Bonus Round: Is Xbox the One?

Our panel talks about the mighty Microsoft and what it will take for them to get to the top

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JoGam1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Patcher is HILARIOUS. My PS3 games kept freezing so I went out and got it for 360. But what happen when the 360 kept red ringing? Did you go back to PS3? Hmmm

Ulf1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

TBH the red ring thing kinda stopped after the Jasper 360s (65nm) came out in late 2008, and that was nearly 5 years ago now.

I hear ya though. I dunno what Pachter is talking about with games freezing on PS3 and not on 360.

Skyrim is the only major game I can think of that had that problem. ...well I guess Fallout 3 and Oblivion kinda had the problem too. Maybe Pachter really loves Bethesda's stuff.

nukeitall1807d ago

I never really had a red ring, but did sell an Xbox 360 that shortly after did red ring.

I never really experienced game freezing on my PS3, but I didn't use it very often. It is practically pristine.

Consoles in general especially first generation is likely to have some problems. That's a given. If you are in the US, byy it with your credit card and your warranty is doubled up to max 2-years.

Check the terms on your credit card, but most do this.

andrewsqual1807d ago

The Red Ring stopped when they stopped making that god awful original console. If you worked in retail you would know this. I was even laughing at a guy who came in to buy a 360 again asking for the Serial numbers so he could get the Jasper. He was back in 3 months later for a replacement yet again.
Microsoft weren't lying when they said in August 2010 that they fixed the Red Ring issue (the slim console being out 1 month at this stage).

They will never get to the top with Xbox One. Kinect gimmick won't work again, there (hopefully) won't be multiple purchases of the consoles from insane people, there is just a teeny bit of bad PR that has damaged the name since March 2013 and lastly the 360 had a year headstart in the US and a year and 5 month head start in EU on PS3.
The 360 had none of these things and PS3 still is beating it in global sales.

NewMonday1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

the Bonus Round panel doesn't know what to make out of the XB1, the same feeling the majority of the gaming community has.

Eonjay1807d ago

So the issue is mainly the price. They said that Microsoft could sell cable subscriptions and could sell units that way, but you are going to have either convince people to enter a contract for cable or upgrade what they already have. When I go to GameStop, I'm shopping for games, not cable subscriptions. Microsoft is right that it might have been a bridge too far. Still something like this could happen in the future.

I wouldn't be surprised if Sony tried something like this with their upcoming TVoIP service.

BigShotSmoov0071807d ago

Why did nuke get 6 disagrees for that comment? People just love to disagree with anything on the website.

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Mr Pumblechook1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Yeah Pachter is a Xbox fanboy. That little story of this unnamed game that he played on his PS4 but kept crashing but he switched to 360 and it worked perfectly! Who is he trying to kid? I just wish Geoff Keighly pulled him up on it.

Pachter is of a certain age that remembers Japan as being the enemy and it has poisoned his ability to be detached so he is fiercely patriotic towards Microsoft. The PS4 is set to sell more units than the XBOne at launch and it's killing him!

meatysausage1807d ago

he cant be much of a fanboy as he is preordered the ps4 and not the xbox

mewhy321807d ago

Well the bone is the one if you don't mind playing in 900p, and having a "window into the living room" information gathering mic and camera watching and listening at all times. If that sounds great to you then the bone is the one for you.

Retroman1807d ago

its ALL about the money dude. Patcher or anyone else who have any dealing with MS would lie to make something look good.

in REALITY its not.

GraveLord1807d ago

I think he's just being really picky. Besides Bayonetta and Skyrim there really aren't any games on PS3 that had major problems. If a game crashed or freezes at launch, there's a patch that will fix that.

Yeah I think he does. I heard he's a big fan of Fallout.

VENOMACR12271807d ago

I can't wait for both of these systems to launch so these articles start to go away and it becomes all about the games. Buy whichever system you like, whichever fits your needs, and be happy.

MCTJim1807d ago

You hit the nail right on the head. All that matters once these system launch is the games. I am quite happy with each consoles lineup for launch. Bring on November and let the gaming begin :)

Evilsnuggle1807d ago

microscam problem is they are a bunch of corporate types used car salesmen and not real gamers . M$ are marketing guys not real gamers the think gamers go for gimmicks not gameplay.m$ think selling game console is the same as selling soda . microscam is hiring a new CEO the CEO of ford . cars are not computer technology ? sony gaming is run by real gamers like mark cerny .

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