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Submitted by jbl316 777d ago | opinion piece

Opinion: Why The Xbox One Is The Right Choice

NZGamer writes why you should get an Xbox One this upcoming Holiday season. (Xbox One)

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NatureOfLogic  +   777d ago
You can plug in you cable box. Other than that, no reason to buy a glorified voice remote with target ads. Keep in mind this only my opinion.
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malokevi  +   777d ago
I'v got two good reasons: ease of use, and... wait for it... VIDEOGAMES!

Shocking, I know, but some people still play those.
cleft5  +   777d ago | Well said
Trying to justify the Xbox One price at $500 is like trying to justify the PS3 price at $500 to $600 when it was first released, the whole thing is pointless.

If people out there are okay with spending $500 for a console, than thats fine. I wish everyone the best with their purchase, but I am going with the console that best fits my needs and has the right price for me.
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PoSTedUP  +   777d ago
because Microsoft respects and shows appreciation to its fans. they dont poop on them like thoes greedy bastards at Sony.
if you want the best games this holiday season microsoft has the most powerful console with the best and most first party studios with a diversity that cripples the competition in comparison. dey also have a kinect.
JokesOnYou  +   776d ago
Well everybody has an opinion speaking for myself X1 is my choice because of the games, controller, xbl, plus kinect functionality both with the UI/in game implementation and tv integration, I like micros approach with X1 this gen. Wow, now that I think about it I'm pretty excited, we just have a little over a month for the X1 launch. Good times ahead my fellow gamers.
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Brix90  +   776d ago
@Posted Up

Everybody's entitled to an oppinion but a lot of what you said was pure 100% fanboy language. Don't get me wrong I think X1 is a fine machine but when you said MS has the best first party's and they have Kinect your statement was just moronic. Not trying to say that MS first partys are bad.

OT: I know fanboys hate Sony or MS but its better to have choice than be stuck with one thing. Some people on this site just get too excited with there purchases.
AdventurerDonLocke  +   776d ago

You are a Microsoft shill if I have ever seen one.
B_Real  +   776d ago
Cleft 5 = Paying $500 for an Xbox One is not like trying to justify the PS3 price of $600. $600 in 2006 would be like Sony trying to price the system at $696 today due to inflation: almost $200 more than the Xbox One. Stop comparing apples and oranges. Xbox One is proportionally the same price as the Xbox 360 was in 2005 due to inflation. The PS4 is just a great deal for the consumer: this doesn't mean that the Xbox One is overpriced.
Eonjay  +   776d ago
I am not really sold on the Xbox One. I am definitely getting a PS4, but I just don't feel compelled to pay more for an system that will have 90% of the same content as another the PS4 with lower specs and a higher price. I am so sick of cameras and I don't really like TV. That being said, I am interested in Project Spark.

Thats only because I like to develop (programming is more my thing - hence my love for Vita and its C# compatibility) but I would like to see more of Spark.

Right now, PS4 has won me over, I may get X1 one day but one when the price justifies its value to me.
P0werVR  +   776d ago

My opinion is that those same content will look as good if not better on the Xbox One, but will also play better.

You can mark this claim!

I have not seen anything graphically significant from PS4 "specs", to justify ANY claim that it would be better off played on PS4. Also, there is not doubt that Xbox One has better games from launch and on throughout next year. Too many titles coming next year to state otherwise.
PoSTedUP  +   776d ago
@brix90- im not a fanboy im just speaking the facts. also its a fact that microsofts service offers more free games, from free AAA games every month to f2p. youre right the X1 is a fine machine im just stating my facts on why im buying one this holiday. i only hate sony because they are money hungry and dont really care about me. they have some good games but sorry if i sounded like such a fanboy im just really excited about my purchase.
MRMagoo123  +   776d ago

If you really believe the xbone versions of games will look better and perform better than the ps4 ones you are either too stupid to play games in the first place or just plain trolling.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   776d ago
Considering Xbox was an ok console the 360 was a great console. I can only imagine the X1 being better than the other 2.

I mean, that's what happens when releasing new consoles, they get better.
Brix90  +   776d ago
@Posted Up

I guess we can repsectfully agree to disagree but anyway the excitement is understandable, can't wait for next gen either.
FamilyGuy  +   776d ago
The PS3s launch price at $500-$600 WAS justified by the fact that it was a blu-ray playing device and ALL OTHER stand alone blu-ray players at the time were $500-$1000. Look it up, $500-$1000 for a stand alone blu-ray player.
On top of that it was wifi ready from the start, unlike the 360. It's controllers were wireless and had an internal rechargeable battery, also unlike the 360. Every console came with s HDD and allowed for all types of internal media to be stored and read. It had the Other OS option which allowed it to operate as a linux based computer. It was also backward compatible and played PS2 games with its inclusion of the PS2s emotion engine processor.

Talk about "apples to oranges", the PS3s price was MORE THAN "justifiable" and bin fact Sony loss $200 on every launch system sold.
In contrast to the Xbox One, the only thing justifying its high price is that Kinect 2.0, there's no other hardware specific reason for it launching at $500.

On topic:

The X1 has some games and features that separate it from the PS4 making it worth choosing over the PS4 but many of them will have to come out before they actually prove themselves. No matter how nice something is described or how good it looks in previews you have to try it for yourself before proclaiming it's "the best".
Aside from that fans of series like Halo and Forza have the biggest reason for grabbing an X1 over a PS4, true exclusives with huge fanbases. Launch titles alone shouldn't be a major selling factor though, console purchases are an investment and to really get your moneys worth you need to look to the future. I personally have more respect for the people that are getting an X1 for future prospects and games like Titanfall and Halo 5 over the ones basing their purchase solely on the launch line up.

