Character Of The Year: Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips from Grand Theft Auto V could be considered the Character of the Year.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1558d ago

Trevor is bloody awesome but i wanna give a shout out to Lamar who may have been a muppet he was entertaining as hell.

mattdillahunty1558d ago

i haven't even played GTAV yet, but i'm just gonna go out on a limb and say HELL NO, Ellie takes that award easily.

dougr1558d ago

You haven't even played GTA so why even offer an opinion?

InMyOpinion1558d ago

Because teh cell told him to...

goldwyncq1558d ago

As awesome as Ellie was, no foul-mouthed teenage girl can go against the mighty Trevor Phillips.

Tiqila1558d ago

what goldwyncq said. I thought ellie was the best a long time too, then GTA V came and now its Trevor. You should give it a try mattdillahunty

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Blaze9291558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I would definitely give Lamar videogame character of the year. Hands down. No competition.

1558d ago
omi25p1558d ago

Yeah me to he was so niavely funny

goldwyncq1558d ago

Lame-ar? Dude's not even funny in the slightest.

Goro1558d ago

Damn, you crazy ma nigga

Tiqila1558d ago

that dude was getting on my nerves...

uncharted561558d ago

The way he said the n word to Franklin was funny and his conversations with Trevor were just hilarious lol.

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3-4-51558d ago

Trevor is great...but...

He is a piece of s***, and near the end of GTA5 becomes nothing but a whinny little annoying B****.

He is a solid character and definitely memorable though.

Neo-Axl1558d ago

I agree with mattdillahunty, I'd give Ellie the honor this time around.

wls10121558d ago

the year my as... best ever!!!

Pancit_Canton1558d ago

Yeah he's a real role model. /s

Sometimes, I don't know why we reward such bad behavior. Society just blows my mind every time.

STICKzophrenic1558d ago

No one said he's a role model. He's a CHARACTER, meant to entertain, which is exactly what he does. Get over yourself.

Fez1558d ago

Completely agree. He doesn't have to be a role model, cos I wouldn't exactly call Michael or Trevor that either, but the things Trevor does is just too far even for a GTA character.

I mean in his first scene he stamps the brains out of a previous GTA character that lots of people probably got attached to in some way. If you're trying to make a character unlikable then Rockstar did everything right with Trevor.

He is the main antagonist of the game, and the sickest GTA character of all time. I don't know why people think he's all that? It made the final choice incredibly easy for me.

goldwyncq1558d ago

He's not the main antagonist. Did we even play the same game?

Fez1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Okay he's not technically the main antagonist of the game but he is clearly the most despicable character in the game. Those guys from the FIB and that Devin guy are nothing compared to Trevor.

I think Rockstar just went too far with what he does. We know he kills innocent people as opposed to obvious video game "baddies" and that he is a massive bully. He likes torture for tortures sake. He rapes his friends too if the rest isn't enough.

It is possible to make bad guys likable. The last film I saw at the cinema was Filth, where the main character is a right bastard but still has elements of humanity that make him likable. Trevor is clearly mental, and any softer side to him, or moments of self-awareness, only serves to make him seem even creepier and more psychotic.

Did you pick up any hitchhikers with Trevor? You have the option to drop them off with that cult in the mountains. The first two times I did what I felt that character would do, and took them there (the fact that he knows where and how to take them shows he has done business with them before.) That this was even an option shows what kind of character Rockstar wanted Trevor to be, and for me it was just too far.

There surely is only one choice for the canon ending...

Killjoy30001558d ago

Kind of the point, bro. Trevor stomping out Johnny right when you meet him for the first time in-game is pretty much R* saying "You thought Johny was badass and didn't give a f*ck? Meet Trevor."

Bathyj1558d ago

Well hes definitely in the top 2 at the moment. I havent played Beyond yet so it could become a 3 horse race. I think Jodie Holmes will leave me breathless.

He would certainly be the most entertaining but, hands down.

CaptainYesterday1558d ago

I have played both games and I agree with you, and we both are going to get a shit ton of disagrees because of Beyond Two Souls..

Tiqila1558d ago

cant disagree with your opinion, but from what I have played so far, Jodie Holmes is no match for ellie (the last of us).

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