\MSI R9 280X Gaming 3G - MSI's First AMD Gaming Card

Hardwarezone: Following last week's AMD R9 280X launch and HWZ , we take MSI's R9 280X graphics card for a spin. The MSI R9 280X Gaming 3G card is the first AMD-based product from the company’s Gaming series.

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MyFeetHurt1737d ago

does not compute.

i has an msi 7950 in my pc since 2 years ago.

what does first amd gaming card mean?

MyFeetHurt1737d ago

oh GAMING series is a branding thing. got it.

read before comment kids.

Bolts1737d ago

This isn't a big enough upgrade from my 670 GTX. Bring on the 290X or lower the price of the 780 GTX. I need to upgrade for 1440p :(

B-radical1737d ago

Id wait it out till next year if you can man nvidia is releasing there new stuff so it will be nice to compare at that stage

Bolts1737d ago

Initially my plan was to not upgrade and live off the PS4 but now that nextgen consoles can't even do 1080p consistently I'm starting to feel the upgrade itch again.

Volkama1736d ago

I'm the same, I've got the upgrade itch.

I've got 4k gaming dreams, and a couple of R9 290x cards would probably cope. I wont have the screen for year or 2, so I should really wait but the itch is hard to ignore :)

LordDhampire1736d ago

Yeah Im waiting for that 290X at around 600 Ill buy

B-radical1736d ago

Agreed im craving to upgrade my gpu (560 ti!) ahah but im just gonna wait it out till next year no matter what

RVanner_1736d ago

@ Bolts

In the same position. Just going to sit tight with the PC until early next year and see how the PS4 is doing and decide then.