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Opinion: Why The PS4 Is The Right Choice

NZGamer writes why you should buy a PS4 for this upcoming Holiday season. (PS4)

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ZHZ90  +   473d ago
PS4TW, what else can I say other than that. :)

@xHeavYx, don't also forget the talent of Sony's 1st Party Studios too.
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xHeavYx  +   473d ago
More powerful yet cheaper, gimmicks are not the main selling point, but great games. Really talented first party studios that offer a wide variety of games, something that helps Sony not to rely on timed exclusives. There are many reasons why the PS4 is the right choice when it comes to gaming
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DragonKnight  +   473d ago
Don't forget dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are so new and all the rage these days*

*Disclaimer: If you ignore that the PS3 had dedicated servers.
DA_SHREDDER  +   473d ago
Go best stuff will be coming down the roads in the future. But I can't wait till KZ:SF, especially if they go beyond the operations mode, and jet packs and mech suits. I wanna fly more futuristic vehicles.
Ezz2013  +   473d ago
i know every one can have his opinion and right to choose what he want and i really respect that

but i can't think of a simple reason that would make me buy X1 over ps4 which is
100$ cheaper
better hardware
sony will support it even after ps5 come out
sony's 1st/2nd party studios
ps+ that offer tons of free games
party chat is free
Gaikai cloud
among alot of features

ps4 is the console with no disadvantages at all
just dvantages
and any one who disagree
feel free to point what i said was wrong
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PoSTedUP  +   473d ago
The_Con-Sept  +   473d ago
Yeah socom h hour! Yeah! gonna get my ps4 on day one and wait for socom.
CraigandDayDay  +   473d ago
The PS4 is the right choice for me.

Cross Game Chat is a console feature, not a service feature. Everyone can use it, not just paid subscribers, unlike with Xbox.

Netflix can be used without a subscription to PS+, unlike with XBox.

ETc. ETc. ETc.
Eonjay  +   473d ago
Considering that most games will be on both consoles, the PS4 is the easy choice with its cheaper price and better specs.
sckipt  +   472d ago
You forgot how Sony stands up for gamers and saved this gen of consoles
mewhy32  +   472d ago
50% more powerful
TRUE exclusives
Best developers on the globe
true next gen controller
best online
doesn't look like a 1980's VCR
doesn't include prism "window into the living room"
100.00 less for more powerful machine
games will run in 1080p not 900p like the bone
no 180's from Sony
remote play on vita
PSN less expensive that live
the share button
blue tooth
Is all about the games and not cable tv
makes no excuses
devs around the world praising it's design
most powerful gaming console ever conceived. BANG
Red_Devilz  +   473d ago
IMO Sony 1st party talent is the real reason why PS4 is the right choice. Rest ( consumer friendly policies, no forced camera, powerful hardware, price to name a few) all come second to their 1st party talent.

I don't know how many have noticed that ND, Sony's one of the biggest studios, is not even launching game during PS4 launch window. That tells you how big Sony Worldwide Studios really is. After amazing TLOU, I just can't imagine what awesome stuff ND can bring to next-gen. (hope Uncharted 4 with dramatically different play style e.g. open world)

LOL...someone in this thread is on "disagree" rampage. I wonder who could that be? :D
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xHeavYx  +   473d ago
I love getting phantom disagrees but no facts as of why
nategrigs  +   473d ago
This is true, but the likelyhood of future third party games being better on the ps4 is another huge selling point for me.
The_Con-Sept  +   473d ago
Too many games coming out even now for ps3. It really makes it hard to save for the ps4 when all the late dead ringers have suddenly come about.
Section8  +   472d ago
To be honest I like Uncharted just the way it is.
Bathyj  +   473d ago
PS4 is the right choice because....

