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It’s pretty rare to find a game that features a thought-provoking story with well-drawn characters inhabiting an interesting world. Rarer still are the titles within that subset whose gameplay is compelling and yet not at odds with the story or its themes. The Last of Us is one such gem, a cohesive and cogent late-generation stunner that is not only one of the best games so far this year, it’s up there with the best games of this generation.

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Ezz20131768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

very late to the party
but still very good review

this game is a real gem

scott1821768d ago

My favorite game this gen for sure. People are still reviewing the thing... holy hell.

boodi1768d ago

people review many much older thing , and games , that you are aware about ( i think )

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GribbleGrunger1768d ago

I'm now playing for the 7th time on Survivor. I'm expecting great graphics from next gen but, to me, TLOU is next gen in terms of production values.

Tiqila1768d ago

Im hoping for a new IP from naughty dog. Their creativity made TloU happen, they could have simply made that jak and daxter sequel.

Still I would appreciate both of course, since TloU is one of the best games I have played (in 3 console generations).

corvusmd1768d ago

Wow seriously? It was a good game, even great.....but this is getting ridiculous.....this game is the most overrated game in history...90/100 at best. Online was a complete waste, the story was great till the end when it got blown to crap....yay a 40 year old guys screws the world and wants to keep a little girl for himself. Most of the game play was boring and repetitive (Tomb Raider was similar but had much better gameplay)and used forced QTEs too much to try to fake being dramatic. Now, again...I DO think it was a great game, but with how blown out of proportion it's getting, I feel I have to accent it's weak points to remind people that there were some....oh, and it looked great, but not mind-blowing

PoSTedUP1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

you just described a horrible, horrible game, and then said you thought it was great. not that i would respect your opinion, but also, no sober person thinks like that nor would one agree with what you said, or take you serioulsly, or be friends with you.

serratos271768d ago

He started and ended his comment by saying the game is great lol.

fluxmulder1768d ago

Agreed. Great game for it's genre, but incredibly overrated. People are willingly turning a blind eye to it's weaknesses, not sure why. I found the gameplay extremely repetitive. Creep around enemies who seem to have no peripheral vision, strangle, repeat over and over. I did not enjoy moving palettes/ladders around, felt like busy work. I liked the limited ammo, but it's not like this is the first game to do this. Harsh and lonely post-apocalyptic world with zombies, heavy focus on interpersonal relationships. Basically the Walking Dead. Without it this game would have had no template to draw from.

serratos271768d ago

In terms of gameplay and repetitiveness, yeah I see that. There were stages in the game that took a while to advance in because you had to creep around stealthily kill enemies. Still loved the game regardless. And lets face it, a lot of games are pretty repetitive when you think about it, TLoU is just more obvious.

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Soldierone1768d ago

What game doesn't get repetitive? After all you are just pressing buttons. If it isn't sneaking and figuring things out, its shooting enemies constantly.

So to say this game's weakness was "being repetitive" then every game made this generation loses points too.

Austin481768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

This guy doesant know a great game when he sees it dude if you don't like the game why are you here you are a idiot oh wait you are here to start an argument how immature of you. My honest opinion is this game derserves a 100/100 and the multiplayer was excellent of course the story is better but either way you put it naughty dog made a masterpiece of a game

scott1821768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Online was a complete waste? It was my favorite mp this gen.... I had to sell the game because it was so addictive and I never got anything else done. God I loved it.

ABeastNamedTariq1768d ago

Yes, it's your civic duty as a human being to remind people that your opinion is absolute fact and should be treated as the final word. Because you're right, right? /s

No, but seriously, this is my third favorite game, ever. No one truly cares about what you say, lol. Yes I cared enough to correct your ridiculousness (besides that, not much) -- as if, since you typed, oh wise one, it must be true.

You feel like you have to point out the few weaknesses it has (that I, myself, overlooked because I enjoyed everything else so much) on a game people enjoyed because you're firmly in the Xbox camp. Comment history proves it. Lol, GTFO.

Riderz13371768d ago

Idk what game you played but the multiplayer was absolutely incredible. The crafting system is so awesome because the game doesn't pause or stop as your crafting so it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

DigitalRaptor1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I think at this stage, most people know corvusmd as a weak, jealous Xbox-sided troll.

Even when we all know - even Xbox fans know - that it's an incredible, generation-defining experience, he'll still look to find reasons to downplay. Pathetic, yet pretty funny at the same time.

Look out for him on the PS4 threads, it's gonna be a fun ride.

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bocajbee1768d ago

Was this guy using Internet Explorer to order his copy?

badz1491767d ago

his copy came from Mars!

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