Reality Check - Why Do We Care About Fictional Characters?

Ever felt moved by the plight of a video game character and wondered why? Cam investigates in this weeks Reality Check.

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JsonHenry1801d ago

No. But a good story is a good story.

sigfredod1801d ago

Becuase just a few games manage to suck you in so much on the story or gameplay, that at the end you actually care about the luck of the character your are using or helping, those games that achieve it are great

king_george1801d ago

Its a testament to the talent of the writters and voice actors :) ive felt moved by games like bioshock, the last of us, final fantasy games, etc,. If a game can immerse you so much that you actually care about fictional characters it doesnt make you crazy... it simply means the devs did one hell of a job well done

Neixus1801d ago

Could say the same about movies, because it's emotional.

Jovanian 1801d ago

I feel that if a character is shoe-horned onto the player in terms of forcing an emotional connection, it fails. You know, those relationships where its implied you're supposed to like/love/care for the character because they are your son or something, when in reality I, the player, just met them 2 seconds ago

I prefer when characters meet for the first time that the player meets lee meeting clem or ellie meeting joel. You actually build a connection to them yourself, and aren't shoehorned into liking them, and overall how much you care about that fictional character is greater

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