An interview with the South African eSports Association

The formation of SAESA is a result of the passion and care South African gamers have for the local eSports scene. MWEB GameZone writer, Stephanie Duchenne, caught up with founding member Anthony Nell to ask him a few questions about the organisation.

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HanCilliers1740d ago

I think it's great that we see another eSports organization in SA. I hope this will not divide the competitive community further, but that's most likely what will happen. We will keep a very close eye on the progress of the organisation. All the best!

GabeSA1740d ago

I agree with you Han, I believe that the MSSA and SAESA should rather work closely together to adopt a unique approach and governance of eSports within South Africa. I suppose healthy competition is always encouraged, as long as this isn't two organisations slinging negative comments about each other. I hope this will grow the expansive community to be greater rather than break it down.

DesVader1740d ago

Well, anyone who is willing to put the time in to grow the eSports in South Africa...