The Xbox One seems to be a capable 900p machine, but will it ever reach 1080p?

GearNuke: “Support for 1080p/60fps for Cinematic Realism” This is what is being said in the official ad for Xbox One. The question here is, will it truly reach this target resolution and frame rate? So far, every sign points to the exact opposite.

The matter of the fact is that the Xbox One has barely any 1080p confirmed resolution games compared to PlayStation 4, where almost every first party game is confirmed 1080p. Why is this happening? More importantly, if Xbox One can’t even reach native 1080p let alone 60 fps, why is Microsoft using this as bullet-point for their ad?

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Kayant1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Oh my the shitstorm has arrived here as well. This is going to be interesting to watch :p

Hmmmm.... CBOAT might be right here if you take into consideration what aarongreenberg said last time but who knows we will have to wait and see.

DarkLordMalik1709d ago

For their own sake, i hope they stop promoting blatant lies in their official ads from now on.

I mean they list "Next Generation Graphics" as 1080p and 60 fps. They are actually shooting themselves in their own foot.

Ezz20131709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

CBOAT: """I hope you aren't fans of 1080P on Xbox One.When hardware is released you'll see what I mean about issues. Upclocks too risk everywhere, 2014 was a better idea."""

oh boy,
but don't worry though the "Balance" will save the day

Eonjay1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

People are gullible. Its obvious that Sony has the more capable machine so if I were on the marketing team for Microsoft, I would lie too. You see, you don't want the competition to look too much better than you. And, yes it is possible for Xbox One to hit 1080P @60 FPS. Forza 5, like GT5 on PS3 can do it.

Edit: Oh Forza is not 1080P... oh wow.

Irishguy951709d ago

Yeah, it was ok when Sony lied on their box though right?

Eonjay1709d ago


Stay in the here in now.
Of course not. Lying is never okay.

But in actuality, in the here and now, there are two boxes for sale. One is more capable than the other. No one is obligated to pay more to get less.

If it were reversed and Microsoft had the better box and lower price, I would be getting an Xbox.
But I have to live in the real world.

2pacalypsenow1709d ago


Ps3 has 1080p games if they even have 1 game in 1080p its not a lie to have it say game at 1080p

thechosenone1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Wow... O.O
"I can back the CBOAT up on a few of his points.

The story out of nearly every person I know in the industry, outside of Sony (as Sony employees wouldn't know this), is that the February reveal of the PS4 was a jab to the face of Microsoft.

They had no idea that Sony was as far along as they were. They had no idea that Sony had better specs. They had no idea (nor did we) that they were also behind in RAM. The stories are second hand from third party people who talk to people at MS but they all have said the same thing... Microsoft was coasting along looking at late 13 / early 14 release and thought they had the upper hand on Sony who was only now just starting to make money on the PS3 and would be behind them, most likely holiday '14.

This doesn't explain every misstep along the way, of course, a lot of them were just bad decisions from within. But if someone writes a book about this upcoming generation I think there will be some interesting stories from inside Microsoft about their reaction to the PS4 reveal."

Irishguy951709d ago

Forza 5 is 1080p gotta learn to discern facts from your own personal desires Eonjay, the guy quoted in the article already came out and confirmed Forza does actually do 1080p and 60fps.

So what..MS are ok now that 1 games runs at what they say the X1 does? If sony are ok with it MS must be too right? Bunch of hypocrites.

PoSTedUP1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Xbox one.. 1080p game. marketing propaganda at its finest.

they shouldnt have to mention the console does 1080p, that should be a given. the fact that they Do means something isnt right. not that i would ever trust them to begin with...

dredgewalker1709d ago

I think the Xbox one is completely capable of 1080p and 60fps, it would be stupid for MS to release a new console where 1080p is the standard resolution for new games. Games will look better in later game releases for both consoles.

NatureOfLogic1709d ago

So Forza 5 made sacrifices to reach 1080p/60fps? I wonder how long they can get away with that. smh

Forza 5 is lacking things that should not doubt be in next gen racers.

Godmars2901709d ago

Maybe this is Sony paying back MS for using their research into the CELL CPU for the 360's chip.

Remember that incident where MS were making jokes about how they had outsmarted Sony then?

If not for the chain of mess ups which were the XB1 reveals, before the reversals, this news now might be a bit funny.

