Gotta Love It All: Is Pokemon X & Y Attracting Old Fans Back To The Series?

Pashford Murano assesses the possible factors for old school fans returning to the Pokemon series, and why the newly released X & Y are so appealing to Gen 1 players.

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serratos271682d ago

Charizard's mega evolution looks sick. Can all Pokemon evolve up to that point? Im clueless.

3-4-51681d ago

A solid RPG for the 3DS.

zeal0us1682d ago

I haven't played pokemon since Gen2. The whole mega evolution thing however doesn't appeal to me. Every time I hear the term mega evolution, Digimon pops into my head. The full blown 3D world however does.

serratos271681d ago

Haha I agree I wish it had a different name. Some of them look pretty cool !

MightyNoX1681d ago

Ash throwing the horns O_O

HannibalBarca1681d ago

I thought it was common knowledge that Ash is a DIO fan

Nabbic1681d ago

I'm an old fan, and if anything, it's driving me away further.
I find the new Pokemon overdesigned, and a larger amount of poorly designed ones in comparison to the previous gens.
I couldn't care less for the starters (same with gen 2 and 4) and I'm pretty disgusted that you get the exp share as a key item after the first gym, which gives additional free exp to every Pokemon and not a held item that shares the total exp with one. It eliminates half the game.

Blacklash931681d ago

You can turn off the XP sharing feature. But it cuts down on a ton of the grinding which is a win in my book.

The_Villager1681d ago

Yes it has brought me back!

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The story is too old to be commented.