I just hope everyone is happy with their decisions in the end, buyers remorse two months after launch (like Wii-U buyers) would be a horrible and probably hurt the industry if felt by too many people.
ohiostatesman  +   776d ago
Xbox One is the only choice for me. I play mainly online multiplayer. It has to be blazing fast with blazing fast demos. I need speed and Xbox Live is the only console network that can provide this speed. THE NEED FOR SPEED ONLY ON XBOX ONE.
Magicite  +   776d ago
Well yeah, its all about games anyway. If there will be enough exclusives, then it will be justified.
nypifisel  +   776d ago
It's easier to use a button, just saying.
ZodTheRipper  +   776d ago
double post
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ZodTheRipper  +   776d ago
I'd love to ask people in 1-2 years which console truly has the better games. Most people here are convinced of Microsofts better games and first party but have no idea at all. I'll just leave this here as a reminder
Insomnia_84  +   776d ago

Looks like nobody catched the sarcasm in your comments.


Just type the /s at the end, bro!
P0werVR  +   776d ago

Not a troll, just stating my "opinion". It's simple, you don't have to accept it. If anything I've seen worst comments on here that are more obvious trolls than my comments. For example, the first comment of this post. Now that is troll comment.


Well, it was Microsoft's choice or method of not emphasizing more on first party games for current gen, because they were dominating in overall games, even til' this day.

But this time around since competition on either side has no short cuts and both launch within the same time, Microsoft will bring all it's resources necessary. We will see that beginning with Sunset Overdrive, Halo and Black Tusk Studio's game....NEXT YEAR!
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RumbleFish  +   776d ago
@cleft5: you can't compare like this. The PS3 was also the best and cheapest BD-Player on the market and introduced that new tech.
The upcoming consoles don't bring new technology, so they are not that expensive.
The Xbox One brings a kinect that many gamers don't want/need and that's what makes the Xbone more expensive. One of the main reasons why it will have a hard time competing with PS4.
NewZealander  +   776d ago
@ AdventurerDonLocke

how is jokesonyou a Microsoft shill exactly? because he stated the features that excite him?

its sad that some people just cant accept people talking positivity about the opposing console.

for me theres one reason alone that makes X1 the right choice...


but the launch games look awesome, DR3 and ryse look amazing.
VENOMACR1227  +   776d ago
"Trying to justify the Xbox One price at $500 is like trying to justify the PS3 price at $500 to $600 when it was first released, the whole thing is pointless.

If people out there are okay with spending $500 for a console, than thats fine. I wish everyone the best with their purchase, but I am going with the console that best fits my needs and has the right price for me."

So just so I understand, $500 = out of your price point. $400 = can afford. Tell me, are you planning on buying games or accessories, or just buy the system to look at it? Your going to spend $500+ so the X1 would be within your price point. People seem like $500 is outrageous, but $400 is pennies.
crazyboom  +   776d ago
@malokevi I agree those are two great reasons to get the ps4:)
Biggest  +   775d ago
"So just so I understand, $500 = out of your price point. $400 = can afford. Tell me, are you planning on buying games or accessories, or just buy the system to look at it? Your going to spend $500+ so the X1 would be within your price point. People seem like $500 is outrageous, but $400 is pennies."

Can I have a side of "Tell me, are you planning on buying games or accessories..?" with that? While a person COULD buy a PS4 with zero games and still have tons of content for $400, let's just say they decide to buy games and accessories to equal $500. Does that mean the $500 for Xbone doesn't change, or will games and accessories be desired for that as well, bringing the total to well over $500? The price of Xbone is outrageous considering what you're paying for.
Gozer  +   777d ago | Well said
I beg to differ. The X1 offers In-game video chat, voice recognition, IR blaster to control your whole home theatre, motion controls, voice control, dedicated servers on the cloud, rumble in the controllers triggers, game improvements on the cloud, Ryse, Dead Rising 3,Forza 5, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, and the list goes on and on. There are plenty of good reasons to go with the X1.
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XB1_PS4  +   777d ago
BigShotSmoov007  +   777d ago
I'm sold!!!!
shoddy  +   776d ago
AA batteries and power bricks
XB1_PS4  +   776d ago
@shoddy Neither of which make me think otherwise about my console. They're so meaningless to me, that the only time I think of them is when I see someone on here say it.
TyBREAKR  +   776d ago
Dude........batteries? Still? Wtf?
shivvy24  +   776d ago
Im getting ps4 , if sunset overdrive turns out to be awesome ill get an x1 too
Agent1  +   776d ago
It's amazing the amount of disagrees you have for just posting your positive opinion about the X1.
Eonjay  +   776d ago

Because people disagree. Everyone gets an opinion.
Freedomland  +   776d ago

Count your reasons and keep on counting but i' m a gamer, i need great gaming experience with great looking games and great exclusives all other features are cherry on top like:

Gaikai,PSN+,DS4,Remoteplay,Vi tatv,PSeye and the greatest hardware.

And that's what you find only on Ps4.
BOLO  +   775d ago
HOLY SH!T an Infrared BLASTER for $500! Sign me the f@ck up! Don't need this Logitech universal remote controller anymore! Total innovation! Rumble in the triggers! Lets just put rumble in every damn button next-gen...Thanks Nintendo! THE CUMULONIMBUS...Whoa totally f@ckin blown away! -_-
HolyDuck  +   777d ago
Please remind me what innovations the PS4 is bringing this generation besides the upgraded hardware and a touch pad?

Oh... right. They're making a camera too, with voice controls, except you don't have to buy it, which makes it a gimmick.
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OrangePowerz  +   777d ago
You can have something that is mandatory and a gimmick.
Khajiit86  +   777d ago
How about 15 minute recording of games that you could save.... streaming live so ur friends could watch right on the ps4... while u are watching a game ur friend is streaming you could join within 7 seconds. There is more but thats what excites me... whats the xbox offering besides hdmi in?
scott182  +   777d ago
Good lord, Sony has had the camera since PS2, that would mean first for consoles... So how many damn times do people have to bring that up.

