Iwata: “Nintendo is not good at competing,” so must offer something different

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has given a speech regarding his views on the company’s standing and future as it continues to make Wii U a success. He has stressed that simply copying the competition is not Nintendo’s style, and that he isn’t afraid of failure.

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thehobbyist1742d ago

Offering something different is competing you fools.

rambi801742d ago

Its the context of the conversation. He means that they cant compete in the same areas (eg graphically)but can compete effectively by bringing to market something new and unseen.

Rhaigun1742d ago

When is Nintendo going to realize the console isn't the problem. It's the lack of games.

AsimLeonheart1742d ago


The lack of games is because of the console. IF the Wii U was powerful on a PS4/Xbone level and traditional (no tablet) then it would also have been getting all the multiplatform games. As a result, Wii U would not have been starving for games and selling so poorly. A first party cannot possibly release games continuously throughout the lifespan of a console. Third party is essential for backup and mass success.

mcstorm1742d ago

@AsimLeonheart I have to disagree with you on this one. Even if the WiiU was as powerful as the Xbox one and PS4 sales would still be poor for the console and 3rd party would be dropping support like they have started too.

No one buys a Next gen console for 3rd party games that are on current gen consoles. Look at the 3rd party lineup on the WiiU and you will see that it got half ass ports. Fifa, Batman ect all had parts of the 360 and PS3 games missing from them.

People jump to next gen at the start for 1st party games and if you look at comments on this site people are jumping to xbox one and PS4 for Forza 5, Ryse, KZ, Driver Club ect not Fifa, COD, BF ect.

Now the WiiU is getting games Like Windwaker, Wonderful101, Mario 3D, Sonic Lost World, Mario Kart ect sales will pickup for the WiiU.

If you look back at the 3DS/DS/PS3 sales you will see the sales of all 3 don't pickup until they have a solid list of 1st party games.

AsimLeonheart1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )


I agree and disagree with you at the same time. I agree that first party games play a major role in people's decision regarding what platform they will buy but I disagree that third party do not play any role at all. Third party games help eliminate the droughts between first party releases. People do not buy consoles that only have third party games but people also do not buy consoles that only have first party games. Fans who love Nintendo first party games enough will buy the Wii U just for them but people who want to play MGS5, Dragon Age 3, Elder Scrolls 6, CoD, Battlefield, Witcher 3, Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF15 will not buy the Wii U if they are not interested enough in the Nintendo first party. That leaves a very small group of people who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a handful of Nintendo first party titles alone. A console that has both first party and third party will always be better than the one that has just one of those. Majority of the people will buy the most "complete" and "well-rounded" console that gives them the most bang for their buck. I hope you understand my point.

Rhaigun1741d ago

That explanation would work if the console was just coming out. But, it's been on the market for almost a year and is more powerful than the 360. However, it still doesn't get many multiplats. The console would run them. Therefore, it's the lack of games.

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Eonjay1742d ago

How have the shareholders allowed this man to continue leading its company.

lilbroRx1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Intelligently. Last I checked, Nintendo was still posting profit.

How much did Sony make/lose last gen and how much did Nintendo?

When shareholders runs a company, that company dies.

rambi801742d ago

He oversaw the most successful nintendo handheld and home console in history. One bad year is no reason to fire someone.

When the 3ds was struggling i said that they should drop 3d and make the console cheaper. Everyone disagreed, but at least he saw the business sense of it, and they will make billions because of it.

i'm just waiting for the inevitable axing of the gamepad. Then i will get a wiiU.

The_Villager1742d ago

He has had much more success than either sony's or xbox's CEO's so I don't know what you're talking about.

gedden71742d ago

Lets name a few

DS (Line up)
Wii (Fastest selling gaming console EVER)

The 3DS is dominating right now as I type. The Wii U is shaky now but it has already sold close to 5 million units in one year if not more. So what do you think is gonna happen this holiday season and when more games are released??

Remember Wii Fit is a BIG property even though I'm not into it, but I still recognize that and that is being released next month or the end of this one.

So what are you talking about?
Get your game up!

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gedden71742d ago

Not exactly... I feel like offering the same thing but trying to one up the other with the same stuff is competing.

