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Sometimes is the Hype Too Much?

Every year, there's always that game we're extremely hyped for. But, what happens if that game is so over-hyped that it fails to meet the expectations we had? This year was a prime example of how a game can do just that, be over-hyped and fall flat on its face. (Beyond: Two Souls, Industry, PS3)

WeAreLegion  +   472d ago
Sometimes, but not with Beyond. This is one of the best games of the generation. The negative responses in reviews make no sense to me. Some of the reviewers flat-out lied about the game, based on my experience with it.
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Blaze929  +   472d ago
the reviews are what worry me about artists like David Cage. It happened with Heavy Rain and its happening again with BEYOND: Two Souls.

I'm currently going through it now and love it, just passed the Navajo level - purely epic and I just love the spirituality notes in this game. Especially since I believe in all that.

But to see your creation slammed so incorrectly and poorly everytime by critics, that must make him feel a certain type of way.

Just hope it won't effect future creations. But I doubt someone like Cage isn't worried about review scores.
mattdillahunty  +   472d ago
"the reviews are what worry me about artists like David Cage. It happened with Heavy Rain and its happening again with BEYOND: Two Souls."

not sure what you think happened with Heavy Rain. it has an 87 average on metacritic, which is damn good. Beyond, on the other hand, has a 73 right now. that's a pretty big difference. yes, some of the reviews about Heavy Rain were mixed, but as consensus shows (at least for reputable game sites), people tended to like it.
InMyOpinion  +   472d ago
David Cage is the PS version of Peter Molyneux.
nix  +   472d ago
^^^ when he becomes one, i'll be the first one to slam him.
humbleopinion  +   471d ago
@InMyOpinion that is actually a pretty good comparison!
Both had a game released late last gen (Indigo/Fable) to pretty good reviews, came up with a newer game this gen that got better reviews (HR/F2) and then kinda lost their touch in the third outing (BTS/F3).

And both can have their passion sometimes be mistaken with arrogance.
SlapHappyJesus  +   471d ago
You realize the two games prior to Beyond - games that follow the same general route in terms of design - were, as a whole, very well received titles.
Even Beyond did well enough overall. You are likening Cage to this black sheep of the gaming industry that no one gets or treats fairly and his worst reviewed game is sitting above a 70 . . .
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humbleopinion  +   468d ago
@SlapHappyJesus, Maybe you missed a few things, but the games from that "black sheep" received far better worldwide recognitions, where some revolutionized entire genres.
And his "worst" recent game Fable 3 is still getting better reviews than beyond, for the the negative criticism it received.
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FanMan  +   472d ago
this game didnt even have that much hype to begin with. i dont understand this article. sure it had some hype, but no where near the hype of other games.
iPad  +   472d ago
Beyond Two Souls is a perfect example showing that not everyone likes the same games/genre.

Depending too much on reviews about games like Beyond Two Souls is irrelevant.

Disclaimer: I don't think 'irrelevant' is the correct term. Just the first word that popped up.
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humbleopinion  +   471d ago
Actually it's a perfect example that in all genres you have better games and worse games. Heavy Rain scored far better with the critics, And the Walking Dead did even better. Hell, The Wolf Among Us is which was just released this week is walking the same genre and gets much better review.

This is just about Beyond Two Souls not being all that good compared to other titles in the same genre. As simple as that.
SlapHappyJesus  +   471d ago

That's exactly what it is. There is definitely a space in the industry for this genre. Walking Dead was a runaway hit and even Cage's past work garnered a lot of positive attention.
Let's now pretend that one of his games that simply didn't hit as many people's expectations, as well as the man himself, is just misunderstood and not everyone "gets it".
JackStraw  +   472d ago
agreed. it was as if some of the reviewers didn't fully play the game, to be completely honest.
joab777  +   472d ago
Don't get me wrong, I think as far as gameplay is concerned, there r avenues that can b taken to make Cage's games more interactive. Aiden was the absolute perfect engine for some brilliant puzzles. Also, I would love to see actual consequences for mistakes that take u an alternate route.

