The Prodigal Trainer Returns: Pokemon Y Review (Pixcelation)

Oh boy, [we're] going to get some hate for this one. [we] really shouldn’t call [our]self a “prodigal trainer,” because that would simply that there is a happy ending here where [we] arrive home, fresh from [our] time in first person shooters, strung out on the craziness of “Grand Theft Auto,” and when [we] reach the door, a caring and patient game of “Pokemon” awaits [us], ready for a new adventure. [we] wanted this scenario and honestly, that’s what [our] days leading up to playing “Pokemon Y” (sorry X fans, [we] just couldn’t bring [our]self to capture a legendary deer) consisted of. [we were] going to buy [our] copy, pop it in and have a nice romp through the new world that Nintendo had created. Instead, [we] got a trip into the uncanny valley. This was the “Pokemon” [we] knew, but it was just too different for [us] to really appreciate.

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lastofgen1767d ago

Honestly, when the very first words of a review are "Oh boy, I’m going to get some hate for this one," it's kind of hard to take it seriously..

Pixcelation1766d ago

Well, in all honesty though, if you judge a review based on its first line, then you aren't being very fair, either. :/

overrated441766d ago

When you are stating the fact that people are going to be unhappy instead of just putting your opinion down the legitimacy of your argument starts to dwindle.

wishingW3L1766d ago

don't dare to use logic here because you'll only get disagrees and maybe even a bubble lost if it's not what the fanboys want to hear.

SpiralTear1766d ago

I agree. It's kind of uncreative to address the impending reception to your review instead of just critiquing the game itself. It's also a bit egotistic.

Pixcelation1765d ago

Well, sometimes we like to add personality to our reviews. That's not a crime, nor is it unprofessional.

Majin-vegeta1766d ago

My best example comes right after defeating the first gym, you encounter a woman who is sisters with the gym leader. Impressed with your skills, she gives you the EXP. Share item, one of my favorites in all of the “Pokemon” universe due to it’s usefulness in leveling up weak Pokemon quickly. It is then told to you that this item not only works on the pokemon you give it to, but works for your ENTIRE team.

Umm this isn't anything new.I Red/Blue it was the same thing just called the EXP.all instead.

noxeven1766d ago

An interesting read. Finding out what they changed with exp share kind of shocked me. Sounds like they nerfed the challenge.

overrated441766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I don't know if it's removing challenge or just making it less "grindy". And even taking out the necessity to grind your lower level pokemon there were still some places where I felt like I had to do some extra battles to get my entire team up to the right level as opposed to leveling up each individual pokemon of the 6. And even then when I finished the Elite 4 I was still at 19 hours, that's not terrible for an RPG.

Majin-vegeta1766d ago

It's nothing new look at my post above you.

Blastoise1766d ago

It's pretty great so far, my biggest complaint is the framerate drops during battles. But I love the graphics, everything seems a bit faster paced and there's tons of cool nods to older generations