Have you been gaming for the past 20 years?
Have Sony EVER not delivered?
dcj0524  +   472d ago
Launch of ps3. But then Warhak came out and blew my mind!
oqacatto587   472d ago | Spam
Eddie20101  +   472d ago
The PS4 is My console of choice.
Pancit_Canton  +   473d ago
The PS4 Is The Right Choice - Fact
hellzsupernova  +   473d ago
Opinion actually
black0o  +   473d ago
more power
biggest/the best in house devs
long term support
and legacy

its simple logic the PS4 is the right choice but that doesnt mean the x1/wii U is the wrong one
hellzsupernova  +   473d ago
i agree 100% black0o but he was stating his opinion as fact. ive bought a ps4 its all paid for its my console of choice.

Im just saying that it isnt a fact.
goldwyncq  +   472d ago
You're in N4G buddy.
Section8  +   472d ago
Actually if you look at it statistically, PS4 is the right choice.
TechMech2  +   473d ago
Opinion. Don't state your opinion as fact. It makes you look like a fanboy.
DragonKnight  +   473d ago
Like you said in the Xbox One version of this article..

"Don't argue with my opinion"
reko  +   473d ago

trolling again?
TechMech2  +   472d ago
I'm not a troll. I'm simply one of the few people with common sense on this website as opposed to the fan boys that worship their systems.
NatureOfLogic  +   473d ago
Article +1

OT: I agree. Every gamer should own the most powerful console ever made come November.
MRMagoo123  +   473d ago
I am really getting excited about my new ps4, still a month and half to go for me tho, i have it paid off along with 4 games so far (killzone, watchdogs, AC4 and BF4) then all those free 2 play games and free games from PSN plus will be just icing on the only cake worth having imo.
Implying there is a wrong choice.
DragonKnight  +   473d ago
There is.
DigitalRaptor  +   473d ago
There is a choice.

Either support an anti-consumer disgrace, or support a company that gives you options, the best value for your money, the superior technology and is focused on gaming without compromise.
Fireseed  +   472d ago
Here's a though. What if the "anti-consumer disgrace" is the only one with games that I;m even remotely interested in? Should I switch to the "company that gives you options, the best value for your money, the superior technology and is focused on gaming without compromise" even if I'll be bored to tears (aside from anything Naughty Dog does)? Dammit and here I thought games were about playing the ones you liked! Please teach me! Cause apparently I've been doing it all wrong :S
Hicken  +   472d ago
In that case, don't buy either one.

Anyway, if there's nothing that's ever been on a PlayStation console that's interested you- or, in this case, if Naughty Dog games are it- I have to wonder if you were doing it wrong, as well.

Even though I hate Microsoft, there are multiple games from various developers in various genres that interest me on the 360; the same will probably be true for the XB1, even if it's not true just yet. And this is in spite of the fact that many of the fools on this site think I'm a Sony fanboy(I admit to being a bigger fan of Sony than Nintendo or Microsoft, though).

But you're saying the ONLY games that will ever and have ever interested you are the ones with Naughty Dog's paw print? No inFamous, MotorStorm, LBP, Killzone, GT, God of War? No Heavy Rain, or any of the myriad JRPGs, Dynasty Warriors, Gundam, or anything else?

Yeah, I think you ARE doing it wrong.
gamertk421  +   473d ago
DragonKnight  +   473d ago
DigitalRaptor  +   473d ago
Sure it is.
OrangePowerz  +   473d ago
While I look forward to Killzone, DriveClub and inFamous Second Son the main reason for me is what comes in the future, because Sony has great 1st and 2nd Party Studios like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Studio Japan, Guerrilla Games, Sucker Punch, Quantic Dreams, Team Ico and so on.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   472d ago
If team ICO ever gets around to making a game...
DigitalRaptor  +   473d ago | Well said
Because it offers the best value.

Because it's the most powerful console ever created.

Because it gives you more options.

Because it has an amazing online network, with an absolutely incredible array of new features, which will be constantly evolving and offering new features for your money.

Because it has the best and most talented in-house developers behind it.

Because it has a far more diverse lineup, notably in terms of Japanese content.