But, u have to giv this game props. While so many games r simply re releases with some upgrades etc., this games is a glimpse into the future. Yeah, as I said, the focus was obviously on storytelling and immersion, b/c of the target audience...but we have to support those who r willing to push the industry forward. I had a blast...and there is nothing else like it. To b honest...most games r so easy today that the only difference between them and this is the illusion of gameplay.
beebap  +   471d ago
There is consequences. One example the level where jodie sneaks out to the bar seen my bf do it and things went bad so when it came dinner with ryan they did not spend the nite together but when I played I left the bar before there was trouble and then on dinner date with ryan they did indeed sleep together. I loved the game it up there with tlou so I started playing again and will be making different choices on the way to fully see the difference scenes also messing up certain actions at times gets other scenes.I think the game is total brillance but that my opinion and better than heavy rain which i loved too. I know its a game that i will be visiting again in the future. I think that marks a great game
gamer234  +   472d ago
typical sony fan, that feel their exclusives are witch hunted, when its reviewed badly
aaron5829  +   472d ago
I dont know where the hype came from... maybe because I did not read or watch anything related to beyond to avoid any potential spoilers...

finished the game... and I loved it... personally 9 out of 10
BobBelcher  +   472d ago
Hype and Over-exposure can be pretty bad.
I'm a bit worried about Watch Dogs to some degree.
4logpc  +   472d ago
I dont think there was much hype for Beyond. There have been many places for months now saying, yea this game is kinda broken.
GentlemenRUs  +   472d ago
I love this game... Only half way though it but I just love it!

It's like a movie which I am controlling and that is what I was hoping for :D

Shame other people can't see that...

EDIT: Gaming is not just about shooting people and such you know...

EDIT2: Go play the game then come back to tell me what you thought of it... Yeah that's what I thought...
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admiralvic  +   472d ago
"EDIT: Gaming is not just about shooting people and such you know... "

As I've mentioned in other topics... why do fans (even Cage did it) of this game complain about shooters? Disliking this game doesn't instantly mean you love shooters or even like shooters... it just sounds like instead of accepting that their opinion is different, you choose to belittle others by claiming everyone wants nothing more than the next CoD / Battlefield.
JackStraw  +   472d ago
lol. stop.
GuruMeditation  +   472d ago
Simple, they are just comparing it to a common popular game type, one with broad appeal. It's just an analogue for 'this game is unlike most things you've played recently', not some sort of attack on shooters. So, you know, just an expression.
maniacmayhem  +   472d ago
I personally didn't see any hype for Beyond. Which to me was part of the problem. I saw no build up, no promotion or anything to get me excited for the game. Granted I wasn't impressed by Heavy Rain so I wasn't really on the look out for Beyond, but even still I always stumble on upcoming games regardless of whether I'm interested in them or not.
corvusmd  +   472d ago
Yeah Beyond, Last of Us were way over-hyped....I can't help but notice it's also right before a new system launch when Sony (and her fanboys) wish to be able to say they have the best exclusives. I am worried this will also happen with Watch Dogs and Titanfall
Bathyj  +   472d ago
I don't even get what you're trying to say your comment made no sense. PlayStation gamers don't have to convince anyone they have the best exclusives at this point. It's pretty much victory by no contest.

I think you only opened your mouth cos you saw this as another spot to plant your I hate the last of us flag again.
elda  +   472d ago
I was thinking the same thing when I read his comment.
majiebeast  +   472d ago
What Lastofus was overhyped are you drunk or on drugs or both?

You should stick to 360 articles about 360 exclusives coming out this year... Oh wait there are none.

arbitor365  +   472d ago
this game did exactly what it set out to do, what it advertised itself as, and what fans of the genre wanted. Some people just insist on reviewing games in genres they dont like
Bundi  +   471d ago
Some of the people that reviewed Heavy Rain and loved it, didn't give this game the same acclaim. Then there's TWD which got great reviews across he board.
It isn't a case of reviewing games in genres you don't like, sometimes even PS3 exclusives aren't the best games in the genre and people are allowed to not only think that, but say so as well.
isarai  +   472d ago
the thing is you're NOT SUPPOSED TO HYPE ANYTHING!!!

don't get where people get this notion that hype is a good thing, it's nothing but setting expectations based on speculation, which can only lead to disappointment. stop hyping games!
dark-kyon  +   472d ago
WTF,beyond is a niche game what only gamers what like heavy rain and gamers what want something different to play gonna try ,everybody know what the game are gonna be hit or miss,love or hate.in a year or more this game can be the next heavy rain,deadly premonition.
i gonna not lie this game is not for me but i give thank to sony to provide something different.
admiralvic  +   472d ago
First off, Beyond: Two Souls was hardly hyped in the first place. It had advertisements, people talking about it, but it's not like Pokemon where a picture of a Mega Pokemon could get you 100+ degrees like nothing on N4G. Sony put in about as much (arguably less) effort than even PlayStation All-Stars, so unless you're suggesting paying for commercials is "overhyping", then it really wasn't.