There are really no innovations at all for next gen between the two, name 1 thing that's new tech... just great hardware and games, that is what matters anyways.
Brix90  +   776d ago
@Holy Duck

Glad you have to put down the other console to justify your purchase. I swear fanboys on this site just can't buy there consoles be happy with what they got an shut up and play there games
HolyDuck  +   776d ago
@ Brix, to justify my purchase? As far as I'm aware the PS4 comes out first, so I'll be receiving that before my Xbox One, but okay, what ever you say.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   776d ago
The new innovations the PS4 is bringing are upgraded hardware and a touch pad.
ziggurcat  +   776d ago
explain, again, how you're not an xbox fanboy?

just because kinect comes included with the system, it's no longer a gimmick, but when you had to buy it separately, it was? kinect is a gimmick, no matter how you slice it.

your logic is seriously worse than logicwins', but i can't expect much from someone like yourself who apparently approves articles just to complain about how tired the subject matter is getting.
DigitalRaptor  +   776d ago
I'm trying to figure out how you're calling yourself a balanced unbiased gamer, but it's not happening. But in response to your "innovation" downplay, I'll bite:

1) Play games as they download
2) Watch live streams of games your friends are playing and jump into the multiplayer feature of that game within seconds.
3) Jump into another person's game over the network, to take over/co-op.
4) Stream classic games when Sony lets you in 2014.
5) Download the single player and multiplayer separately.
6) Smart systems calculate games that you want to play and downloads them automatically.
7) Application and game multitasking and state switching.
8) Instant resume - playing a game? Turn off PS4 -> go away for an hour -> turn the PS4 on and instantly resume the game without booting up.
9) Updates download in the background without you ever knowing.
10) Instantly upload, share and stream your gameplay to different social sites.
11) Remote play built into its core. If you invest in Vita TV, you can play on other devices and screens whilst another family member watches TV.
12) PS4 camera can be used to navigate the OS using voice commands, and probably hand gestures. It can do facial and speech recognition as well as games.
13) Dedicated tablet and mobile support for second-screen gaming. Results already out there.
14) PlayStation app to view your profile, friends progress, statuses and purchase games to be downloaded to your PS4 remotely.
15) Sony is bringing in unprecedented indie support and pushing those games to the forefront, handing indie developers the toolset which provides them the means to create unique, fun and impressive experiences very quickly and easily.
16) MMOs on console as a standard.
17) Free-to-play as a standard.
18) Cross-buy and cross-play as a standard.
19) DualShock 4 is completely refined and re-engineered, but maintains the classic PlayStation style.
20) DS4 has a touchpad, which has already given developers interesting ideas, and now that Valve is pushing a touchpad on their controller, it's going to look less and less "gimmicky" once it's put to use.
21) The light-bar on the DS4, means that the camera can see where players are positioned and on split-screen games it will shuffle the screen order. And that is just one possible use of the light-bar and how it can impact gameplay and experience.

See what i mean? That is just a seemingly partial list of things Sony have confirmed. Xbox fans are so desperate to make PS4 out as a PS3.5 that they'll ignore whatever they can, but what am I here for other than to expose the seemingly eternal bias and talk about games?
Insomnia_84  +   776d ago
This is the perfect example of what happens when people speak without the right info and knowledge of any topic, you make the most retarded comments!
Mr_Writer85  +   776d ago
The ability to play WHILST you download?

Being able to pause a game and turn off your PS4.

They are just two. That's before you talk about improved remote play.
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Imalwaysright  +   776d ago
Kinect is NOT inovative. It might have been 2 or 3 years AGO but not today. Kinect 2.0 is just "upgraded hardware" and a gimmick.
Bzone24  +   776d ago

I'm pretty sure a lot of your list is also features of the Xbox One.
corvusmd  +   777d ago
Aww the poor Sony Trolls have nothing better to do than be the first to post on an XB1 must suck to be that insecure and scared
OrangePowerz  +   777d ago
You must have forgotten the time 360 trolls always made fun of the PS3. The shoe is on the other foot this time and what goes around comes around.
Xsilver  +   776d ago
karma's a Bitch ;) xbox trolls enjoy.
slimpickens  +   776d ago
Yes there was time Sony fanboys talked much trash and then xbox fanboys did the same. The problem is there is no victory here. Soon we will have it full swing again and it will be on the other foot as you put it. This us an ongoing stupid battle.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   776d ago
@Orange Enough with that. "Back in the day", "back in the day", "back in the day". You and others used that excuse so many times its not rational anymore. Come up with some other rational reasons.

The last I checked MS fanboys never took down an ad like Sony fanboys, along with disgusting racist comments as well. Nintendo nor MS fanboys have NEVER done such a thing.

That's the first. Your fanbase is the most hated right now.

I'll simply play my PS4 and get on with gaming but I'll be super ashamed and embarrassed to call myself a Sony fan.

There's no excuse for your fanbase actions.

EDIT: @Raptor Lol GTFO with that crap trying to find some rational reasoning behind that. Your just like them and the guy in the video trying to make sense out of it. "MS is this and that, therefor they deserved the hate there MS Deserve the hate.Yeah from Sony fans. Fanboys giving an "Honest opinion" Is that guy slow or stupid? THEY ARE FANBOYS any opinion they have is biased.

I'm losing brain cells talkin to you fanboys. How you guys became so dumb and blind is WAY beyond me.

Don't even bother talking to me. You and me are on two different lvls I'm on the REAL side of gaming and your on the psycho no life side who supports what your fanbase did.

Your a fake and complete joke of gamer. And I'm a REAL gamer.
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oqacatto587   776d ago | Spam
DigitalRaptor  +   776d ago
So, you feel victimised? If this kind of thing affects you so much, I suggest you deal with it now rather than later, since it's clear Sony is in the better position going ahead in this generation, and all the fanboys arguments you can muster become hilarious double-standards that really don't affect you well at all.

