XBO Review: HG Controllers Halo 3 Modded Xbox 360 Controller's Dean Tripp gives the Halo 3 Modded Xbox 360 Controller by Head in Game a go. See what he has to say.

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RAM MAGNUMS3887d ago

There is a real, very passionate Hatred for the xbox 360 & Microsoft.
We cannot stand unreliable, Garbage electronics.
Even for a low, low price. It wont justify the purchase because this machine should be bought at a 99 cents store, get it?

When you see the words BUY NOW & ONLY ON XBOX 360 Run as far and as fast as possible because the words should say:

Would you buy a Microsoft television set? No, Right.
Dont buy a Microsoft video game machine. It was a Fad & alot of people got hurt because of it. Even Houses burned down from it!

The consumer Has been Warned!

mrcoolz3886d ago

what exactly does your comment have to do with the controller review?