Example: 2 football players can compete to win a game but can Basketball and Football player compete to win a football game? No! Only thing that matters is what sport the viewer enjoys watch..

N4g_null1742d ago

Sony and ms are goig broke trying to crame tech into a box that will cuase devs to over spend on production while still not selling as well. This means more studios will close more sequels will be made and a general stagnation of the industry. That is the wrong thing to compete with, whos going to go broke faster.

to use your sports analogy, what happens if a team over spends on players and doesnt win, attendance goes down along with revenue cuasing that team to move or be shut down.

gedden71742d ago


Great point!! I too see this as a business problem that no one seems to get. Great points!!!

Rhaigun1741d ago


That's why they went with the x86 architecture this gen. Easier to develop for.

Chrischi19881742d ago

You people do not understand what he means by that.

Xbox360 and PS3 offered almost the same thing, they competed against each other, while the Wii were in a league of its own and outsold everything that way.

But hate em, hate is the best ad.

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rambi801742d ago

"Nintendo is not good at competing so we always have to challenge [the status quo] by making something new, rather than competing in an existing market.”

This may be true, but if you expect people to fork out $300 for one of 3 consoles, there are certain elements that you must accept and incorporate into your console.

One glaring omission is that of media capabilities. No blu ray player? Seriously?

Gemmol1742d ago

I do not think that is necessary everyone have a ps3 for that or a real bluray player....but I guess for some they want all in one so I can see why you would want it.....I am just glad they let you use your own hard people remember xbox 360 price to get a bigger hard drive or sony price for vita memory card...I got a 1 tb on sale for 50 dollars I am set for life in this generation.....

rambi801742d ago

Very true about the hard drive. i'm hoping for a PS4 without hard drive one day for cheaper ($350?), but based on the price of the 12 gig ps3, i don't think it would matter much in the pricing.

The vita memory issue is depressing. I skipped killzone because of a day 1 1.2 gig patch. I stopped all stars because of a 800 mb patch.

Gemmol1742d ago

Nintendo do well at what they do.....which is give an experience not found on others.....I love my ps3 it was the only system I had last gen, but I never loved it the way I love my Wii U.....playing on the Gamepad is the best thing ever in the world.....playing while my cousins watch TV or while people play on my ps3 is so beautiful to me....I heard Vita can do the same but Wii U is more comfortable to use, but I will still get a Vita to try with ps4 once they got more games I want so far theres only one vita game I like, while 3ds had 20 I want, well 19 now since my friends got me a 3ds saturday with pokemon I am in 3ds heaven right now my next game on the list fire emblem then tales of abyss....not to get off topic but Miiverse is so freaking good I wish ps4 copy but they did not....but regardless I love my Wii U this is my opinion others may feel different but I have no loyalty to systems, so I can experience everything

BobBelcher1742d ago

I don't see this comment section going over well.

Kalebninja1742d ago

this is complete bullshit they can compete graphically if they wanted to they just dnt feel like they need to but they have everything they need now for there next consoles all they need to work on is graphics

rambi801742d ago

When new super mario brothers outsold the galaxy games 3:1, Nintendo, sadly, thought otherwise. And who can blame them? Graphics alone dont sell software.

They want to keep development costs down for as long as possible. They gamble on the Hardware but play it very safe on the software front.

lilbroRx1742d ago

The GPU is actually pretty comparable to the Xboxones.

The graphics of the console are not a problem.

Kalebninja1742d ago

i know the graphics on wii u is fine but you know who doesnt? most consumers and 3rd party developers...hell wii u isnt getting ff 15 and kh3 and alot of other games because of that

N4g_null1742d ago

Developers know..... the api isnt as widely known. I was expecting open gl and got nintendo secret sauce. Once you are in it though and not using unity you start really pusing things.

Look at it like this. It ports old code pretty well yet to push the system you have to use the libraries under unity to code to the metal. Lots of high level c++ there.

Its very similar to the ps3 problem, yet the porting issue is fixed within ram. Give devs another year or so and they will know every trick nintendo put in there. Unless retro or some other 2nd party figures out how to offer a better engine with pre built effects, much like what crytek is offering on the wiiu.

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