NewMonday1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )


CBOAT also said MS sacrificed visual quality "eye-candy" to reach 1080p on Forza 5

games that try to look impressive get hit like Ryse only managing 900p and barley 30fps and small environments..

in the other hand we have KZ:SF and infamousSS on the PS4, 1080p large open areas with great visual effects and strong textures running on a solid locked frame rate.

also more 3rd party games show up running better on the PS4.

shoddy1709d ago

Powa of teh clowdz can make games run 4k and 120fps.

if you have good Internet connection

Mystogan1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

There aren't many 1080p 60fps Games for PS4 either. The only real one is Killzone. The others are sidescrollers and indie games.

Xbox One has Forza 5 which is confirmed to run at 1080p 60fps. And probably Halo 5, they already said its gonna be 60fps. Ryse does 900p because it looks better that way.
You think all PS4 games are gonna run at 1080p 60fps? You're delusional.

This article is flamebait at its finest.

NewMonday1709d ago

in Halo5 only the gun will be 1080p everything else will be upscaled from 720p(nice trick)

here is a PS4 list by Ezz2013:

The Order: 1886 = 1920×800
KillZone:ShadowFall=1920× ; ;1080(MP=60fps,SP=30fps)
Infamous: Second Son = 1920×1080
DriveClub = 1920×1080
Resogun = 1920×1080
Knack = 1920×1080
Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag = 1920×1080
Thief = 1920×1080
Blacklight: Retribution = 1920×1080
Warframe = 1920×1080
Call of Duty: GHOSTS = 1920×1080

JohnnyBadfinger1709d ago

Did you seriously just put assassins creed and cod on that list?
You did?

.... Your a muppet....

Army_of_Darkness1709d ago

Xbox 380... A little step up from the 360 ;-)

FamilyGuy1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

DC Universe Online and Final Fantasy 14 ARR will also be 1080p on the PS4.

Pretty much every single indie game will also be 1080p.
We still have to wait and hear about those F2P games like Warframe but chances are they'll be 1080p as well.

The PS4 standard is 1080p while the frame rate will either be 60fps or locked (tight) at 30 fps with no hiccups. Choosing to run 60fps above all else is the only reason any PS4 game might be less than 1080p.

Haules1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

So this is why FM5 runs at 1080 60 fps. No Dynamic lightning and no Global illumination.

If they ad Dynamic lightning and Global illumination, the performance will drastically lower from 60 fps to 25-30 fps and it will be unstable cause from the look of it X1 GPU can not handle that much lighting calculations for a good frame performance.

JokesOnYou1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

“Support for 1080p/60fps for Cinematic Realism” 

-Forza5 is the only next gen exclusive on either console CONFIRMED to be running at 1080 60fps both online and offline. If Forza5 is doing this at launch logic says as devs become more familar with the X1 more games will reach that target. Hell Lococycle is 1080p 60fps if we are just looking for bullet points. Wheres the lie here?

-Look at the facts he included in games like Resogun and Knack but failed to include games like Lococyle and Crimson Dragon both of which are 1080p. He also included multiplats like Black Flag and games not at launch for ps4. He also acknowledge that the order was made at 800p for cinematic realism but conveniently ignores the same was said for Ryse at 900p. lol, talk about a biased article.

When its all said and done this article FAILS HARD because the only visually impressive next gen game on ps4 AT LAUNCH is KZ SF and that game clearly for a shooter KZ SF is NOT at the so called holy grail of 1080p 60fps for the sp which points squarely at a compromise....if not then by this logic COD Ghosts is more impressive technically than KZ SF. Knack at 1080p 30fps isnt a great accomplishment anymore than Crimson Dragon is at 1080p. Driveclub so far is NOT confirmed 60fps, Forza5 is so to me again X1 has the more impressive lineup because games like DR3 and Ryse have a much bigger scope and they a4e much more technically impressive than ps4 exclusives, the devs made them to be next gen experiences in graphics but more importantly in overall design....or they could have played it safe and made a bunch of Lococycle-Crimson Dragon-Knack 1080p type exclusives to fill a stat sheet but hardly scream next gen.

mewhy321709d ago

Well the news just gets worse and worse for micro$oft and the bone. Now if they would drop the prism "window into the living room" and reduce the price to $349.99 this would be null and void. But they want all the $$ they can get so they charge a premium for inferior hardware and force you to take the prism "window into you living room" camera for the added profit of being able to sell your "window into the living room" data to advertisers.
But if you don't mind all that and the fact that the box is going to be mostly 900p then the bone is the one for you!!!! Run and pre-order yours today!!!