The problem with Beyond: Two Souls is that many people wanted it to be better than it arguably was. Similar to how saying anything bad about Demon / Dark Souls makes you seem like a noob, we have a lot of people praising / "hyping" Beyond: Two Souls to seem cultured. A lot of people forget that there were plenty of complaints regarding the controls in Heavy Rain, how the endings played out and various elements of the story. The only difference this time, is that the story is a lot deeper and more edgy, which is bound to put people off.

With this being said, I would blame "stupidity" over overhyped if you didn't enjoy Beyond: Two Souls. Before you think I an some arrogant jerk, I meant stupid as in this game was obviously going to appeal to a small fraction of gamers. That has been the only consistent thing about this game since it was first revealed. Some people absolutely loved it, some people absolutely despised it and the rest were somewhere in between. Typically opinions aren't this polarized, so that should have been your first warning sign. The second should have been how they were trying to be unique, which doesn't always result in success or appeal.
Kristi78968  +   472d ago
I see what you mean, and don't worry, I won't argue you about it since it's your opinion. :)
Hicken  +   472d ago
As you describe it, though, the problem isn't actually with Beyond, at all, but people's unrealistic expectations of it.

Which is called hype. And yet... for some reason, they were expecting things that were never going to be there in the first place. How do you do that?

How do you hype up a game based on stuff that isn't even supposed to be there?

And then: how are you disappointed with the game when it doesn't do what you shouldn't have been expecting in the first place?

That's what's going on with Beyond in these reviews.

It goes on with too many games in too many reviews. And it's pretty stupid.
Pancit_Canton  +   472d ago
People needs to stop listening to so called gaming journalist. Pretty much everybody are biased against their opinion especially there's a intense console war going on. Neither sides are willing to give in and pretty much recruiting people on both sides. Gaming journalist are becoming a tool to fuel the intense heat of the war. So none of them should be trusted and just rely on your own judgement for the sake of your enjoyment.
admiralvic  +   472d ago
"People needs to stop listening to so called gaming journalist."

No one did, which was sort of the problem in this case. The game was always divided, though many people seem to forget this. From the first reveal to the demo, we saw many conflicting opinions from both big and small sites, so this is not another Declassified where pretty much everyone thought it was a lock for "system seller' then died horribly on the battlefield.

"Pretty much everybody are biased against their opinion especially there's a intense console war going on. Neither sides are willing to give in and pretty much recruiting people on both sides."

This console "war" really only exists in a lot of peoples heads and has little impact on the world around us. If this statement were true, then we would have saw Rayman Legends get destroyed for not longer being a Wii U exclusive or being the best version... yet it still managed a 91 on metacritic. Other exclusives like The Puppeteer managed an 81 quite nicely, so there isn't much backing in this statement. However, I will agree that we sometimes see articles / editorials based on these issues for sake of views.

"Gaming journalist are becoming a tool to fuel the intense heat of the war. So none of them should be trusted and just rely on your own judgement for the sake of your enjoyment."

Wouldn't this just leave everyone on square one? Impressions were mixed. Demo reception was mixed. Reviews were mixed. I don't see why people fail to notice this consistent element with the game. Sure people should go off what they feel over trusting some person on the internet, but it's not like some people randomly took a 180 out of nowhere or undeniable praise. In fact, I recall more hype coming from users than the journalists if you want my honest opinion.
Bundi  +   471d ago
So this game was given bad reviews by people on the other side of the console war? Wow.
Bathyj  +   472d ago
Beyond wasn't overhyped at all, if anything it's snuck in largely unnoticed. And the majority of reviews are positive. You know what majority means right? It means there are more positive than not positive. I've fallen flat on my fave and that's not the term I would use to describe beyonds reception.
Heisenburger  +   472d ago
"You know what majority means right? It means there are more positive than not positive."

That's..... that's not what majority means.

