Crytek answers the call of Rome with Ryse

Patrick Budmar writes: We caught up with Crytek producer, Michael Read, during Microsoft’s Xbox One showcase in Sydney to talk about the development of Ryse: Son of Rome.

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christocolus1683d ago

good work guys lookinc forward to its release...but pls tell me more about the single player aspect especially the inclusion of fantasy and dark magic...that really got me more interested.

lifeisgamesok1683d ago

There's so much potential for this game. And Crytek are very confident in the final product seeing how they are already talking about what they can do with the sequel

Gods and mythical creatures created under Cryengine

Sign me up

christocolus1683d ago

im with you bro...a few days ago crytek revealed a new video via gamespot showing the inclusion of an undead roman soldier(brought back to life by a godess) in the should check that out really looking forward to the single player aspect now..

lifeisgamesok1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Thanks man that sounds cool I definitely have to look it up on break

The campaign will be awesome I bet

MightyNoX1683d ago

Crytek: "Graphics are more important than gameplay."

Nothing else need be said about Crytek or their 'demos'

DonFreezer1683d ago

Shut your mouth. PS fantrolls like you are the first to cry about specs and graphics. If you don't care about graphics why do cry so much when a payed dev mentions the 50 more powerful bullshit.

MCTJim1683d ago

Launch title for better not disappoint!!