'Call of Duty' Time - Slew of New 'CoD: Ghosts' Commercials

8CN: Six new Call of Duty: Ghosts commercials came out today featuring everyday people recounting their exploits in the game. While it sounds boring, each video is pretty amusing in an awkward, embarassing kind of way. Check out the others after the break.

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BobBelcher1806d ago

Lol... great commercial. Loving the non-verbal reference.

In before the cool kids chalk this up to a BF>CoD fiasco.

CoD and BF aren't the same... GOI.

Starbucks_Fan1806d ago

ROFL that was a great commercial! The COD series has always had good commercials.

Jovanian 1806d ago

Well I suppose if your gameplay can't speak for itself then the next best thing is to make a funny, unrelated commercial

TheBrownBandito1806d ago

Gonna change my username to "The_Janitor" :)

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