Because Sony has a legacy of supporting their consoles well, right up until the end.

Because they are committed to giving their consumers real exclusive content which equals added value. 21 publishers involved in deals for exclusive content. http://www.vg247.com/2013/0...

Because they have made it their prerogative to welcome indies on board early, and as such, they will always have the best support.

Because the PS4 was designed in tandem with the Vita, which means that if you own both, you get a much richer experience.

Because the direct competition is anti-consumer and you'd be a fool to support them, and by buying a PS4 you'd be supporting a company that is actually non-detrimental to gaming and the industry in general.
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Ezz2013  +   473d ago
take all my bubbles
nategrigs  +   473d ago
Yeah this is exactly how I feel. Well said
Jury  +   472d ago
_QQ_  +   473d ago
If you prefer Sony exclusives get a PS4 not much else to it.
GraveLord  +   473d ago | Well said
If you prefer multiplatform games, pick a PS4.
$100 cheaper and its the most powerful console so games will look better on it.
IIZANGETSUII  +   473d ago
Oh yeah because thats what happened in the PS3/360 era......LOL
Ezz2013  +   473d ago

again with this ?!!

short answer: ps3 was hard to work with because it's using diffrent hardware than pc/360
so that's why in it early years xbox was the lead system in multiplat games because it was very easy to program and port it to ps3

on the other hand ps4 is as easy as xbox1 or even more
since both are using the same hardware with ps4 getting the more powerful specs
so it nearly impossible for that to happen with ps4
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Section8  +   472d ago
Have fun paying for Netflix twice and paying for demo's.
_QQ_  +   472d ago
What are you talking about? do i need to pay for demos on ps4? i have netflix on my wiiu or PC...
Section8  +   472d ago
I meant if the exclusives are what you're getting at. There's way more to the PS4 than the xbox. I think it's retarded that on xbox you have to have a subscription to watch Netflix even though you already pay for Netflix.
jah-Fu  +   473d ago
I saw this same thing on a pamphlet given to me by an old lady except it replaced ps4 with jesus. If sony churches start popping up i running for the hills.
Red_Devilz  +   473d ago
Wow...exact same thing happened with me. An old lady gave me a pamphlet with XobxOne word in it instead of Jesus (no disrespect to JC).

Grow up. You don't need pamphlets to convince someone that PS4 is most powerful console this generation. Just read above comments you'll understand why people are supporting Sony. Its not about their faith in Sony as you describe. It is all about what you get with Sony versus others, at a lesser price (Nintendo and MS both)

If you are rooting for PC, well, PS4 is still less expensive with comparable PC and has more exclusives.
DragonKnight  +   473d ago
Just saw this site trying to play both sides as though they weren't. I'm personally voting both stories down.
TechMech2  +   473d ago
I like halo. Xbox one is the right choice for me.
nategrigs  +   473d ago
Fair enough. Hope you enjoy it
TechMech2  +   472d ago
itisallaboutps  +   473d ago
Opinion articles are very provocative

In other words they are made to waste space and to rake in clicks.
infinitewords  +   473d ago
IMO, it is the only choice, if only for the first party titles.
tulholdren  +   473d ago
Been the only right choice for me since day 1 because of the Games the Exclusive Games...
ssj27  +   473d ago

BF4 and CODG two very popular games with. Huge fan base.

Plus f2p fps that are on the PS4.

All sony has to do is market all the fps experience that you can get on the PS4, a experience that you can't get on the xbone.