No... we just realise that the right choice is not supporting an anti-consumer corporation that wants nothing more than to use your console as a trojan horse for advertising revenue and at some point in the future, to be able to control your purchases and the way in which you game and use your console. It's why they were so anxious to lead their way into living rooms, and put Kinect cameras in every household they can.

All because they haven't been able to carry out their manipulative anti-consumer master plan this generation, means nothing when:

1) DRM is in the console when it ships, and for good reason on their part.

2) They've admitted to bring back all the much-disdained policies for their next console, at the very least.

3) They are still full of lies and obtuse, anti-consumer policies.


@ AngelicIceDiamond

I suggest you watch this video if you want some actual logical clarification on the whole Toys R' Us video situation. You think they took down the video because of the "Racist" comments? How naive. boy, oh boy. Have you even paid attention to the comments of Nintendo and Xbox fanboys on youtube, when their console/company they love is put to valid criticism? Obviously not. Keep your blinders on, they obviously fit you well.
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Skankinruby  +   776d ago
lol you flood all of these posts with rampant gibberish and call sony fans insecure? You are the worst kind of troll, one who boasts as if to suggest you have a clue what youre talking about when in reality youre not saying anything that cant be summed up with 'microsoft rules! sony sucks! hahaha'. Just take a seat little boy and let reality soak into your pathetic fanboy head that microsoft is digging their own grave. And you better hope a new halo is in the works and comes out quick(twisting the knife into the irony of your claim that sony has 'tired exclusives') because xbox one is well on route to join the fate that hd dvd suffered. I dont expect a response as youve made it abundantly clear you cant handle someone shoving your nonsense back in your face.
Lykon  +   776d ago
the ps4 does number one bathrooms all over the shitty kinect box 180 and then the ps4 undoes its belt lower its pants and trousers , turns around (very muscular arse) then squats .. buttocks parting .. and does big meaty number two bathrooms all over the weak gaybone 180 .. then laughs... um ... then wipes its hole with an aloe vera wet wipe and drops that on the pile... then flushes. YEAH... although the one thing i'm worried about is the stupid fitness thing... you know those fat women who are always looking for the next fad (wii fit) well they could shift a lots of xbones and start some sort of craze ... it is a worry ...but sony will look after real gamers either way..i just want to see M$ destroyed and all it's fangirls crying.
Nocando  +   776d ago
That's more a childish outburst than an opinion.
jessupj  +   776d ago
double post
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Mystogan  +   776d ago
It can do much more than that. In fact it can do much more than the PS4.
3-4-5  +   776d ago
TitanFall, Project Spark, Forza 5, Fifa 14, Battlefield 4, Sunset Overdrive are all going to be really good games.

I missed out on all the PS1, PS2 & PS3 RPG's though over the years and now that I'm more into them, I want to get the system that I think they will end up on.

And that is the PS4. I'm just hoping I like the DS4 as all past playstation controllers are, IMO, trash.

Pros for both XB1 & PS4, but I see PS4 having a greater diversity while I see XB1 giving us better versions of what we already had but not being creative enough outside of maybe 3-4 games.
christocolus  +   776d ago
imo project spark, titanfall,sunset overdrive ,d4 and quantum break are quite diverse and if ms follows this trend we will definitly have a good mix of the tried and true genres and the fresh and new genres on the xbx one...
christocolus  +   776d ago
@nature of logic

why cant anyone state his opinions without you or others like you trying to twist it around...its an article and the guy is getting an xbx one and has stated why on the other hand aint getting one but you constantly follow these articles talking crap about the console question. why do positive xbx articles hurt you guys so much?or does it baffle you to see people interested in the console?.you know you could always go write your very own version of this article .stating your reasons for choosing your console of choice and why you think its better than that of the competition....dude you just need to chill out and be happy with whatever console you are getting and stop trying so hard to downplay other peoples choices and the way this is just my opinion and going by your name(nature of logic) i expect more from you dude....
bryam1982  +   776d ago
Well going by the story of xbox360 we know xbone wont have more games or.exclusives games 3 years and everyone knows.the spec is a better.machine I'm going whit.the.ps4 bcuz of exclusives and more.variety of game types I'm not too much.into.shooters so i wont get a xbone.since microsoft.consoles.are only good.for.shooters just this year ni no.kuni,sly cooper in times,god of war.ascension,,rain and.beyond2souls and waiting for tearaway are prove that sony is the best gaming company,this fantastic thanks
Beastforlifenoob  +   776d ago
NZgamer also made the same article with the ps4 so yes flaimbait website.
1OddWorld  +   777d ago
I am really having a problem with them doing another play to charge kit. You pay for a $60.00 remote then have to pay $24.99 for a kit. As far as I am concerned the XBOne remote costs $84.99 each. Even if you buy AA batteries its still an unnecessary cost they are passing on to the consumer.

PlayStation controllers have this feature built in for $60.00

Microsoft just nickels and dimes its customers to much. Watch the external harddrive will be a proprietary drive. Meaning you can only buy it from them and it will cost twice as much. Just like the 360.

Microsoft my wallet is empty I just want to play games.
Bigpappy  +   776d ago
Pay Nyko $20 and get 2 rechargeable packs with a longer cable. So that's $10 for each battery and a free cable.
Mystogan  +   776d ago
Ow that is awesome. Thanks I didn't know about this one. I'm getting two!
TyBREAKR  +   776d ago
Or have it be rechargeable!!! What a crazy concept!
Deltaohio  +   776d ago
You do know you can just put rechargeable batteries in. And if those die just play with the cord connected. This gives yon options. If the internal batteries dies you can replace them.
TechMech2  +   777d ago
Majin-vegeta  +   777d ago
Is over rated and went to trash after Halo 3.
corvusmd  +   777d ago
Completely wrong, Halo 4 is the best Halo ever, Halo 3 was the worst in the clearly are not a gamer

