A price drop and familiar face raise weekly Wii U hardware sales 93%

A price drop and familiar face raise weekly Wii U hardware sales 93%

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lilbroRx1709d ago

"familiar face", are we really going this route again? Trying to right off success as being because of familiarity rather than quality?

Also, the sales world wide have more than doubled. It went from 9k a week in the us and 5k in Europe to 30k in both.

mewhy321709d ago

I'm glad that Nintendo is finally getting some good news with it's Wii-U. I've played the wii-u some and i have to say that it was pretty sweet. Now if those first party titles start churning out we could see an even bigger spike in sales world wide.

PopRocks3591709d ago

And notice, no one clicked on this link. I think it goes to show that no one cares if the Wii U does better. They want it to do worse so they have something to laugh at.

Gamers on N4G: They don't love their favorite console, they just hate yours.

Chrischi19881709d ago

Yeah, it really is funny. They might come and make the good new look bad though, even if that is probably the ultimate troll technique.

But most new mature games are not about fun anymore. I know a lot of people who play these so called mature games, but while they play, they dont have a smile on their face, they always curse the shit out of the game. At least Nintendo makes something different.

Yep1709d ago

Pretty much why I don't participate in serious discussion too much here anymore.

Almost everyone is a troll.

GirlOnFire1709d ago

When is the price drop in U.S.? please

Concertoine1709d ago

Its been dropped for over 3 weeks

GirlOnFire1709d ago

Thank you I'm get an Wii U now again. ^~^ Idk why I get disagreed for asking a question. Ouch...

Concertoine1709d ago

Such is n4g :P i recommend getting the zelda one and keeping the box, because that zelda 3ds goes for hundreds on ebay in box.
If you want you can add me on wii u ^^

konnerbllb1709d ago

A regular 3ds goes for hundreds as well :)

imXify1709d ago

Mario 3D World may be a sale juggernaut but it will have to face multiple sales juggernauts because the new consoles will release on the same day.

So....juggernaut fight !

N4g_null1709d ago

Its possible but I don't see any ps4 or xbone games selling over 5 million. That would be a nice surprise if im wrong but im expecting high console sales and low software due to the free games and lots of people buying and waiting on games to come out. If 3d mario doesnt do good then that might be a sign... yet we will see.

Concertoine1709d ago

That is a very interesting perspective. When i was considering a ps4 at launch i didnt plan on getting any games with it because so many top notch free to play games would be available.
To be honest i doubt many people will be making a choice between the two (mario and an xbox one/ps4) but it will be interesting to see the sales.

AKR1709d ago

The problem that I see on the software side of the PS4 and XBOX One, is that most of their launch titles can be found on the PS3 and XBOX 360 - which are consoles most people already own.

The very fact that there is still so much content flowing on the veterans just might choke (not to say alot, but it still will) - the software (and possibly hardware sales) of their successors.

It was different at the beginning of the 7th-gen; the PS2 was really the only active "last-gen" system, at the time. Now there's both the PS3 and the 360.

3-4-51709d ago

Wii U still has Zelda U, Super Smash, Mario Kart 8 + X to release.

Most of them will release in 2014, Wii U will be fine.

Concertoine1709d ago

Lol funny how good wii u articles get no attention while everyone flocks to the doomsaying articles. I feel like people want their pessimistic mindsets to be reflected in what they read, and would rather keep that mindset then see it proven wrong. This goes for both wii u and vita doomsayers.

Chrischi19881709d ago

Yeah, what do you expect, the only thing they can say now is "It is still not good enough"

Yeah, we know that, but we are happy, that it is increasing, you have to start somewhere, but for them it cannot be good. Ignoring it would be the best thing until new news come with something bad or not as good as they believe something sounds good. We know that kind and I think it is sad, that gamers do not game anymore, but let it take over, who you are or at least shows eachs person worst side of their soul. It is always easy to troll on boards, where you do not have to look in the eyes of the person you speak with.

But trolls will come, I am sure, even though it is a wonder they didnt come until now.

arbitor3651709d ago

its not hard to raise your sales 97% when you are only selling 20-30K a week.

and of course every time the wii u gets a little spike, it drops back down in the next week or two

kneon1709d ago

That's the real test, does this increase in sales have any legs? If it's just another 2-3 week blip then it's relatively meaningless. They need to get the typical weekly sales volume up, the Wii U can't survive just on these temporary blips when a new game launches.

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