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Bathyj  +   472d ago
I'm pretty sure if something is more than half, it's the majority.
Heisenburger  +   471d ago
I was teasing you as if you were saying the definition of majority was-- nvm.

If you can't get it, you can't get it.

That's the curse of always being the smartest person in the room.


It's a gift and a curse.
_QQ_  +   472d ago
This game was def hyped to the roof by the the super David cage damage control squad. at least on this site.
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Heisenburger  +   472d ago
Hyped to the, but not exceeding the roof yo.

BobBelcher  +   472d ago
I think the great story-driven games deliver based on proper balance between gameplay and story. Good gameplay can still be ruined by poor story telling and great stories can be ruined by lacking gameplay. If a game is hellbent on telling a story and ignores the more entertaining aspects of gameplay... Often times it can fail. TLOU is a perfect balance of both, which is why people love it and use it as a paramount example of what a game should be.
Soldierone  +   472d ago
In this instance, the hype helped the game. because of the hype, people still played it, and enjoyed it none the less. If the hype wasn't there, people would have overlooked it, and the reviews would have killed it entirely.
thelaughingwiseman  +   472d ago
Hey Author of the article. Play the game and make up your own damned mind. Don't rely on reviews to play a game or not. If you think one is interesting rent it.
Kristi78968  +   472d ago
Hey sir! Sup?

I've done so in the past. I loved games that reviewers didn't like. No More Heroes, Rune Factory, etc.

I will still play Beyond despite the reviews because I never said I wouldn't. My expectations were lowered because of them and hell, some gamers who aren't reviewers and loved Heavy Rain didn't like this game.
thelaughingwiseman  +   472d ago
I'd be inclined to be more intrigued than disheartened by news of low scores. It has polarizing scores, in fact. The scores for this game are all over the place. If you are basing your expectations on the bad ones, then why not get the full scope and read the reviews that thought the game was Great, Above average, and Average? Why be affected by one side of the spectrum. A journalist isn't suppose to be subjective. See all sides, try and get as close to the source as possible (like playing the game) and then passing your own judgement.
Tapioca Cold  +   472d ago
To the author:

You said above that a game shouldn't receive a low score because of hype?

"shouldn't happen to a game that was hyped like Beyond was!"

What does hype have anything to do with score? That's how all you gamers are. You guys hype stuff beyond belief. it's comical. Remember Haze. ha! What a piece of trash that was. And PS Fanboys were like hyped up chimpanzees freaking out about how awesome it would be. can't anyone have the foresight to see this nowadays? really.
Silly gameAr  +   472d ago
Yikes. I remember when Too Human got some pretty insane hype too, and how did that turn out? Crazy days,weren't they?
Bundi  +   471d ago
Twisted Metal, PASBR, Starhawk, Sly Cooper...go check out the first couple of low scoring reviews and you'll see that PS3 fans have been at this with every ps3 over hyped game that doesn't meet the lofty expectations they put on it.
Silly gameAr  +   471d ago
I like how you mention all PS3 exclusives. Lets see if you can do that with 360 exclusives...
animegamingnerd  +   472d ago
whenever i see a game get like 9's and 10's i usually just expect a great game but not one of the best games of the generation and best games of all time
wishingW3L  +   472d ago
do you enjoy the games yourself or through a review? I thought the game was amazing and that's what matters the most.
slimeybrainboy  +   472d ago
This game didnt even have much hype. Noone was deeply amazed by the game before it game out. I think everyone was hopeful that it would be a great game, but after TLoU and GTA V I think everyone was aware that this game would not be in the same league but still held a little hope.

There wasnt much hype about this game pre-release. And half the reviews just bang on about the fact there's no real gameplay, but that's just completely missing the point. I still think Cage has a lot to improve on, but I think he makes good enough games, he just needs a few key pieces in his team.
WitWolfy  +   471d ago
The game wasn't really ever hyped.. They just lied here and there about the games mechanics is all.. still a good game though...
sprinterboy  +   471d ago
I think the review scores come into play with which ending the reviewers chose, the One I chose was perfect and I scored it a 9/10 but after watching the alternative endings I can see why some were disappointed. SPOILER, I had no feeling for Ryan at all in the game and don't see why anyone would Go that route in the game but hey that's just me, homeless option all the way for me. Great game but have to admit I enjoyed heavy rain that bit more.
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