@nature of Logic, you are the most delusional fanboy ever. PS4 is riding the tired exclusives of Infamous that died with the second one and Killzone which all combined have sold 2 mil less than just Halo 4....yet the only one on your list that is at launch is Forza...and Halo doesn't have a release date, and Gears hasn't even been announced at is that riding exclusives? At least XB1 is branching out and creating new exclusives...that work. You are so really need to change your name. Don'y bother responding, I do not respect your opinion and will not read it.
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TechMech2  +   777d ago
Don't argue with my opinion.
TyBREAKR  +   776d ago
Your opinion. I loved halo 3 and hated 4.
TyBREAKR  +   776d ago
What a dick.
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KingKelloggTheWH  +   776d ago
Idk, Halo Reach was glorious. But now that Bungies gone Halo is kinda dead to me, 4 was horrible.
NatureOfLogic  +   777d ago
Halo, Gears and Forza right? How predictable. I think I'm starting to understand Xbox exclusives cycle.
TechMech2  +   777d ago
Good for you.
Mystogan  +   776d ago
X1 only has Forza at launch. Yet Sony has 2 of its biggest franchises in their lineup.

Microsoft has the strongest line up yet including launch and next year.
DigitalRaptor  +   776d ago
@ Mystogan

What's that second biggest franchise that Sony has in its launch lineup? Only Killzone comes to mind, so remind me.

And list the games you think make a stronger lineup for Microsoft for launch and next year and i'll give you a cookie if I can't name more games, both big name and smaller indie titles for PS4. Hint: the cookie stays in the jar.
LoydX-mas  +   777d ago
Ryse, Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break.....sorry I am sure there will be others that are different than Halo, Gears and Forza.
BigShotSmoov007  +   777d ago
Don't forget Crimson Dragon and Sunset Overdrive to name a couple more. Along with Killer Instint.
N4GDgAPc  +   776d ago
Really for me xbone and ps4 don't have that exclusives I care for. Only game i'm interested in is Quantum Break from that list but will not be released for awhile.

Ryse looks pretty but looks boring, Dead Rising 3 never played 1 and 2 so won't play 3, Halo don't like it, Gears never cared for it, Forza don't play car games, Killzone never played 1-3 not playing it, Drive Club will try it out because its free for ps+.

Only 2 games I care about that is coming out day 1 is Assassins Creed and Watch Dogs.

And yes I will be buying a ps4. Right now I will not buy a xbone unless they have that one special game I need to play.

Wii U I will buy once X comes out. Only reason I bought a Wii is because of Xenoblade. Only reason so far I want a Wii u is when X is released.
#3.3.2 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Eddie20101  +   776d ago
Ryse, the gameplay not that great, Titan fall pretty good game but not coming out for a while and is probably a timed exclusive bought buy Microsoft, Dead Rising 3 looks good but it's Capcom(been kinda iffy lately)and it's probably a timed exclusive too judging by Microsoft's past with exclusives.

Kinect, don't have the space, don't have a need or interest, rather push a button that's a hundred times more accurate.

Sony is not the Money hungry ones, PS4 is $100.00 cheaper, PS4 controller has built in battery, Xbox Controller requires buying batteries or the control and charge kit (24.99), Xbox live is $59.00 dollars PS+ is $49.00 and get at least 12 PS3 games and 6 vita games off the bat with two new games for each system each month and when PS4 launches you will get free games with it aswell(brand new just released games). With xbox live you get one or two free old ass games a month for the 360(nothing announced for the Xbox One). These are pretty much well known fact, So how can Sony be considered the money hungry ones according to Microsoft Fanboys and not see that it cost much more to play games on Xbox one and that you are getting less for that money. Delusional, choose to be ignorant, let Microsoft tell you what to think without using your brain and making your own decisions based on legitimate information.

There's will be 3 free to play MMO's at launch for the PS4 none for Xbox One.

ToysRUs video removal:

Sony fans were not being racist, they were pointing out the racism that is prevelent on Xbox live, I have been witness to it many times. Anyone with a fifth grade education and beyond would understand that.

The reason for the down votes are many,one is not including the more popular console (PS4) and just as innovative console in it's top 15 list. Inproving on Kinect(you could only improve on it) and adding cable box are not that big of an innovation. A touch pad on the controller and cross play and better social aspects like sending videos for your friends to see with a button push among other things seem more innovative for PS4 and for gaming.
Many are still angry over the DRM, always on, forced to buy Kinect, communist like proposal made by Microsoft for Xbox One and that they May implement it in the future. Also just the plain fact that they made the proposal to start with.

Microsoft are relying on your short memory and for most Xbox faboys iT's pretty darn short.
LoydX-mas  +   776d ago

Calm down man. No one was demanding that you justify your choice of gaming system.

Besides, to each his own. I like the features the Xbox One has. You don't. I don't care about your choices, so why the insults to anyone who chooses differently than you?
Eddie20101  +   775d ago
Just trying to drive the facts home to you and all other Xbots who ride Microsoft's d@@k, also responding to the many Xbots that say Sony is money hungry, the PS4 has no games at launch, and that Sony fans are racist. Are you an Xbot then I was referring to you, are you a gamer that likes xbox one without hating anything Sony then I was not referring to you

You or no one else has to demand anything from me nor do I care. forums are for discussing opinions, giving information and other things, if you don't like go somewhere else.

I have an Xbox 360 but I will not be buying an Xbox One for obvious.

I am a fan Of gaming and I have owned all the gaming systems since the atari 2600 my choice not to buy a Xbox 360 does not make me less of a gamer just a smart one.
#3.3.5 (Edited 775d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
LoydX-mas  +   775d ago
Same here. Game system owner since '77.
Pancit_Canton  +   777d ago
Beastforlifenoob  +   776d ago
DragonKnight  +   777d ago
Ooohhh, this site is whoring itself out now is it? First it did this with the PS4 and then goes and does it with Xbox One too?

Welp, time to vote down both articles.
DigitalRaptor  +   776d ago
I'm just gonna post why PS4 is the better choice, based on the previous article of this hit-seeking website, just so it can be re-iterated to those who may not get to realise:

Because it offers the best value.

