawl came out. Most gamers will go to the 360/PS3 to get their gaming fix. Its the casual market who is buying the Wii, and they really aren't big game buyers.

Xiru3886d ago

Yep I study charts all the time. Casual and 1st party titles rule the charts. Typical of Nintendo sytems.

nirwanda3886d ago

sorry xiru it wasn't meant as it may have sounded, I think the problem devs have with the wii they don't understand that the hardcore gamers do own wii's but also have a 360/PS3 it's like the DS they need to have better unique idea's then it will sell by the bucket load.

Why would a port of a next gen game sell

BrotherNick3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

From Nirwanda: "hardcore gamers do own wii's but also have a 360/PS3 it's like the DS they need to have better unique idea's" Don't you think Nintendo has created Wii Sports and Wii Fit? Those are quite unique ideas. It's the other developers who are having trouble making sales for the wii...their "backwards looking design teams" is the real problem...I think the wii was made to change perceptions of what a game is, or can be.

From Xiru: "Casual and 1st party titles rule the charts." Shouldn't games be for everyone? I don't think the industry should ostracize other groups of people to gaming. If they didn't make the market bigger there would be less reason for gaming overall, because if you seen the trends of how many were gaming from the snes up, you would see that less people were playing games, therefore less revenue, therefore less games. I put money that many casual gamers will start craving more hardcore type games...not many, but a good enough amount. You have to realize that most people aren't as obsessed as we are.

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BeaArthur3886d ago

I could have told you this. The Wii doesn't have very many good games and they don't really appeal to the hardcore gamer. As a result there target market consists of people who do not buy lots of games (recreational users) and little kids (who rely on their parents to buy the games). I like Metriod, Zelda, Mario Kart and Mario Galaxy, they are all great games but that equals 4 games in the year and a half the system has been out.

KingJFS3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Super Smash Bros Brawl sold 2.7 million copies in March. No PS3 game has ever sold that many in America and only three Xbox 360 games have (Halo 3, Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War).

To say that Wii sales are "weak" after a game becomes the fourth best-selling game of this generation is moronic.

BeaArthur3886d ago

Game sales is plural meaning not just one game. Super Smash Brothers may have trounced other game sales but go look at the statistics of Wii game sales as a whole.

Voiceofreason3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

I have and they are just fine over all. Even the shovel ware is managing some decent sales. Wii is constantly in the top spot when it comes to the amoun of software sold. Whats really sad is 5 minutes at looking at NPD data is all it took to see this guy was full of it. ALso to the person above. They specifically mentioned SSBB. Sales for that game are fine compared to many other games that arent being called failures. Someone even tried to say SMG was a failure and it has arounf 4-5 million sold now.

KingJFS3886d ago

OK fine.

In 29 months, 36 titles have sold more than a million copies worldwide on the Xbox 360. (monthly average = 1.2)

In 17 months, 25 titles have sold more than a million copies worldwide on the Wii. (monthly average = 1.5)

In 17 months, 12 titles have sold more than a million copies worldwide on the PS3. (monthly average = 0.7)

While none of the consoles are doing bad, the numbers clearly show the *PS3* software sales underperforming, not the Wii.

BeaArthur3886d ago

Voiceofreason...decent sales aren't going to cut it. By comparison the 360 and the PS3 sell more games overall. I own all 3 and by far more games for the PS3 and 360.

BeaArthur3886d ago

KingJFS...maybe but the author is not strictly talking about games that sell over a million. You seem reasonably intelligent so you probably know as I do that numbers can be manipulated to say whatever you want them to say. I'm not calling the Wii a bad console I'm just saying as a whole their game library lacks in appeal.

KingJFS3886d ago

"I'm not calling the Wii a bad console I'm just saying as a whole their game library lacks in appeal."

And I'm saying that sales numbers do not bore out that opinion. You're right, numbers can be manipulated, and that has happened often in this console war. But that is not what's happening here.

Look at the VGChartz listings for US sales between the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

For the Wii...
Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 is at number 50 with 196K
Four more pages of Wii games follow.

