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MediaStinger: "with the last GTA being a bit too serious, and other open world games stepping their game up, Rockstar needed to create their best open world game yet to keep fans and critics happy… and they have."

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hard joe1621d ago

played for few hours
couldn't bring myself to continue

GinjaNinja1621d ago

another sad release of GTA sigh...

Hellsvacancy1621d ago

Its an awesome game, but it's not 10/10, why R* screwed up the driving is beyond me, the cars take too much damage, you can't aim whilst you drive, no Hardcore online mode (no skill in auto aim) and the challenges are far too easy in comparison to San Andreas

VonBraunschweigg1621d ago

Imo the driving is just fine, not as floaty as in GTA4, and you can aim whilst driving (L1 and right stick) just no auto-aim. Perfect for driveby's and getaways, spray-em with bullets. Cars take a lot of damage from bullets, yes, but on foot you can shoot the wheels and driver pretty easy, and when in the car myself, I don't mind it doesn't blow up that easy, I just love the sounds of bulletimpacts, windows breaking and the tyres when you get away. Cops are tougher, more aggressive.

Imo it's the best GTA game.

Hellsvacancy1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

As soon as you push L1 you start firing your weapon, you don't at all, all the older GTA games you could push L1 to aim, then when your ready you push R1 to fire, simple

GTAV L1 shoots and R1 handbrakes, you can also use X to handbrake, I should know, i've played the game enough

Pintheshadows1621d ago

Sorry HellsVacancy but that is exactly the same as it was in 4. And I don't think it is that difficult to adjust to at all.

Hellsvacancy1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

It's not the same, and i'm not the only one who's complaining in GTAIV L1 was for aiming R1 was for shooting X was for the handbrake

GTAV L1 to shoot AND aim, R1 AND X is for the handbrake, it's not hard to adjust to, it's just retarded, the old way was much better

Why the fu<k am I repeating myself


A lot of people didn't like the car handling in GTA4 which I think is why they made changes to GTA5. Having said that, the changes are not that much.

in fact it's mostly the sports cars and super cars that handle and feel very different. The suv's for example handle a lot more like gta4.

I think it took me about 5 min to get use to it, and I am someone who actually liked the driving in gta4.

Cars take too much damage? what do you mean, the cars take a lot less damage then they did in GTA4. A least even when they do take a lot of damage they still drive for a bit unlike gta4 where it would hardly take anything and the car would be on fire. it's a lot harder to go flying through the window as well.

I think the damage modeling was better in gta4, but you have to consider the online factor and how much more frustrating it would be if all it took was a few shots or bumbs and your car was constantly blowing up.

shooting out of the car, I agree, i do find it annoying. if you are a passenger then you can aim without shooting but as the driver it's frustrating. it's more annoying because you have 2 handbreaks when there is no need for two.

the game has had some serious issues. I got to rank 46 and a flat and spent a lot on modding cars and stuff and I lost it all. I have now had to start again from scratch and I have only just got past rank 50 now while most of my crew and friends are around the 80 to 100 mark.

the game may not be perfect but it's still a brilliant game and a great technical achievement for this gen.

even with it's horrible online start and the little imperfections here and there I would still give it a 10/10 over just about any other game I can think of. look at all the 10/10 that cod gets. they hardly even try with that game it still has online issues almost a year later.

if GTA5 does not deserve a 10, then certainly every other game should be dropped at least 1.5 points.

VonBraunschweigg1621d ago

I don't know if it's because I use "classic GTA" controls in GTAV, but when driving I use L1 to shoot and the right stick to aim. And because it takes about half a second or so before you start shooting, you do have a little time to aim, works fine for me. Auto-aim from inside the car is way to easy. You drive with the left stick, start shooting with L1, adjust your aim with the right stick and you still have R1 for the handbreak always available.

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Scrivlar1621d ago

Absolutely love it and compared to most games out there it knocks them out of the park!
I don't know what you have to do to get a 10/10 from the most critical of folk but I think GTA V would be an example of where to set the standard.

JCENAdaBest1621d ago

A 10/10 game is RE4, Bioshock 1, GTA San Andreas, COD4... why? Because RE4 done survival horror practically to perfection, had a great story etc Bioshock brought a brilliant story and a sense of mystery and great gameplay to a FPS (with a brilliant twist), GTA:SA brought top voice actors like Samuel L Jackson to a game with a great story, a rise from zero to hero for your fully custom character with plenty to do and loads of fun and great cheats. COD 4 brought refined gameplay and a story to the first real modern world war game with an online mode so good it was never seen before. GTA 5 brings great graphics sure, a reasonable story and good voice acting but it isn't much fun outside of the story, it is worse than San Andreas by a mile and your choices to character look and story are so limited it borders along the lines of pointless. An embarrassing online mode that even when works doesn't work with the bad player feature and no gangs, nothing to spend your money on and properties that are done worse than Vice City. - This is not the description of a 10/10 game.

KonsoruMasuta1621d ago

The online mode is reviewed separately.

Scrivlar1621d ago

I just don't think you want to like it or something I mean technically you're right by listing features that are better in S.A. but I could just as easily turn it the other way and say that S.A. never had a proper under water environment with submersibles, and it never had 3 characters for you to use with well spread lifestyles and personalities which you can jump in and out of in seconds thanks to a brilliant and cool switching system. The scale of S.A. is now pitiful in comparison to the size of the new map which when taken into consideration make the graphics pretty incredible really.
The combat and physics are a lot better now making for more comfortable gameplay with the addition of upgrades for guns. theres plenty of side missions, collectables, activities and easter eggs for you to do. but you wont be happy unless you can make them fat and theres a celebrity voice which by the way there isnt any need for as the voice actors were all brilliant and the writing was authentic to my knowledge.
I love S.A. and i love GTA V. why cant they both be 10/10 for different reasons?

JCENAdaBest1620d ago

I agree with you Scrivlar but for me personally having 3 characters to choose between although fun and new prevented me from feeling attached to any character as in SA CJ was your character and you had influence on his lifestyle and overall look. In GTA 5 your kind of on rails in comparison. The graphics are brilliant, fact but the underwater detail felt pointless with the painfully slow submarine and I would have preferred that time and memory to be put into gameplay elements that would have a greater effect on the game such as gangs and gang wars for Franklin missions or the ability to buy your own house rather than it just being given to you of which was very disappointing. With GTA 5 I feel that the things they included like the amusements, golf and other activities, the inclusion of three playable characters, underwater detail were all features of the game that didn't really add anything but instead used the time and effort of the development team when that could have gone into making GTA5 the GTA I have been waiting for since SA. GTA 5 tried something different but how can you do a game where you earn loads of money but not really anything to spend it on? How can you have a poor character involved in a gang life with no gangs and no player choice for a new crib? Why can we not pick what vehicle is our main vehicle instead of seeing franklin always on a crappy green bike or Trevor in a crappy jeep when we select them? Why is Trevor rich by the end and still in a shack? Where is our choice and freedom? The voice acting is brilliant and I enjoyed the game but come to the end all i felt was disappointment and nothing to do after the story.

rowdyBOY1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )


maybe 7/10 max

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