NewMonday1709d ago


Forza has static effects

baked lighting?
The sunlight and shadows in scattered directions?

Any game can hit 1080/60fps by decreasing graphics quality

Not what we expect from AAA games next gen

JokesOnYou1709d ago

newmonday nice try but plenty of sites like Gamerant, Digital Foundry, Gengame and IGN disagree with you about baked lighting and static enviroments:

"Having played Forza 5 firsthand, the improvements have unquestionably paid off. With improved detail in the roads, buildings, and grass, the few seconds it takes for the racer’s ‘eyes’ to adjust to the sunlight when emerging from a dark tunnel, or the glimpses of the dashboard reflected in the windscreen when the light hits just right, the passion of the development team is visible at every turn."

Eurogamer/Digital Foundry disagrees with you:
"The generational leap brings with it a brand new graphics engine, taking advantage of a physical materials system. This means light scatters more realistically across not just the exterior curvature of cars, but also on more complex textured details like the lacing on cockpit interiors, or grills on the vehicle's rear."

-Gengame disagrees with you:
"And it’s not just the vehicles: it’s the environments, too, from the lighting to the motion blur effect to the additional fixtures like cheering fans watching racers fly by in 1080p and at 60 frames per second.

There’s no question: put Forza 5 and <>Driveclub side-by-side and compare them visually, and Forza wins. It may lack the real-time weather effects, and there’s a noticeable lack of anti-aliasing if you peek at the details, but it looks nicer across the board otherwise."

-IGN disagrees with you:
"High Dynamic Range lighting means the sun can get in your eyes as you're heading west across the Prague track's long bridge, while the draw distance on the track vistas is absolutely insane."

-Now that I've cleared up your BS claims that you conveniently make without links to creditable sources lets talk about what Forza5 offers that Driveclub does not.

JokesOnYou1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )


Forza5 has a advanced physics engine that offers cutting edge physics,
Driveclub is more arcade type racer with devs themselves saying: "It sits in the middle between simulation and arcade" http://www.computerandvideo...
Forza5 offers real damage that affects car performance, customization that affects driving.
Forza5 offers cloud based AI that allows you to race offline with cpu clones that are more realistic/constantly changing and not sure if Driveclub has headtracking like Forza5 with Kinect.

-Stop pretending like Driveclub is some technological marvel, Forza series like GT has always offered some of the best technical specs seen in a racer, Forza5 has a lot going on under the hood and features other racers don't have so your efforts to make Forza5 look as if its some basic racer while Driveclub is doing all these amazing things is transparent, fanboys use the weather/day night comments to compensate for the fact that Forza5 is both visually and technically superior to Driveclub.

-Disagree I know it hurts but the proofs in the pudding, love to see some creditable links that backup your BS statements.

redwin1709d ago

I like that JOKESONYOU person, when he talks I wanna go out and order another xbone (I'm getting 2 xbone sand one ps4, I like knak), and he backs up his talk too.

NewMonday1708d ago


as usual you like to spin things around, they all talk comparing Forza5 to LAST gen.

and why do we need to read about it when we can watch the actual videos and compare.

also I love how you try to ignore this..

destroys your argument completely

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ziggurcat1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

So... Greenberg lied about forza being native 1080p...?

I knew I was right when I've been saying since that tweet that there are no 1080p games on xbone, and that it upscaled *all* games to 1080p.

Edit: I see that now, gribble. Thanks for the correction.

GribbleGrunger1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Nope, CBOAT later confirmed that Forza 5 is in 1080p. He did however mention that it was the 'exception to the rule'.

Edit: The post I mentioned is actually in the link provided by Kayant

"ineva metnioned forz.a notbe 1080-p, they s

houcld make it. But, excption not rhthe rule tho:ug.jh. thru this genm, never mind try tomatch eyecandyi. n thx to esram 720 to900 wilb e nte norm on xone"

It's difficult to read because he's trying to avoid detection by people and machines that anilyse different grammar styles.

srd44841709d ago

Oh so now Forza is an exception to the rule??? hmm...

Manic20141709d ago

Forza 5 is native 1080p..........

iamnsuperman1709d ago


"It's difficult to read because he's trying to avoid detection by people and machines that anilyse different grammar styles."