Let's not ignore that shooter sales way more than gladiator games, specially in the US!
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Chapter11  +   473d ago
Look whose desperate for hits.
S2Killinit  +   473d ago
because its never let me down. not once have they stopped making the games during a generation. I know when I buy a Playstation I'm going on the full ride.
GrandpaSnake  +   473d ago
Blacklight: Retribution ,DC Universe Online, Planetside 2 Warframe, free

ps+ free games, Don't Starve, Outlast ,Secret Ponchos

infamous,killzone(shooter with more history than halo),deep down, gran turismo and thats just off the top of my head.

if you so chose to want voice commands and a camera experience you can buy the camera.

smaller more ergonomic console, improved controller, larger developer support, long term console support, highly accessible and responsive UI with customization, stylish design, pioneer of both disc based and blue ray gaming, hardware longevity. i think i missed a few but that my pinion.
IIZANGETSUII  +   473d ago
PS4 will be the best console out there that's for sure but Killzone with more story than Halo? LOL
stuna1  +   472d ago

He didn't say story! He said history, which is true.
But that is not to say people are not entitled to their own opinion.
strigoi814  +   473d ago
i dont need opinions. i take facts...and clearly PS4 is the way to go this nextgen no hidden things beyond teh cloudz wake up...
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patsrule316  +   473d ago
Another article that lists Resogun as PS+, but it has only been confirmed as PS+ Europe, not confirmed for North America yet.
kratos17  +   473d ago
Naughty Dog is all the convincing i need.
kratos17  +   473d ago
I'll be getting the Xbox one eventually.
LaidBakLazyHippo  +   472d ago
Does anyone know if ps4 will get the xfinity app?
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   472d ago
I will buy a PS4 because of the great times I had and still am having with my PS3.
AceBlazer13  +   472d ago
when the majority's opinion is the same it's basically a fact at that point.
macalatus  +   472d ago
My fellow Sony gamers, the best way to help solve this conundrum is rather to ask this question: What is it that you value?

If you value games that promote mature themes because Sony knows that you are a mature and intelligent gamer that doesn't just indulge in mind-rotting shooters, then the Sony Playstation 4 is for you.

If you value playing free, high-quality games for the annual price of a brand-new game and NOT feeling forced to do so in order to watch Netflix, then the Sony Playstation 4 is for you.

If you value good gaming camaraderie that goes beyond political and/or geographical borders while at the same time NOT dealing with immature brats, then the Sony Playstation 4 is for you.

If you value and believe that supporting and funding indies today will later grow and evolve into full-sized studios that will provide big-budgeted, new IPs then the Sony Playstation 4 is for you.

If you value a console design which just screams that its owner is a classy, mature, and intelligent gamer, then by all means the Playstation 4 is for you!


If you value gimmicks that can transform your console into a "talking console" which in turn becomes a "proxy girlfriend" because you're lonely/single, then the Xbox One is for you.

If you like playing brain death inducing and soulless shooter games that treats is players as basically everyone under the age of 15, then the Xbox One is for you.

If you value playing a "gimped" console which can only be "un-gimped" by annually paying for the right to be connected to "teh clawdz", then the Xbox One is for you.

Last but not the least...

If you, at least once, valued the idea of paying a full-retail price for ANY game, and either didn't know it or blatantly ignored the fact that you HAVE to pay an annual subscription fee in ORDER to play your "personally owned" games, then the Xbox One is for you.

My fellow Sony gamers, the choice is now clearer than ever, and how you want to be viewed as a gamer can be gauged by your answers to the above criteria.

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!
gamer2013  +   472d ago
Funny joke right?
bmx_bandit  +   472d ago
How does it feel being a tool of a Billion-Dollar-Company?

Looking at your comment-history, all I can say:

Poor guy, get a life. Get a girl. Get friends.
Or get at least a well paid Sony-PR-Job for writing such nonsense.

You have serious issues. Get a doctor.
OmegaShen  +   472d ago
More powerful, $100 less, free games thanks to Plus for PS3,PS4 and PS Vita. An you don't have someone spying on you through your cam.
macalatus  +   472d ago
Ooops...double post due to laggy connection.

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!
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Max-Zorin  +   472d ago
I grew up playing games on multiple systems. And I will continue to do that. This time around I'll have the PS4 and I'm looking into PC gaming. And I might get the Wii U for games such as Smash bros, 4, Metroid, etc.
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