Call of Duty: Ghosts: Why It's Still and May Always Be the Biggest Shooter on the Market

The best games to play with your friends are those that are easy to pick up and learn in a few minutes. Everyone wants to have at least one of these games around for when friends come over, and for many, the Call of Duty series fills this purpose. While many people dislike Call of Duty for its simplicity, it is the quintessential first person shooter, and it fills the genre well. With the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward is making a few tweaks to the game model, but they're largely staying with what works.

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vgcgames1806d ago

I believe since the release of Modern Warfare. The Call of Duty franchise took off and raised the bar. Now it's a must have game.

Crossbones1806d ago

pfft... HAHAHA!!!!!! dats hilarious!!!

FITgamer1805d ago

I believe since the release of Modern Warfare 2, the Call of Duty franchise has been stale. Now i'm not sure why people still buy it.

(I fixed your comment for you)

Mannerlax1805d ago

you sir, are a sad man.

hiredhelp1806d ago

While there better titles out there unfortuantly the headline s True..
But as ive always said to my mates take aay the perks imagin no killstreak rewards... Would the game be as popular?

xHoii1805d ago

What? Lol
It's like me saying take away the vechiles and the large maps from battlefield, would it still be popular?
I mean I don't understand your point with that comment.

hiredhelp1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I mean the only reason why people hooked cos dam perks kill streaks.
Other games followed suit or tryed isnt it time for a New engine bring something New to the table..
Thats why i pre orderd titan fall pc cos its differnt new direction from creators of callof duty.

obelix011805d ago

Just have fun & play what you want

Mannerlax1805d ago

COD is just a lame repeat every time. maybe a few things added, but its so boring and the only thing to do is shoot.

Battlefield 4 is the most action packed shooter that has been made! if you think COD is better, well, u should end your

hiredhelp1805d ago

End your life bit overkill lol.
Yeh BF has alot more in game longer rank up plenty unlocks bigger maps much more to do.
There always gonna have your split devide gamers. Some prefer COD easy pick up play Some bit more hardcore want more challange prefer BF.
As for cod getting old your right but if EA keeps doing BF that get old too. Exception of Bad Company