'The Windwaker HD' sales prove Nintendo is stuck between a rock and a hard place

'The Windwaker HD' sales prove Nintendo is stuck between a rock and a hard place

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Kingthrash3601714d ago

lol so true
nintendo shoulda released that hd zelda they showed 2 years ago. instead of this.....though the zelda is a classic but most jusy pulled out their old gc and replayed it. they need system sellers a remake is never a system seller

PopRocks3591714d ago

That game is still in development. Wind Waker was made to hold over Zelda fans. This has been established since January.

zeal0us1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Nintendo is going to have a hard time this generation. Some people keep saying oh but the exclusives is going to turn things around. The thing is that there is a gap in between months when it exclusives are to be release.

What is Nintendo going to do during that gap? How will Nintendo perform during that gap?

During that gap Nintendo must rely on third party games. Publishers don't want to waste money making a game for the WiiU only to see it hit with poor results. In some case they offer support but the WiiU version tend to be inferior to its console counter parts. This dissuade some WiiU owners from buying the game. Which result in the game not selling well and this cycle starts over.

When we get well into the next generation I don't see many studios supporting the WiiU directly. Some will probably outsource the WiiU version of their game to some other studio or not make an WiiU version at all.

phantomexe1714d ago

I don't own a wii u yet but i think your over looking something very inportant,indie games. The Wiiu has more indie games comeing to it then the ps4 does and they make a big difference in the long run even if you hate them. I know this because i follow indie games like it's a bible on kickstarter. You talk to small indie companys and the'll tell you the same.

Trago13371714d ago

Go to VGchartz and look at the top ten games sold for last week.

deafdani1713d ago

Isn't VGChartz supposed to be a highly unreliable source?

emu-key1713d ago

Windwaker HD sales only proves that software sells hardware. Sure lets just ignore how well the Wii-u did this week and instead look at how Windwaker is not giving out GTA V numbers.

Nintendo just can't win, there's always something negative.

Whymii1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I don't understand how Wind Waker increasing Wii u sales by 685% indicates Nintendo is between a rock and a hard place. Sales are sales regardless of where they come from. Although Wonderful 101 has not sold that well, this is not unusual for new IPs, particularly on a small install base. Over its lifetime it may in fact sell well as numbers of consoles pick up.

Whymii1713d ago

Wonderful 101 reminds me very much of Viewtiful Joe (a personal favourite), so I looked up its sales figures on the PS2. Even on a phenomenally successful system it only sold 260k, which indicates that it is very much a niche product. Maybe this is also true for 101, however in this case on a much smaller install base.

Dravidian1713d ago

The Wonderful 101 is such an amazing game so far. IMO it should be in a wii u bundle. It's good enough. Nintendo dropped the ball when it came to marketing...

Whymii1713d ago

I agree it's a great game and should be doing better, but then I would say the same about VJ. A bundle or as part of an extended bundle is probably worthwhile, however I don't think that would make a huge difference. Everyone with a Wii u knew it was coming out and Nintendo did showcase it at every event they attended, so they did give it exposure.

I think it is more the niche style of the game play and style that prevents a greater number of people picking it up. Maybe the main character should have been Mario and the 100 been classic Nintendo characters for it to have sold more. Sad really...

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