Watch Dogs Designer Talks Safe Houses, Cars, Economy, Weather, Interiors and More - AusGamers

AusGamers caught up with Ubisoft Montreal's Kevin Shortt to talk about how their open-world ticks.

The full interview discusses a range of things such as hard-fail scenarios and dynamic play, collecting cars, building a HQ with safe-houes, the in-game economy, side-missions, interiors, weather and much more.

From the interview:

"Wind is definitely a part of the game. What’s cool about this engine (Disrupt) is we have a full wind simulation. Now it doesn’t change the way you play, but what it does is it really brings some extra… like, the wind is dynamic, right, and it just helps to pull you in."

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1742d ago
MikeNike3101742d ago

Why would Ubisoft release Watch Dogs and AC IV at the same time? I really want both but most definitely cant afford both. I guess I'll just have to wait for the reviews.

MizTv1742d ago

I'm waiting for snow as part of the weather in a open world game
Like the start of gtav
But part of a cycle

mafiahajeri1742d ago

Wait for the division. Or batman arkham origins.

theXtReMe11742d ago

I also am a bit disappointed that there is no snow in watchdogs. I think it would be very cool if we could actually get seasons and random weather patterns in the game. But understand that adding snow adds a lot more headaches for the developer. Because then you have to take in to affect slippery surfaces for driving, footprints, building realtime depth, melting, etc....

Just a whole bunch of headaches I'm pretty sure they didn't want for their first game of the next generation. It was probably just enough to get it out for launch... as is.

Though, that doesn't stop me from wanting the snow in the game. I love snow in real life and love to see it while I'm gaming. We never had a game where snow realistically got deeper as the snow progressed. That is something I hope we see this generation. It adds a sense of reality to the game world and could actually change the way we play the game due to all of the issues that snow can cause.

It's not a gamebreaker, and I figured that we wouldn't have snow because we haven't seen any pictures or video of it up to this point. But a small part of me really wanted to see it and was hoping for the best.

One question that nobody ever asks in interviews, how persistent will the world be? If we kill a civilian in a dimly lit alley in the first five minutes of the game or destroy a billboard or something, will we come back 40 hours later and see that civilian lying dead or pieces of the billboard on the ground? Or will they just disappear like they do in this generation? Do any of our actions cause reactions in the game world? Beyond the reputation system, which seems to have little effect on the outcome of anything in the game.