Mind Blown: 20 PC Games in 4K Resolution

"Gaming in 4K is something every PC gamer should aspire to some day experience, and these screenshots show us precisely why."

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serratos271772d ago

This is the direction gaming is headed. Beautiful.

Jovanian 1772d ago

indeed. it might be a little while until pc hardware is cheap enough so that this can be the standard, though.

It will take quite a few generations for consoles to get to this level, I imagine, considering the next gen is still having issues with 1080p

1772d ago
kingduqc1771d ago

We are no so far off, sli 780 can play about 95-99% of the games out there in 4k close to maxed.

In a year, maxwell on 20nm will bring 780 level of performance for under 300-375$. so yeah, beside the monitor itself 4k gaming is really available for about anyone who work.

Doctoglethorpe1772d ago

1080p Jpegs. Brilliant.

Here you go:

Article is from May. Same pictures, actual 4k, not jpeg.

cactusjack1772d ago

im gonna go out and get a $5k tv to play these on and the $5k computer required.

Jovanian 1772d ago

Right now this is only for enthusiasts, but in the future surely enough it will become the standard

sorane1772d ago

Coming quicker than most people think. Must have seen 4-5 4k commercials today watching football. Japan starts 4k broadcasting next year with the US to follow shortly. 2016 the olympics will be shown in 8k with the US broadcasting 8k around 2020. Very exciting stuff :)

_QQ_1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

this is the nextgen i'm waiting for

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