Interview: PC Gaming's Biggest Roadblock

Speaking with GFW global director Kevin Unangst, you get the impression that the PC gaming market is vastly misunderstood by the press, gamers and also many in the industry. It's this lingering "is PC gaming dead/dying/in retirement?" question that has laid heavy on the minds of consumers who pay hundreds of dollars on the latest GPU and game companies who have invested millions of dollars in PC game development.

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Bolts3893d ago

The PC used to be the rallying platform for the hardcore gamers while the console was the domain of the more casual fans. But today it seems they switched roles. Now the hardcore guys own PS3 and 360s while the more casual and nitch gamers play on the PC.

Its ironic really, the PC now has a iron grip on the casual demographic that 360 and PS3 can only dream of. Look at all the Sims games that being sold and the countless millions of people all over the world playing everything from Party Poker to Gems online for hours and hours. Then there's the digital download segment and free content thats making a mockery outta Xbox Live.

And I haven't even touched MMOs like WoW or free MMOs like Mythos which has no equal on the console.

ulath6663893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

imho truly hardcore players will never leave PC gaming.
No console game is customizeable enough to suit hardcore clans and pros.
Like playing Cod4 clanmatches with vanilla settings. Its just horrible.
I mean progaming on consoles is a joke compared to PC.

Ive always played on my consoles but gamed on my PCs. i cant see my self pouring down hour after hour on Cod4/halo 3 the same way ive played COD 4 on pc.
FPS is to slow. Real rts must be played with a mouse and keyboard. Playing with a controller feels like running in the special olympics comapred to playing with a mouse. And how will you achive more than ~ 30 actions per minute on a controller? (High end wc3/sc players go a good bit over 100 apm during the most intense moments.) Sure you can connecta m&k to a PS 3 nowadays but we are a loooong way from any game requiring it(atm i think it would be a financial suicide). And any game made to fit a controller wont play the same.
Consoles feels like childs play to me...

Palodios3893d ago

I honestly don't think PC Gaming's decline could be considered "healthy".