From the sounds of it this guy thinks he is a double agent working against the NSA. I didnt realise the Xbox One details were so top secret

GribbleGrunger1709d ago

Why would he want to risk his job at MS?

Mystogan1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

If Forza can do it. I wonder how many "exceptions to the rule" are coming out next year... Quantum Break? Fable Legends? Halo 5? BlackTusks game?
*insert any game that the devs decide will be 1080p 60fps here*

Forza 5 and Call of Duty Ghosts proved that X1 is perfectly capable of 1080p 60fps. We'll see it later down the line too. Since the developers have to get accustomed to the ESRam and some of the upgrades they made.

I guess Call of duty ghosts is an "Exception to the rule" too. Every game that comes out with 1080p 60fps is now "an exception to the rule".

GribbleGrunger1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Well that's fine if you don't mind them removing sub-surface scattering, soft body physics, particle effects or volumetric lighting to achieve it. That's the point being made here. A 1080p/60fps TLOU wouldn't be anywhere near as difficult to achieve as a true next gen TLOU2. You need to understand this. If you don't know what next gen means and what to expect, then why even bother buying another console? Driveclub, Resogun, Killzone: Shadowfall and even Knack use all of those next gen tricks I've just mentioned, but Forza 5 doesn't.

But it's still going to be a great game. I'm just trying to explain to you what the differences are and why you must demand more for your money. It's supposed to be next gen for goodness sake, not current gen in high definition. Currently those X1 games that DO use some of the above, fall below 1080p

Saviour1709d ago

@newmonday Forza 5 using HDR image based lighting and not baked lighting. fanboys all over internet 'sigh'.

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Magicite1709d ago

Im not trying to troll or anything, just really want to know, is there any officially announced X1 game that runs at 1080P/60FPS be it exclusive or multi (low-budget games doesnt count)? Any links if possible?

NewMonday1709d ago

AFAIK Forza 5 & CoD:Ghosts

AngelicIceDiamond1709d ago

Forza 5 is 60 FPS and 1080P.

Irrelevant piece.

Hicken1709d ago

They mention it in the article. So far, though, it's one of two games on XB1 running with those numbers, and the only first party title to do so.

And all the other first party titles have been having resolution and/or framerate issues, which seems to indicate that there may, indeed, be some problems with getting games to run 1080p on XB1.

AngelicIceDiamond1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Wow what a weak article.

First of all, devs won't be hitting 60 FPS and 1080P right away on both machines. Some will, some won't. But you can't expect every single game to do it right off the bat immediately.

Not only that but not every single title needs to have those high priorities.

Both MS and Sony know this. The X1 is said to be able to do 4k gaming apparently. Ryse was purposely supposed to be 900p

Are we really nitpicking on something that we're barely gonna notice?

"Sony, who also manufactures TVs, are strongly focusing on 1080p resolution for their games. Microsoft, on the other hand, advertizes this resolution but fails to actually implement them in their games."

Hes insinuating the X1 will struggle to hit those priorities Despite Forza already doing it and MS stating it'll be up to the devs.

This article is obvious for spoofs and laughs.

Mystogan1709d ago

Call of Duty ghosts too.

MightyNoX1709d ago

Only after sacrificing dynamic enviroments, lightning an day&night cycles.

Irrelevant shill defending.

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MultiConsoleGamer1709d ago

CBOAT, like all of NeoGAF, is driven by agenda and completely full of sh**.

GribbleGrunger1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Even when they were ragging on the PS3 for 5 years for having bad ports, terrible Sony adverts and an overly priced console? Or is this a current view of NeoGaf? When CBOAT kept posting positive insider information about the 360, was it 'full of sh**' then too? I wouldn't have thought you'd have a problem with this anyway considering you're a multi console gamer.

Sitdown1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

The PS3 came out what, 7 years ago?..... So that means 5 years ago the ps3 was out so you personally got to see the bad ports, the crying baby ad, as well as knowing the high price..... what we have here is somebody reporting on something that known of us have experienced first hand. Could the news be true... very much so, but clearly you have to see the difference in the two..... Concrete vs abstract.

GribbleGrunger1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Ah, but you're just looking at the resolution quote. Look a little deeper into his post and there's something far more alarming. And it was widely accepted that sub 1080p games were only that way because they were launch titles. What he's saying here is that it will become the norm for the whole generation.