Because it's the most powerful console ever created.

Because it gives you more options.

Because it has an amazing online network, with an absolutely incredible array of new features, which will be constantly evolving and offering new features for your money.

Because it has the best and most talented in-house developers behind it.

Because it has a far more diverse lineup, notably in terms of Japanese content.

Because Sony has a legacy of supporting their consoles well, right up until the end.

Because they are committed to giving their consumers real exclusive content which equals added value. 21 publishers involved in deals for exclusive content.

Because they have made it their prerogative to welcome indies on board early, and as such, they will always have the best support.

Because the PS4 was designed in tandem with the Vita, which means that if you own both, you get a much richer experience.

Because the direct competition is anti-consumer and you'd be a fool to support them, and by buying a PS4 you'd be supporting a company that is actually non-detrimental to gaming and the industry in general.
#5.1 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Beastforlifenoob  +   776d ago
well if its whoring can i get some of the dosh points to be the pimpdog?
vega275  +   777d ago
I'm getting both systems. but I'm buying the xbone first cause i like the line up.
shivvy24  +   776d ago
Lol im getting both but ps4 first cause im a huge killzone and Infamous fan
gamertk421  +   777d ago
That's better.
Bigpappy  +   777d ago
I really like the second OS running with its own dedicated RAM. This should mean that those internet apps and Skype should all be running very snappy. I did bother with most apps on 360 because they were just too slow for my taste. Hopefully the voice recognition is good enough to type what I say.

The snap feature is down played a lot. But that is a feature that will be used as much as party is on 360. The snap shot share feature is good for special moments, but not a biggie for me.

I like M$ launch line-up better. They have the more diverse and interesting, conversation making exclusives.

Kinect of course, has its own appeal and haters. But it makes X1 very distinguishable and marketable to many groups, who might not otherwise have used a gaming console.

Having the ability to run Windows RT apps and games is a very appealing option. Have to wait and see what M$ allows and how.

As for controlling Xbox, the 3 options of: controller (may be the best on the market), voice or gesture, allows not to be intimidated by using it (nothing to figure out. Just use it).

Don't forget cheap dedicated severs and cloud service for developers.
#8 (Edited 777d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
Trekster_Gamer  +   776d ago
For lack of better words.. Ditto sir. Well spoken.
BigShotSmoov007  +   777d ago
It's the right choice for me but I can't speak for everyone. I'm excited about the new kinect and see what improvements it has. I'm definitely lookinf forward to there launch lineup and all the new features it's going to bring to gaming like the cloud service. I'm looking forward to Nov 22nd. It can't come soon enough.
Ohlmay  +   777d ago
I'll get an Xbox One when Halo 5 releases, it definitely has it's advantages over the PS4 and the first year line up is surprisingly excellent. It really doesn't matter what console you go with, you're getting great exclusives on both.
OrangePowerz  +   777d ago
I wait until they come up with a bundle that doesn't include Kinect before I buy one.
Bigpappy  +   777d ago
There will be a replacement Xbox1 released at some point and a separate replacement Kinect too. But that will be way down the line. They will definitely not be a bundle that does not include Kinect. So You will either be buying a plain X1 or the standard bundle... or none at all.
nategrigs  +   776d ago
This is pretty much how I feel. I may consider buying one with a Kinect if developers finally figure out how to use it to add something worthwhile to a game.....Do you guys think we will be able to buy used systems without a Kinect?
Mega24  +   776d ago
the Kinect will always come with the X1, it assures Devs that the hardware is there for them to create a game, and With the X1 becoming an Dev kit down the line, it would be great to see what Indie's do with the hardware.
Beastforlifenoob  +   776d ago
Just like their a tonnnnnn of people who say they wait for wii u without the gamepad but then you practically abuse them for saying that... Please dont be a dickheadite hypocritical noob everyone knows one, they all hate them.

lol idiots be idiots
OrangePowerz  +   776d ago
I have never seen a person saying they would buy a Wii U without a GamePad.
Goku781  +   777d ago
Xbox One the right choice? For who Barky the Dog?
Chapter11  +   777d ago
Again, look whose desperate for hits.
jessupj  +   776d ago
Ok, lets see.

1. Console
I personally don't care if my next gen console looked like a turd, but since the article brought it up I'll bite. The xbone resembles a 1970 vcr player, while the PS4 is smaller and sleeker with the power brick inside.

2. Media - This is another non issue for me. As long as the console can stream from my PC I'm fine. The PS4 has all the main media features as the xbone, however, the it does a HDMI in port and it can snap different apps.

I like having my laptop on my lap while gaming as well. It's good to have while waiting for friends and matchmaking. My laptop can do everything the xbone can do and more and all the while not hogging precious resources from the gaming system. So for my personally the PS4 wins here, but I understand I'm quite different from everyone else, or am I? Anyone else do my laptop thing?

3. Xbone live
Online speed and stability is arguably a very important factor in deciding a console. A lot of MS fans will tell you xbl is superior, but I disagree. In terms of performance they are the same. I can easily download a 2 GB game in a few mins on PSN so I don't know where all this talk of PSN being slower is coming from.

Online games are perform the same, however, the xbone is getting dedicated servers, but how this will actually be implimented is not known yet. Sony has also claimed they'll be getting dedicated servers and there's also gaiki for streaming when it comes out.

Where PSN pulls vastly ahead on XBL is the value. Virtually every single online feature on the xbone is behind a paywall, where other decives have these same feature for free. It;s extremely pathetic on MSs behalf. XBL also gives you 2 games free a month until december, but the games so far have been very old. PSN plus on the other hand gives you many games a month that are very recent titles.

The performance may be slightly better on the xbone, but PSN is much much better value giving you games instead of just the ability to play online. And like I said, where'd yet to hear how dedicated servers will actually be implemented.