For the PS3...
Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 is at number 50 with 174K
Two more pages of PS3 games follow.

For the Xbox 360...
The Simpsons Game is at number 50 with 454K
Four more pages of Xbox 360 games follow.

I don't say this to bash the PS3, but worldwide and American sales clearly label it as "weak" saleswise, not the Wii.

BeaArthur3886d ago

KingJFS...Again he is referring to overall sales for the console not isolated games. We'll jsut have to disagree on this one. I'm talking about the crappy games no one buys, not the Zelda's and Mario's.

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Voiceofreason3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Lot of incorrect stuff in that article, or just outright spin. Just pulled up VGchatz and noticed that SSBB was number 1...yeah being the number 1 selling game is really something to be worried about.Also the last official thing I read had GH3 on Wii outselling all other versions of the game and thats will a recall. I guess he missed the part where they lost 6 weeks of sales for shipping with mono sound.Hell just looking at th NPD for game sales shows he is completely wrong "Over the first three months of the year, only three other Wii titles broke the list of top 10 best-selling games compiled by the NPD Group, a market research firm: Super Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero III and Wii Play," I think he needs to actually read the NPD data. Jan has 5 Wii games in the top 10. Feb has 4 and MArch as 5 again.. When you consider the 360,PS3,DS, and PSP are all trying to have games there getting 5 of them isnt a bad thing at all.

PS360WII3886d ago

not to meantion last NPD results shows 1 Wii game selling more then all PS3 software for the month... just sayin

Xiru3886d ago

Think about the install base though, Wii has almost 24 million consoles in homes. 360 is 18 million and still gives the Wii a run for its money in software. The best selling Wii games are also casual games, aside from the 1st party games. Taken in context, the 360 sells a broader range of games than the Wii, and the Wii has a bigger install base.

Voiceofreason3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Let me give it to you another way...... Number of 360's in US 11,498,994:Number of Wii's in the US 10,350,259:
Yearly software sales for 360=16,431,522: Yearly sales for Wii software
16,052,740. Even with a million console lead the 360 is only outselling the Wii in software by 430k. You can pull a certain number off just to make the 360 look better like pulling the top 20 only and making it look bad but do the whole top 50 and Wii comes out on top every time. Also notice from your own list that GH3 for Wii is higher on that list than GH3 for 360.. Of 22 games on Wii that all sold over 1 million 9 of them are 3rd party. So again dude you are wrong.You seriously need to look into this stuff more before you speak. If 9 3rd party games have all sold over 1 million on WIi then it isnt just the first party stuff thats selling.

Xiru3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

K, just to prove to you that 360 is selling more per week, here is the list of last weeks top 20 games. The 360 has 7 games in the top 20, Wii has 6. Of the 6 Wii games, 5 are 1st party. Care to tell me that 360 isn't selling more 3rd party games again?

Top 20 for this week:
1)Smash - Wii
2)Wii Sports - Wii
3)Cod4 - 360
4)Wii Play - Wii
5)Vegas 2 - 360
6)Crisis Core - PSP
7)Army of Two - 360
8)More Brain Training - DS
9)Galaxy - Wii
10)GH3 - Wii
11)New Super Mario - DS
12)Rock Band - 360
13)Dark Sector - 360
14)Cod4 - PS3
15)Mario Party - DS
16)Pokemon - DS
17)GH3 - 360
18)GoW - PSP
19)MLB 2k8 - 360
20)Links Crossbow training - Wii

Also, total software sales were:

360: 837,860
Wii: 766,150

Oh and on the topic of 1 million more 360's in the US than Wii, how do we know that 1 million people aren't waiting for their 360 to come back from having RRoD? :) 30% of 10 mil = 3 million.

PS360WII3886d ago

so Xiru are you saying 1st party doesn't count? Close numbers considering that the 360 has more units in US.

Xiru3886d ago

I'm just saying, that MS is selling more software all around. Nintendo is only selling 1st party. Which is typical of ANY Nintendo system. And I believe it will stay this way.

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