'Concrete V abstract'. I'd say 95% accuracy was more 'concrete' than 'abstract'. And "CBOAT, like all of NeoGAF, is driven by agenda and completely full of sh**." is a comment about Gaf as a whole, not just what CBOAT writes. So called SonyGaf used to be XboxGaf so what changed that? The truth perhaps?

MultiConsoleGamer1709d ago

Truth and NeoGAF are two words that do not belong in the same sentence.

Luckily their star has faded greatly, and the only people who still visit GAF on a regular basis are those who need to be spoon fed their opinions by marketing types.

I used to hold a GAF account, I'm sure it's still valid. I even used to praise it as a good source of news. Some guys on our site still love it and think its a great place to talk about games.

As for me, I think it proves the message board system is inherently broken and corrupt and is antiquated and beyond salvation. It was just too easy to see what was going on. The motivation too organized and transparent.

The people who defend it the most are those unwilling to stop clinging to the corpse of the old Internet, and also the regulars who are too embarrassed and ashamed to admit that they have been fooled. Believing a lie is a shameful thing, especially when deep inside you already know the truth.

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deecee331709d ago

This has been the most popcorn-worthy console launch since SNES vs Genesis. Tell you what- the fillrate naysayers look to be right- the GPU gap is looking bad for MS. You'd think MS would have done a better job of checking up on their competition.

gapecanpie1709d ago

If you want high end graphics at 1080p and beyond without anything being heavily downgraded(Cough Deep Down and Ryse cough)then you should build yourself a $600-$900 PC or just get use to playing on crappy outdated hardware before it is even release and will only get more outdated as the years go by AKA PS4 and X1 and just be happy.

Lol I like how at one min console fans(mostly Sony Fan Boys)say graphics aren't everything and then I come here and see all the crying about graphics and resolution. LMAO

Infamous2981709d ago

Xbox one is underpowered, plain and simple.

Flutterby1709d ago

If these rumors are true and going by the informants track record they will be, It's not looking good for future xbone owners. So much for the keeping up with the ps4 lol the xbone doesn't stand a chance.

BallsEye1709d ago

What a retarded article. It already has games running in 1080p -.-

Deltaohio1709d ago

There is no way in hell GTA 5 is 1080p @ 60 fps. You are high sir.

WarThunder1709d ago

lol! Never trust M$! NEVER!

DonFreezer1709d ago

Why should we take anything seriously from a site witch has proudly gotten the name sonygaf.Are you that butthurt? I think it's kinda obvous now that sony pays neogaf and n4g to promote their "superior" slavestation 4.

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BTBuck11709d ago

Like we've been saying since day ONE, XBOX-180.

Ezz20131709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

if you think about it
1080P - 900P = 180

oh i see what you did there, Microsoft

Dasteru1709d ago

So they did 2 180s now... does that make it the Xbox 360, thought we already had that. Oh well.

GamerXD1709d ago

Xbox One is halfbaked and rushed. Sony caught MS off-guard during Feb. 20

MidnytRain1709d ago

People keep saying this like every PS4 game is 1080p.

Ezz20131709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

The Order: 1886 = 1920×800
KillZone:ShadowFall=1920× ;1080(MP=60fps,SP=30fps)
Infamous: Second Son = 1920×1080
DriveClub = 1920×1080
Resogun = 1920×1080
Knack = 1920×1080
Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag = 1920×1080
Thief = 1920×1080
Blacklight: Retribution = 1920×1080
Warframe = 1920×1080
Call of Duty: GHOSTS = 1920×1080

MidnytRain1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )


I said "every game." Listing "quite a few" doesn't prove anything.

Bolts1709d ago

I don't think they confirmed 1080p AC 4 yet.

dontbhatin1709d ago

The point they are trying to get through your head is that the PS4 has more games confirmed to be running @ native 1080p

MidnytRain1709d ago


That "point" isn't necessary because I never said otherwise.

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Max-Zorin1709d ago

Like it matter. Anyone that get the next Xbox will be blacklisted anyway.

Dan_scruggs1709d ago

Seeing as there is no discernible difference to the human eye between 900p and 1080p I can't see this as a real problem. I only exists in the minds of fanboys. The resolution of a game doesn't make it good. Hell most VFX for television are created at 720p. No one notices and neither will you.