4. Kinect
I think most of us hardcore can collectively agree that Kinect is useless. Sure there's a few neat features in there, but I'm concerned about the games, and MS has yet to show how the kinect can be used for anything other than gimmicks.

5. Skype
This is where the article lost all credibility. Not only does the PS4 have skype as well, it's not behind a paywall. .
jessupj  +   776d ago
6. Xbox Music.
The PS4 has it's own version of xbox music, but like I said, I use my laptop anyway.

7. Smartglass
If you have a smartphone you can do all the things the smartglass app does minus a few insignificant features.

8. controller
This comes down to preference and since my thumbs are symmetrical I prefer symmetrical sticks. I know that's shocking for some, but there it is. Also a lot of outlets have been heavily praising the DS4 and actually preferring it over the competition.

9.Digital games
I have no idea why the author put this in the article. Sony have been doing day 1 digital buy for almost all games for a while now. The PS4 also can let you play the game while you download it. Clear advantage to the PS4.

10. Games.
So we finally get to the most important factor for deciding. While this is still preference as well, it's widely accepted by the gaming community, minus a few MS apologists, that Sony has by far the most talented 1st studios.

Sony also supports there consoles for the whole generation, releasing new IPs and supporting their devs when they want to take risks.

It's laughable the amount of games MS has released for the 360 and I imagine when MS gets enough of a fan base for the xbone they'll do the same. Sony has a very clear advantage here.

If you're a gamer that buy a console for games, apart from the dedicated servers that we're still unsure how it will work exactly, the xbone has no advantage. The PS4 wins in almost every categtory.

and lets no forget the PS4 is significantly more powerful. And the company backing it also didn't try to completely ruin this amazing industry with draconian DRM.

The PS4 is the clear winner if games are your priority, you can't buy both, and don't feel comfortable supporting a company that would run the industry to the ground after extracting every single penny they could
RAGE91  +   776d ago
What PS4 Games are you looking forward to the most on the PS4?
Derajcan2  +   776d ago
Xbox One, cant wait!
RAGE91  +   776d ago
Why can't we all just get along!!!!?!?!?!
Jag-T1000  +   776d ago
I new I made the right choice! Can't wait to play Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon, Dead Rising 3, and Forza Motorsport 5 this Xmas!!!!!
Combo Breaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stuntz  +   776d ago
it's not really a hard decision lol. More features, more technology, better online, and most important thing WAY BETTER GAMES. Why would you not get an X1? lol, PS4 is garbage no good games, and lets be serious PSN is a complete joke.
Majin-vegeta  +   776d ago
Lel such a tool for M$
Derajcan2  +   776d ago
yeeep Titanfall, DR3, and Fifa 14 the games ill be wanting so badly!
BeathuberCH   776d ago | Spam
josephayal  +   776d ago
I think the XBOX ONE is my console this generation, it seems much more focused 4K gaming and the power of Cloud, But why not just buy both consoles??
MRMagoo123  +   776d ago
I cant believe you keep bringing up this 4k gaming lol , the console cant even run Ryse at 1080p at 30fps but you think there will be 4k games that arent pong ?
BobBelcher  +   776d ago
I'm getting both when adult christmas comes (aka tax time)but I've always preferred the Xbox. Blame it on me being born an American, or that I don't have a wide range of gaming preference, but most of the gaming that comes to Xbox are games that I get and I enjoy. Playstation, no matter how global it seems, will always be a japanese console. AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG W/ THAT. But when it comes to games, the mass majority have plots and art styles that don't relate to me or my liking. JRPGs are probably great, but they don't suit my gaming preference.

And even though people want to knock the Kinect because it doesn't fit into traditional gaming structure, I think it's worth the $100 in all that it can add to gaming. I don't care for the kinect because of 'kinect-based' games. No, it's what the kinect can add to the non-kinect games that I find rewarding. What truly puts the kinect over the PSEye is the kind of support that MS has given it. Having the kinect come manditory in every console purchase might not be the popular choice, but it's the right choice. If a company believes in the product, so will the developers, and so will the consumers.
Hicken  +   776d ago
Wait, what?

Have you seen the lineup of PS3 exclusives the past few years? It's had something for everybody, and it's been FAR from a "Japanese" console.

What will the Kinect add to gaming? It didn't do much in its first iteration, and so far Microsoft hasn't really shown anything to give anybody the indication that that's gonna change.

And, for the last time, having a Kinect in every box doesn't mean a damn thing. Every 360 had a headset; did every game have a use for it? Every PS3 had Sixaxis in the controller; was there a feature using it in ever game? Did every Wii game use the nunchuk? Seriously, this expectation is based on nothing.

