You can still pre-order the PlayStation 4 and receive it on release day

After all the controversy surrounding the amount of PlayStation 4 units set to be available on release day, and with Sony stating earlier in the year on August 4th that pre-orders after that date may not be fulfilled, a new retailer has recently started taking pre-orders for release day.

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Majin-vegeta1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

We are literally 1 month and 1 day away from greatness in the U.S :D.

minimur121737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I know! I mentioned still have day one pre-orders avaliable, I got the killzone hard bundle with a years worth of PS Plus (included by shopto)

are the disagree fairys going to be in this article aswell? -.-

I said what bundle I got, disagree for that? and I also mentioned below you can get it on release day, disagree to that?

Sitdown1737d ago

You got disagrees because we all know that shopto canceled your preorder.... that is why they still have some available. ;-)

Shuyin1737d ago

It's just delusional Xbots that disagree with you for getting the superior console.
Greatness awaits, brother!

Fireseed1737d ago

I've got mine on lay away and all but why do I get the creepy feeling that you guys refer to it as some cult.

Greatness awaits oh brother brother, the truth of Cerny shall be know known to all.

nosferatuzodd1737d ago

This Is n4g look at my bubble count speaking the truth and Xbox defense force bubble you down

ShiranaiJittai1737d ago

Sadly you will never not get disagree's. I Don't mean you specifically either. I have followed the gaming industry off and on obsessively for over 20 years. I say off and on because internet vitriol of one form or another often makes me take a hiatus or completely abandon one site or another. I learned the hard way that it is never really going to go away. Some people seek juvenile pathetic glee from the most idiotic of troll like comments or behavior. I was told long ago to never feed the trolls. I disobey these words and feed them to eachother instead. Or poison or make them eat themselves. I troll trolls I guess you could say.

The "disagree fairies" you speak of are one of the less annoying categories of trolls you speak of. I would say eliminate 20-40% (depending on what you typed or responded to use your best judgement) of the disagrees and perhaps even agrees you receive on ANY comment you post ANYWHERE.

Actually on topic with the article itself. Pre-orders are deliberately and strategically staggered across different retailers worldwide with a big release like this. When you think about it it makes perfect sense. From when the system is first announced to right before release someone is heavily advertising and promoting your system even if someone else just ran out of it.

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3-4-51737d ago

Damn.... the closer it gets the more I want it.

Won't have enough money though. Hoping to get one in 2013 still though.

Magicite1737d ago

I feel sorry for those guys who are working at factories which make PS4 parts/assemble them - 24/7 work until launch day and beyond :D
Im kidding of course, but it might not be that far from truth.

UnholyLight1737d ago

****North America.

Why do Americans feel the need to be all hurrah hurrah USA release when it is releasing in NORTH AMERICA on November 15!!

Just sayin,

- Your friendly neighbour to the North ;)

boneso821737d ago

Awwwwww I know this is a UScentric site but please stop rubbing it in, I'm so gutted that we have to wait an extra 2 weeks in the UK. I have an uncle that lives in Vegas and I was seriously considering getting him to order one for me and use my UK shipping address, the costs didn't add up too well though, even though it should be around £250 and not £350 over here, stupid exchange rates!!!

I have been waiting patiently since February, clinging on to any new morsels I can find with new info about games and the system. I even had great anticipation for the Xbone reveal, that quickly turned into disappointment though. I just tried to keep my year in small segments, xbone reveal to E3, E3 to gamescom, gamescom to TGS, and now I'm on my last segment, TGS to PS4 release day!!!! This next 6 weeks is going to kill me!

1OddWorld1737d ago


I am right there with ya man clinging to every new article and bit of info I can get my hands on. It's been fun though.

Not to rub it in but Nov 15th for me as well. Hehe

boneso821737d ago

I'm actually looking forward to a week or so before the 15th coz that's when we will probably start seeing some next gen reviews and videos from the likes of IGN, Gamespot, Rev3 and the like... It's going to have me salivating, more than I am now... :)

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

No you cannot get one launch day.

Edit: If your looking to buy one now then about 5% chance.

Godlovesgamers1737d ago

You dont really have hobbies outside of gaming, do you? You sound like walking talking PS4 advertisement.

GarrusVakarian1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

So what if he has no other hobbies outside of gaming, is there a specific amount needed? Do you join some special club if you have more than one? It doesn't affect you in any way whatsoever.

Why are human beings so judgemental?

Only hobby gaming = lowlife
Many hobbies = outstanding member of society!

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minimur121737d ago still have their pre-orders open, multiple bundles aswell :)

Acquiescence1737d ago

UK here. I ordered mine on the day of Sony's Gamescom conference, so I was pretty late, but I got an email from Amazon some days ago alerting me that I was due a launch date delivery.

Thing is, I don't want a PS4 for launch, but rather for Christmas. The only reason I pre-ordered was because I expected the Euro release date to be October, not late November, and that if I left it too late I'd never get a console so hot in demand this year. So much for waiting on any post-launch deals!

Salooh1737d ago

Just don't unbox it if you don't want it in release date o.o . That way you can open it any time you want.

Godz Kastro1737d ago

Hmmmmm.... Must not be selling as well as they initially said.

Wizziokid1737d ago

Since when does over a millions pre-orders = not selling well?

Not sure if you're being serious or trolling here. you do know they can make more consoles right? and they are probably working around the clock to do this so they can;

A] Meet demand
B] Have more consoles for launch day

Majin-vegeta1737d ago

He's just mad cuz no one want's his 1980's vcr.

OT:He's a troll just bubble him down and move on.

Magicite1737d ago

C) kill ebay sellers (not literary :P)

garos821737d ago

yeah that's probably it kastro the consumers have done a 180 and decided to purchase the more expensive and weaker console.yay you will have more people to scream at online

5eriously1737d ago

Just bubbled down for trollin g. Hope everyone does the same! Sad Sack will remain Sad Sack for ever.

1OddWorld1737d ago

I don't care if people disagree I remember reading something about 3 million consoles for launch and 10 million by years end or fiscal quarter not sure on the last part.

Godz Kastro1737d ago

Wow...Why all te hate. I was just saying I thought it was sold out to the point you couldnt get a launch system. Apparently you can... Just saying...

tiffac0081737d ago

Bro, its one online store in the UK and according to the news the store began taking pre-orders yesterday.

You got to read the news and not only the headlines.

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