Well, I guess it's based on blind loyalty. Cuz it's not based on good sense.
BobBelcher  +   776d ago
'blind loyalty' is a good word if you really can't see some of the already cool features that the kinect is adding to games like BF4 or DR3. Sure there may be some traditional gamers who don't wanna use those features, they'll also steer clear of the touchpad for the same reason, but that doesn't mean they're useless or bad, because they're ultimately 'more options'- which, last time I checked- more options are usually a good thing. Sure it's a gimmick, but so is the touchpad or even vibration in a controller. And you really can't look at past products to dictate how upcoming products will perform. And if that's the case then I shouldn't be holding out hope for PSN then. PS4 has alot of games coming to it, no doubt- but TGS proves my point- Japan will always get more content that fits their gaming preference than anyone else will. And YES, having the kinect in every box is just as smart as having a touchpad on every DS4- it's a guarantee that it will be used by many (NOT ALL) devs in some form or fashion.
#23.1.1 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report
McScroggz  +   776d ago
It's fine if you prefer Xbox; however, not only has the PS3 had a disappointing lack of notable JRPG's this generation, but overall there haven't been that many Japanese-centric games to come out. I mean look at some of the biggest exclusives this generation: God of War, Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance, inFamous and LittleBigPlanet. Shooters, action games and platforms are a big portion of what's on the PS3. If you just prefer Halo, Gears of War, Forza and Fable to everything that Sony offers that's perfectly acceptable, I just don't quite understand where you're coming from here.
BobBelcher  +   776d ago
I'm saying that if I lived in Japan, I'd be getting more bang for my buck than if I lived anywhere else. That's if I actually had the styel/preference they do. TGS laid it out pretty clear that Japan has the better deal than other countries, which isn't/shouldn't be surprising being that it's, after all, a japanese console. Like I said, Blame it on me being an american or that I have a limited preference, but the PS4 has an array of games coming out, but very little lean towards my liking. Honestly, Killzone looks exciting, it does and inFamous is another interesting game I'm eyeing, but only one game on the PS4 has me as a console seller (FOR MYSELF) and that's The Order: 1886. I had hopes for Deep Down and even still I want to believe that even with it being a F2P it will be a sleeper hit coming out of nowhere... But no AAA game would be a F2P. If it's worth money, people are gonna want money for it. This is a statement that will be concrete until the day Naughty Dog releases an AAA title as F2P. I don't hate the PS4 like people seem to loathe the XB1, I just don't have enough preferences leaning me towards it.
Hicken  +   776d ago
What's Kinect adding? Voice command to those games? That's hardly "cool," nor is it a big enough feature to view as a more correct option than the PS4. The touchpad, being part of an actual controller, is likely to see more use in the games in which it's implemented.

I don't know exactly what you're referring to, since you didn't specify. However, you CAN, to a certain degree, predict future performance based on the past, particularly when there's no significant reason to believe that something will change that in the future. In the case of PSN, it's been improving quite drastically since its inception, so you would judge it based on that history. If you meant something else, I don't know what to tell you, because you weren't clear on that, either.

How does TGS prove ANY point of yours? You say something about Japan getting better content, but hardly any games have been announced for the Japanese launch, meaning all those games talked about are likely to be seen everywhere else. And define "better," while we're at it. Around ten games at TGS- according to this list at IGN - and about half of those will likely come West(Dynasty Warriors, Lily Bergamo, and Guilty Gear are pretty much locked up; Yakuza, Gundam, and Natural Doctrine seem likely).

And why focus on TGS and pretend like all the games shown off before that don't exist? Is this another one of those comments where someone picks and chooses "facts"(cuz they're not all facts) to make their argument, and ignores the rest?
NewShadow101  +   776d ago
i want someone here to give me a reason to change my mind and get an XBOXONE instead. i had an open mind to both consoles and it took me a while to choose one (because i cant afford both) but with RYSE and FORZA 5 being downgraded from the E3 builds, and most of their games running under 1080p, and the hardware specs comparison... convince me please. titanfall is the only reason i whisper "xbox" and i dont think theyre scared of sharing that title with sony. forza? *GT6/ Drive Club* Dead rising? *The last of us* and thats a current gen title. and you expect me to hop on the wagon with you guys and support your opinion to buy their console which costs $100 more when i cant think of a way to help you. if you can convince me i will delete my profile. throw me your sales pitch.
Regis  +   776d ago
Quantum Break? Hey props for trying right??? But hey they need to release gameplay for the game.
fenixm  +   776d ago
Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3, maybe ryse too.
JackISbacK  +   776d ago
i will go with that console that will have better games for now its truly xbox because it is having aviriety of exclusive it is having shooters, fighting, driving ,and 3rd person arion games and a zombie game and lot of indie with kinect which will give it more edge and are having all good functins controller which is equal or better than ds4 and trust of good servers from xbox live thats why i will buy it first im not saying i will not buy ps4 ,i will but first let come more better games ,killzone does not apeals to me gameplay wise.
Trekster_Gamer  +   776d ago
Xbox One ---
Best games
Far and away better online service
Most innovation
Disagree below if you are a Sonybot..
McScroggz  +   776d ago
To me, the Xbox One *might* have an advantage on three fronts. One, the Kinect, is certainly an area where the console is superior to the PS4. Sure, I have zero interest and it seems a large percentage of dedicated gamers don't care, but it absolutely has its value for family oriented gaming if nothing else. The Kinect2.0 is a pretty nice piece of hardware, but until I see it enhance gameplay in ways that makes me say "wow" then I'll likely not care. Still, it IS an area where the Xbox One excels.

Microsoft stated they will have 300,000 servers. Now, I'll admit I'm skeptical about the impact this will have, but I'm willing to assume that Xbox Live for the Xbox One will be a little bit better than PSN. Granted, the value proposition for me far outweighs a possibly slightly inferior online service, but for others it will matter.

The thing that is most up in the air to me is the "all-in-one entertainment device". I'm just not seeing it. You still need a cable box, you still need a remote for at least some control/functions for TV DVR (if not an entire DVR box). Plus there are the other devices like Blu-ray player and amp. Best case scenario is the Xbox One fully controls everything, but even then would it work as smoothly as a universal remote would that can have presets all ready at a button? I doubt it, but like I said it's sorta unclear. I personally just feel like the actual value of the Xbox One as an entertainment hub will boil down to voice commands that may or may not even turn out to be as cool and useful as it might seem without actually trying it. The PS4 seems like it can anything the Xbox One can do other than voice navigation.

I'm getting the PS4 at launch. However, that doesn't mean I automatically think the Xbox One is terrible or that the PS4 is superior in every way. I think the Xbox One is in fact better in a couple of area. Also, there are things about both consoles that we will simply have to get our hands on before we know how good they are.

At the end of the day though, I want to play games. And the PS4 (to me) has and will have the best 1st party games, the best value and the most powerful hardware. All of the other things are ancillary to me.
Brazz  +   776d ago
in my oppinion...
there are 2 situations in the choice ya will make...

American and probably UK players:
Hard choice, both are good, make ya choice wisely...

All other places in the world:
Ps4, because a good chunk of X1 "extras" will not work in ya country.
Rhythmattic  +   776d ago
Point 11

Its "All Black"

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